Altright claims James Fields is Jewish (but many people are skeptical of whatever the Altright claims)



I doubt that the Alt-Right is totally monolithic. However, some Alt-Right leaders are Jews LARPing as Nazis. Some Alt-Right leaders are pro-Israel civil nationalists. It’s not clear to me what should be inferred from an allegedly Alt-Right source disavowing Jews. Perhaps it is a smokescreen; perhaps the Alt-Right is much more divided than I had thought.

To quote Aryan Skynet:

AryanSkynet will not be engaged in any “doxxing” but it’s important to review the facts that have come out recently about the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website,, and the people behind it.

The guy behind the internet’s second most famous “neo-Nazi” website:


1. Worked for the longest standing and most famous CIA front company, Time Inc.

2. Was featured as a “regular guy” interview on CNN.

3. Was a pro-Jewish, pro-libertarian Zionist for years until he turned on a dime and became a stereotypical (((Hollywood Nazi))) overnight.

4. Lives on Manhattan’s Upper East side – in other words, the second most Jewish neighborhood in the most Jewish borough in the most Jewish city on the entire earth.

5. Works in a typically Jewish industry at a company likely owned and managed by Jews.

6. Doesn’t seem to be Jewish himself but very well could be. Has a wife with a stereotypically Jewish name, but who looks like a relatively typical Anglo-German. So may or may not be Jewish or half-Jewish themselves, but it’s virtually impossible for them to not have an overwhelmingly Jewish professional and personal circle of friends, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. One can imagine the cognitive dissonance it takes to spend most of your time working and socializing with Jewish people then going online to LARP as the internet’s biggest “Nazi” complete with wink-wink jokes about sticking all the Jews into ovens, etc.

7. were outed by their own fellow fake “Nazis” for apparently trying to sneak “Jews and fags” into the movement.

8., along with the (((Daily Stormer))) are the main online properties going out of their way to associate anything pro-White, and the “Alt Right” particularly, with (((Hollywood Nazism.))) And both online properties are essentially run by Jews and Jew-friendly shabbos goyim, not despite being “hard core Nazis.” The fact that they pose as “hard core Nazis” is BECAUSE both outfits are run by Jews and shabbos goyim. All “neo-Nazis” are Jews or shabbos goyim – that is the Iron Law of American politics since the death of the first Costume Clown, George Lincoln Rockwell.

9. and the (((Daily Stormer))) are the center of the “neo-Nazis for Trump” movement which has two rather interesting effects. One, to associate Trump and Trump voters with the worst stereotypes of “racist nazi hitler anti-semite KKKs.” Two, getting pro-whites – and especially those who are suspicious of Jewish power and influence – behind Trump, the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish, pro-Likud presidential candidate in American history.

All Neo-Nazis Are Jews Or May As Well Be

10. and the (((Daily Stormer))) are the main coordinators of the internet trolls that attack any pro-white figure that won’t play act as a “neo-Nazi.” Both websites are instrumental in attacking normal pro-whites as “cucks” and “Jews” and “cowards,” etc. They are the main organizing point of the “Internet Tough Guys” who are “more Nazi than thou.” And both sites are run by Jews and Jew-friendly Whites.

11. Both websites – and the (((Daily Stormer))) – are run by people who were typical philo-semitites and pro-Israel types, in the case of Anglin, openly anti-white and pro-Jewish, that turned on a dime and became “hard core neo-Nazis” virtually overnight.

12. The facts about these people were well known, discussed on the internet for years, and barely hidden. But whenever these concerns were brought up, those pointing out the obvious were attacked, slandered, and in many cases threatened by the so-called “troll army” of “neo-Nazis.”

13. When they were unable to hide the basic facts any longer, they just responded “we’re just joking and trolling any way, lighten up!”

14. Mike Enoch was the one who ran to the front of the stage at the NPI conference and did a “Heil Hitler” for The Atlantic’s cameras, which was then featured in the Jewish media, edited purposefully to make the entire event seem as close to a “Nazi rally” as possible. While Mike Enoch had his identity protected by NPI, The Atlantic, and the Jewish media – other people involved – the ones that did NOT pose in front of the cameras and “Heil Hitler” – were not so lucky, and many have lost their jobs and been slandered by the media for simply attending a conference – a conference that, up until that point, never engaged in anything close to “Nazi LARPing.”

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