I want to persuade you to read some other blogs

I am not going to try to persuade you to read this blog every day. I am going to try to persuade you to be happy even if this blog doesn’t update every day. I want to try updating a whole lot less. I want a lighter posting schedule. And soothe my sense that I owe my readers a fresh post every day, I am going to praise some blogs that I read a lot.

First and foremost: B’Man writes posts like this:


Somehow I never seem to comment much on B’Man’s blog, but I do believe that everyone should read his thoughts.

If there’s anything I like more than Marky Mark’s blog, it’s Linux.

Now Marky Mark is blog posting about Linux.


Additionally, I get a lot of inspiration from Erudite Knight:


Toy Soldier criticizes some feminist fallacies:


I try to avoid pointless manosphere drama, but some people still revel in it. (Do people even use the term “manosphere” any more? It was never really popular, even back in 2010…)

ZMan doesn’t like Sargon, and gives a few reasons:


I would have been more impressed if ZMan had written about Sargon in half the wordcount, and then used the remaining space to articulate a superior proposal.

E.g.: Sargon sucks because he’s not a race-realist.
I advocate racial facts X, Y, and Z, plus evolutionary psych facts R, S, and T.

And there appears to be a rogue classicist trying to rekindle public interest in ancient literature:

Knowledge Is One Thing, But Implementing That Knowledge Is Something Else

There are a few small current events happening.





And I am not going to summarize them. If you care about current events, you can click the links. If you really love my summaries of the links that I post … well, post a comment and tell me what kind of posting schedule you think I should stick to.

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