abuses of power and shady unexplained deaths for a Monday

Roy McClellan, a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the shooting, has become the ninth survivor to die in suspicious circumstances following the 1 October attack.



One of the actual detectives upon which the television series Law and Order – SVU (Special Victims Unit) was based, has been arrested and charged with 82 counts of having sex with minors. The children, who are family members but not his own children said retired NYPD police officer Nicholas McAteer repeatedly raped them.

McAteer, who was arrested on August 22nd after one of the girls came forward, was charged with several felony child sex abuse charges and released after posting $75,000 bond.

But just days later, the second alleged victim came forward and McAteer was then taken back into custody after a grand jury convened and handed down dozens of additional charges. The two say the abuse took place over decades. The girls will not be identified as victims of sexual abuse are not identified by news media organizations even after they’re adulthood.

McAteer was a member of the NYPD’s Manhattan Special Victims Division. He was also an officer with the Internal Affairs division, the department which is said to be staffed by men of the highest integrity.

At one point in his career, the retired NYPD officer was in charge of investigating the same types of sex crimes he’s now charged with.

The girls reportedly told police he would have sex with them after his wife fell asleep, and inside his unmarked NYPD police cruiser. They say the sexual abuse took place when they were 12 and 13 years of age. The arrest of McAteer came just weeks before a San Antonio sex crimes investigator was accused of disgracing his job as well.

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood says San Antonio Police Detective Kenneth Valdez not only did not close the sex crimes cases he was responsible for. Instead, he simply threw them away.

LaHood claims, in essence, Valdez is guilty of dereliction of duty:

One thing I know for sure is this individual had a duty to protect children, and he chose to ignore that duty.

Bexar’s DA said he’s very rarely shocked by anything any longer, but what Valdez did elevated incompetence to a whole new level:

Not too many things shock me anymore…Of course, it’s frustrating. This individual had a duty and we rely on people like him to do their job and to do it ethically and legally, and for me morally.

Charges have not yet been filed against the sex crimes detective, in charge of putting rapists, pedophiles, and molesters away. However, it appears as though prosecutors are looking to bring the detective to justice for the crime of tampering with official police evidence.

To quell the public’s fears and possibly regain the trust of his constituents, San Antonio Police Chief W.P. McManus issued the following statement which reads in part:

A recent, self-initiated internal audit of certain cases assigned within the Special Victims Unit (SVU), revealed that numerous assigned cases had not been properly investigated.

He stated the police matter had been turned over to Internal Affairs and that they were in the final stages of investigating the crisis. He also said:

All cases in question have been reassigned to other investigators for proper follow-up. Additionally and after reviewing the facts, a lieutenant and two sergeants were transferred from the unit for failing to properly supervise the unit. To further ensure that no other cases have been mishandled, I have requested a complete, outside review of all SVU cases by city attorneys with expert knowledge in this area.

As TFTP has reported, rape cases often get shelved and DNA processing never takes place. However, attempting to reassure the public, McManus doubled down on his promise to investigate the alleged crimes in question saying:

SAPD’s responsibility to investigate reported crimes and assist victims is one of our core missions. This investigation will continue until we are certain that all cases have been properly investigated.

Two cases, separated by over a thousand miles, serve to underscore the sad state of affairs in the United States. Not only are rape allegations not being investigated, the files are simply being destroyed, and those sworn to protect and serve the public from predators, are themselves becoming the very thing they supposedly loathed at one time: criminals.


November 25, 2017

“On the Holmes Front with Frank Holmes”

Hundreds of military officials – including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy – are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it.

It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into bribes and corruption one of the biggest in U.S. military history. The Navy has investigated 440 people, including 60 admirals, for possibly taking bribes in exchange for phony government contracts and sweetheart deals.

That means the Navy suspects that up to one-third of all its admirals were on-the-take from a foreign agent.

“Fat Leonard” is Leonard Glenn Francis – a 6’3”, 360-pound Malaysian businessman who makes his money servicing naval vessels in the Pacific. He bribed the Navy’s elite with the finer things in life that only a crooked businessman could provide:

– Money
– the finest liquor
– luxurious trips for their families and, of course,
– prostitutes. Lots of prostitutes.
– Even tickets to see a Lady Gaga concert
– or the Broadway version of “The Lion King.”

