Two dystopian-but-eugenic alternatives to Mad Maxine Feminism


Obviously, socialist governments subsidize feminism. Obviously, much of the power of feminism is the power of governments. It is the government, not Ms. magazine, that enforces alimony, child support, etc. And today’s top-heavy socialist governments appear to be doomed to rot from the inside until they collapse in the first high wind.

The popular sentiment in the manosphere is that feminism will be doomed, if we just wait long enough. I am contrarian to a fault, so I have been arguing (and will continue to argue) that a kind of “Mad Maxine” feminism will survive even when the socialist governments that subsidize feminism have crumbled and collapsed.

Briefly, I speculate that just as “preppers” can be resilient enough to preserve high tech without centralized socialist governments, so too feminists can become resilient enough to preserve feminism without lawyers, male cops, and tax collectors. This “Mad Maxine” feminism, if it comes to pass, will be the first feminist movement to actually bear a slight resemblance to the endless reams of propaganda and rhetoric praising women as valiant survivors. “Mad Maxine” feminists will indeed be survivors, because “only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive.”

But even if we suppose that Mad Maxine conquers the wastelands, I can envision two dystopian civilizations that could fend off barbarians of both sexes.

Dystopia 1: The Communist Chinese Eugenics Board

The year is 2040. For decades, the Communist Party has been arranging marriages between genetically gifted individuals. Those Chinese citizens who please the Eugenics Board find that the bureaucracy is not too oppressive, that police are friendly. Those who displease the Eugenics Board soon find that they have no trustworthy friends, no chance of filing official complaints, and little time before they are forced to dig their own graves. The eugenically produced children find that the world is their oyster – so long as they score no lower than 98% on every single test, for the rest of their lives. Failure is not tolerated, and mediocrity is failure. Cheating on a standardized test is treason – cheaters are shot, and their families are charged 50 renmimbi to compensate the government for the cost of ammunition.

China leads the world in Nobel Prizes for the hard sciences. China has abundant energy and consumer goods, thanks to a generation of scientists who started as child prodigies and were developed like hothouse flowers by the ever-watchful Eugenics Board.

There is little romantic love of any kind – but marriage is regarded as a Confucian duty, and every Chinese citizen must put duty above all personal feelings. (And any Chinese citizen who does not put duty above personal self-interest had better make damn sure not to get caught.) Sex exists for the good of the state; porn, prostitution, masturbation, and feminism are suppressed because they are gateways to individualistic selfishness.

Dystopia 2: The Quiverfull Purification Crusade

The year is 2040. Islam is in retreat. Feminists have been driven to the wastelands. Hollywood is an ash-covered graveyard, where sinful movies and even more sinful movie-makers were burned in giant bonfires, decades ago. Christianity is resurgent, and no rational person believes any non-Christian civilization can stand for long.

The Quiverfull movement was obscure in 2015. At that time, the monopoly on legitimate violence within the USA was held by the USA government. And the USA government was increasingly worried by mutant strains of venereal diseases that were killing off its warfighters, diplomats, and spies. The troubles within USA borders started when the CDC was authorized summarily to execute any promiscuous individual that was believed to be a vector for highly contagious diseases.

The Quiverfull movement radicalized in 2015, when the public panicked over lethal venereal diseases. First the cops began summarily executing prostitutes, because the CDC officers standing behind them would shoot the cops if the cops did not follow orders. But then the mob mentality took over, and throngs of rioters began burning pornographic books (such as Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale), fire-bombing strip clubs, shaving the heads of Hooters’ waitresses and demanding that they beg Jesus for forgiveness.

The Quiverfull movement acted as the voice of reason to stop the mob violence. They claimed that sex need not be dangerous so long as every person had no more than one sex partner during the course of an entire lifetime. Any personal preference that could not be satisfied by marriage or celibacy had to be obliterated. Adulterers and adulteresses were tortured to death. Abortionists, divorce lawyers, and contraceptive manufacturers were hunted down by death squads, and the most successful death squads formed the core of the Purification Crusade.

In a few short years, Americans regarded having children as their primary moral duty. Many pregnancies began out of wedlock, but those who refused shotgun marriage were terminated by double-ought buckshot. Since some pregnant women lied when commanded to name the sinner who had impregnated them, genetic testing of all newborns became mandatory, and the Purification Crusaders were the only elite skilled enough to carry out the task. In short order, America was producing a new generation of theocratic conquistadors – aggressive, fanatical, and led by eugenically-bred elites. The New Crusades began in 2035, and as of 2040, there is no sign that these New Crusades will ever stop for any event other than the Second Coming of Christ.

Of course, the USA of 2040 is, in many ways, happier than that of 2013. Many Americans who had been losers in the sexual marketplace of 2013 have the prospect of marriage to motivate them. Many poor men who could not marry can vent their frustration by slaughtering foreign infidels. Any male virgin who can kill enemies of the Church is rewarded by recognition of eugenic desirability. And those who lack the brutality to rise in earthly social status are endlessly consoled by fervent tent-revival emotionalism. Foolhardy apostates who dare to engage in forbidden sex rarely manage to hide their crimes for a long time; promiscuous people rapidly show the signs of the highly contagious venereal diseases which first emerged in 2015, and the infected are shunned more than lepers.

The only thing missing from the USA of 2040 is romantic love. Everyone agrees that sex must serve God by serving the community. Everyone agrees that the selfish use of sex – including fornication and masturbation – must be prevented before it occurs, or punished if it cannot be prevented. A tiny minority of married people – including pretty young ladies married to victorious conquistadors – regard marriage as glamorous. Most people regard sex as a sanitation problem not unlike defecation – necessary, but not ennobling.

And here is the moral of these two stories: Modern sexual ethics are founded on the axiom that sex is an individualistic activity, to be pursued for individual ends. Eugenic practices and patriarchal marriage both depend on the axiom that sex is an individual duty to the community, and must be pursued for collectivist ends.
Glubb wrote that empires begin with barbaric, rugged, adaptive, self-sacrificing bandits, and end with tolerant, decadent, selfish individualists. The two stories above are based on the premise that biotech could provide budding empires with technical tools to force citizens to discard tolerance and embrace self-sacrifice. In the case of Eugenic China 2040, the superior intelligence and scientific productivity of eugenically-bred children is the dominant factor – and it is used to dominate. The the case of the Quiverfull Purification Crusade, the superior manpower of a fecund population, combined with the sexual repression enabled by mandatory genetic testing, is the killer application – and it is applied to killing.

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