I think either Ex-Army or Baloo died recently



has an archive of the last post, which seems to be a quotation about death: “Good night, sweet prince.”


Recently the blog stopped updating.


I think someone died.


I’m afraid we’re not going to get any new quibcags ever again.

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3 Responses to I think either Ex-Army or Baloo died recently

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Thank you. I would never know if you hadn’t reported it.

  2. James says:

    I have asked if anyone knew about this on other sites. Nobody knows anything. I asked Ex-Army back in May if he had health issues because his posts had cut way back. He responded that he had, but it didn’t sound all that serious. I think his last post was in early July. Then nothing.

  3. Now I guess he actually passed away, that’s because the last post on the Ex-Army blog was signed by “J”, and Baloo’s real name was Rex May, a cartoonist (which indicates “J” may be his now-widow as far as I searched), who I had as a contact in Facebook in past years until he unfriended me for whatever reasons I didn’t mind about, more probably a contacts cleansing. I just also searched his Facebook account today and now it no longer exists.

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