Sometimes it looks like a folk costume, but it’s just folk-inspired

The problem with looking for folk costumes is that many of the women who are interested in modeling them tend to get photographed in folk-inspired clothing that does not achieve the rigorous historical accuracy demanded of true folk costumes.

The extremely pallid woman above appears to be wearing clothing inspired by folk costumes, but with definite innovations.

There is much to be said for folk-inspired art that is too modern to be called “traditional.”




The costumes above look authentic to my inexpert eye, but I don’t know their sources.

The woman and two girls pictured below are wearing costumes that are, so far as I can tell, authentic Sami costumes. Sartorial experts are welcome to weigh in with informed opinions.


And now, I present a picture of a Latvian woman, because there is more to life than the aesthetic appreciation of folk costumes.

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