New Country of Good Hope secedes from South Africa

The New Nation Of ‘Good Hope’

Secedes From South Africa
And Will Be Governed By The Khoisan

(The Only Indigenous SA Black People),

Afrikaner Whites, Eurokaner Whites

And Peoples Of Mixed Colour




King background re psychiatry:

King Thomas Edgar Brown, Monarch of the National Khoisan Kingdom in South Africa supported a children’s rights march held Saturday outside the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) where the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) International Congress was being held. The march, organized by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) (, a mental health watchdog group, protested increasing psychiatric labeling and drugging of South Africa’s children. The rate of children being prescribed stimulants, which experts say are more potent than cocaine, is astoundingly greater than that even in the United States.
The King issued a heartfelt message, “We need to stop the senseless maiming of people, including children, by psychiatry. CCHR will take the lead and I will direct my people to be alert to this.”

Context and background:

Jan Lamprecht Threatened
For Exposing SA White Murders

Note – Jan is a frequent guest on Jeff’s program and has been one of the handful of journalists trying to inform the world of racist genocide murders against thousands of whites in South Africa.

South African Writer Receiving Threats For Exposing
Reign Of Terror Against Whites In South Africa
From Rayelan Allan,
Publisher – Rumor Mill News

Dear Friends,

Rumor Mill writer Jan Lamprecht (JANL) needs our help, our prayers and possibly a place to live outside of South Africa. His website has come under attack due to the information he has been posting about the daily atrocities that are happening to whites in Africa. Thousands of whites are being murdered and the western press is ignoring this.

The information he posts on his website never makes it into the Western media because it is NOT politically correct. He tells the stories and shows the photographs of the thousands of white people who are being beaten, raped and murdered by blacks. What we are seeing is a “white genocide” and our media and the United Nations refuse to even admit that it is happening.

President Mugabe has ordered that all whites be out of Zimbabwe by 2005. Mugabe’s government turns a blind eye to all black on white crimes. Blacks have run the white land owners off their farms, many of which had been in the same family for over 300 years. How long has YOUR family lived in the country where YOU are living? As a result of the loss of these white owned and managed farms, Zimbabwe and much of Africa is now experiencing a severe food shortage.

Mugabe recently “discovered” a mass grave of black people. I suspect this mass grave was purposely “created” to enflame even MORE hatred and cause even MORE blacks to murder whites.RMNews writer JanL covered this in the following article, please read it while Jan’s site is still up:

Zimbabwe – Mass Graves Of Blacks ‘Killed By Colonial Whites’ Found!!

Finally… Mugabe finds the smoking gun he always wanted… to “prove” that we whites massacred the blacks. Note too, how the Lord Thy God was on his side… like… Mugabe’s thugs run around with T-…


Where will the “whites” of Africa go? What “white” country will take them in? Will the United States turn its back on them as Roosevelt did to the Jews?

I am asking all of you to help in any way you can. Please forward this email to as many people as possible. Please inform as many media people as possible as to what is going on here. You will see that I have forwarded this to Bill O’Reilly at Fox News. Of all the reporters working in today’s media, he is the only one that I think is strong enough and uncensored enough to do a segment on this.

Here is Jan’s website:


Various people have made long-term predictions regarding the fate of the Boers:

Siener van Rensburg repeatedly said that this supposed WWIII would overlap with the final struggle of the Boers in South Africa.


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