In exchange, Navy leaders would steer huge government contracts to his firm, Glenn Defense Marine Asia (GDMA).

They’d even reroute ships in the Seventh Fleet away from their original destinations to ports run by GDMA.

It was a mystery why Leonard kept getting lucrative government contracts when his company provided such shoddy service.

Investigators say Leonard covered all his bases. He also bribed people inside the Navy’s investigative unit. They’d run interference for him and let him know when honest inspectors were closing in.

Leonard was so well dug-in that he continued to get huge “no-bid” contracts – even while he was under investigation!

Under former President Barack Obama, Leonard’s ripped off U.S. taxpayers for more than $200 million in Defense contracts since 2009. He admitted at least $35 million of that was total fraud paid for services he never even provided.

The problem goes a lot deeper than money. The lives of 40,000 enlisted men – and the safety of the entire free world – depend on military commanders having honesty, integrity, and putting country first.

Imagine if war had broken out with North Korea or China, and our ships were in the wrong port because a Malaysian multimillionaire bribed the right commander with champagne and hookers? (Shouldn’t be too difficult for the Trump administration to identify who that TRAITOR was.)

Naval officers say Leonard’s theft and bribery operation was one of the most deep, vast, and penetrating they’ve seen since the days of Communist espionage.

Even a three-star admiral was taking pay-offs, they say.

Leonard and 17 others have already plead guilty – and, under President Donald Trump, the investigation is only beginning.

— Frank Holmes is a reporter …



Over the holiday weekend, the Baltimore Police Department has been scrambling to manage the media frenzy surrounding the mysterious death of Detective Sean Suiter. As we reported, Suiter was a whistleblower against officers in his own department and was set to testify against them in a massive corruption case just one day after his murder.

This revelation cast suspicion on the department itself and pointed to a possible conspiracy and cover-up. As expected, Commissioner Kevin Davis of the Baltimore PD came out strong against these accusations, which were even circling in the mainstream media after news of Suiter’s status as a whistleblower went public.

However, Davis seems to be contradicting facts that are on public record as more details about the case rise to the surface. On November 22, Davis held a press conference where he said he wanted to “address rumors that were circulating in the media,” and assured reporters that Suiter’s death was not a part of a “conspiracy.”

In that press conference, Davis attempted to play dumb about the ongoing corruption case in which Suiter was a witness, despite the fact that this was a high profile internal affairs trial that any police commissioner would be well aware of, especially on the week court proceedings were scheduled to happen.

It is odd to think that a police commissioner would be unaware of all of the players involved in a massive corruption case that was being brought against his department that week. However, the most suspicious thing about the press conference with Davis was his description of the officer who was on patrol with Suiter at the time of the shooting.

“The evidence refutes the notion that detective Suiter’s partner was anything but just that, his partner. The BPD and FBI do not possess any information that this incident…and it appears to be nothing more than a spontaneous observation of a man behaving suspiciously and a spontaneous decision to investigate his conduct…is part of any conspiracy,” Davis said.

On November 22, Commissioner Davis made the claim to the media that Suiter was with his partner at the time of the shooting. However, back on November 16th, the Baltimore Sun reported that Det. Jonathan Jones was Suiter’s partner in the homicide unit, and that Jones happened to be off from work the day of the shooting. They even did an interview with him about his relationship with Suiter.

According to the local activist group, Baltimore Bloc, the actual officer who was with Suiter at the time of the shooting was Detective David Bomenka… Baltimore Bloc also found that Bomenka is Facebook friends with one of the officers who is involved in the indictment, and while this could just be because they work at the same department, it is important to consider.

Suiter was not with his actual partner when he was shot, and the commissioner should have had this information about this the day it happened, if not by the time it was published in the Baltimore Sun on November 16. If he did not know about it by then, he would have had a whole week to get this information by the time he gave his press conference on November 22. Commisioner Davis is either the most clueless and incompetent police officer to walk the earth, or he is hiding something.


Miscellaneous Police Misconduct:

Cops Thought a Man Shoplifted a Shirt, So 50 SWAT Cops Tore Down an Innocent Man’s House


Cop Caught on Graphic Video Shooting Man with His Hands in the Air—NO CHARGES


Good Samaritans Shutdown, Ticketed for Feeding Homeless During Thanksgiving Holiday


17 Cops Caught Cheating On Police Exam, Group Sleeping at Work—Nobody Fired


More misconduct:


New York, NY — (TFTP) An 18-year-old girl says that she was raped in a police van by two NYPD officers and that nine officers later came to the hospital afterward to intimidate the girl and her mother out of pressing charges.

On September 15, victim Anna Chambers was pulled over by NYPD narcotics detectives Richard Hall and Eddie Martins and accused of having drugs. The officers handcuffed Chambers, forced her into the police van and told her to undress under the pretense of searching for drugs. Both officers then proceeded to rape Chambers and throw her back out on the streets, without finding any drugs or charging her with a crime.

Chambers immediately contacted her mother and they went together to the local hospital for a rape kit examination. While Chambers and her mother were at the hospital, nine officers showed up to intimidate them into remaining silent about what happened.

“They came with nine cops to intimidate her and her mom, to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault,” attorney Michael David, told The Post.

The officers accused Chambers of making a false report, and suggested that she had made accusations against cops in the past, which she has not.

“Anna said [the officer] was trying to manipulate a rubber band over his name tag, so she couldn’t see who it was,” David said.

“He kept saying to Anna and her mom, ‘How do you know they were real cops?’ ” David said.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Your daughter doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” the officer allegedly said.

According to David, a nurse witnessed the scene and told the mother, “Don’t be intimidated. Be strong. Be strong for your daughter.”

“The mom stood firm against the cop,” David said.

Chambers went ahead with the rape kit despite the intimidation, and the examination found traces of both officers DNA. Martins and Hall then switched up their story and admitted to having sex with Chambers, but claimed that it was consensual.

Mark Bederow, an attorney for Martins dismissed the DNA evidence against his clients, and suggested that they are being targeted because they are police officers.

“Being a police officer doesn’t change his right to due process. We unequivocally deny the allegation that he forcibly attacked the young woman. We don’t believe that the credible evidence will support the claim that any rape or sexual assault occurred,” Bederow said.

Martins and Hall are facing a total of 50 charges, including first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sexual act and second-degree kidnapping. Each could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

“There was zero consent. The cops were over 6 feet tall. She’s very petite, like 5-2 and maybe 100 pounds. There’s nothing she could do,” David said.

“I’m outraged. To me, it’s almost as outrageous as the crime that you have cops trying to intimidate her not to report the crime, trying to protect fellow cops,” David said.

NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said the charges “tarnishe[d] all of the admirable things accomplished by other, good officers every day in neighborhoods across New York City.”

“Had these charges been upheld in an upcoming departmental trial, I would have fired them immediately,” O’Neill said in a statement on Monday.

The officers’ defense that this was a consensual interaction is absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic. Once an officer detains someone or impedes their free movement, nothing that takes place afterwards can every be consensual, because the person is not in that situation through their own volition—they are there under duress.


  • A man thought to be in his 30s died “suddenly” after unspecified allegations of misconduct involving porn, The Sunday Times reported.
  • The man was a Labour staff member, with colleagues reportedly informed of his death but told not to talk about it.
  • The news comes after Welsh Labour politician Carl Sargeant was found hanged after allegations of sexual harassment.

A second Labour party member has been found dead after apparently taking his own life, as an ongoing sexual harassment scandal threatens to engulf British politics.

The man, who worked at Labour’s headquarters and has not been named, faced unspecified misconduct allegations according to The Sunday Times. Staff were told of his death but reportedly told not to talk about it.

According to the report, the claims involved pornography and the man had been suspended from his role last week.

Labour confirmed the death to multiple outlets. A spokesman said: “A member of Labour party staff has died suddenly and unexpectedly. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the family, friends and colleagues whose privacy must be respected. We will not be commenting further.”

The inquiry into the allegations was reportedly still in its early stages, and there was no suggestion of guilt so far.



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