Various people predict various disasters for 2018; various other people INCITE actions that would be disastrous

Here is an example of inciting mischief that would be disastrous if it were carried out.

During Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014, an Israeli soldier called on Netanyahu to rape all Palestinian mothers in Gaza.

Prominent Israeli journalist called for raping the Palestinian minor female prisoner inside Israeli jails Ahed al-Tamimi, 16, over slapping an Israeli soldier who shot her 15-year-old cousin in the head.

An investigative journalist, who went undercover to infiltrate violent leftist groups such as Antifa, has been found dead shortly after he vowed to expose billionaire globalist, George Soros.33-year-old Bechir Rabani was a hugely popular Swedish independent reporter, well known for his daring exposés.He was found dead at his home on Friday night in “suspicious circumstances” according to Police.He was working on an investigation into radical leftist mainstream journalist Robert Aschberg and his connection to George Soros funded extremist organizations when he was killed.Shortly before he died, Rabani had revealed he was about to lift the lid on mass corruption that linked Soros and Aschberg.

President Donald Trump believes special counsel Robert Mueller will treat him fairly in his ongoing investigation, but he is curious why charges have not yet been filed against democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta.

“Whatever happened to Podesta?,” the president asked during a wide-ranging New York Times interview published Thursday. “[T]hey closed their firm, they left in disgrace, the whole thing, and now you never heard of anything.”

Trump referenced the apparent scrutiny the Podesta Group is under by Mueller’s team for lobbying work it did in the U.S. on behalf of former Ukranian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

Jim Rickards predicts war between USA and NK:
Having worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies over the last two decades, James Rickards was once asked to simulate asymmetric economic attacks on the U.S. financial system. He is an expert at escalation scenarios and end games, and in a recent article at The Daily Reckoning he warns that the geopolitical situation on the Korean Peninsula will soon come to a head.

According to Rickards, author of The Road To Ruin: The Global Elites Secret Plan For The Next Financial Crisis, while the world concerns itself with stock bubbles, bitcoin and debt, the most imminent threat we face is military confrontation with North Korea.

And while the rogue state has been an ongoing threat for many years, the first half of 2018 will likely see the trigger that sets the whole powder keg off:

The most important financial or geopolitical issue in the world today is a coming war between the U.S. and North Korea, probably in the next twelve weeks.

How can I be so sure about the timing? The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency told me.

Haggith wrote:
I bet the economy would show serious signs of breaking down by summer and stated where the cracks would begin to show. In addition to laying out the exact fault lines that would show up in the summer, I predicted the stock market would crash in the fall or more likely in January of 2018, but no later than that.

Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament Thursday and called elections for early March, a vote that will highlight the economic and political problems still stalking Europe and the country’s role as the weakest flank in the currency union.

Ron Paul predicts economic turmoil:
The godfather of the Tea Party movement and perhaps the most prominent right-leaning libertarian in America, Ron Paul, believes the economic boom the United States experienced under President Trump could be a “bit of an illusion.” Mr. Paul sees inequality, inflation, and debt as real threats that could potentially cause a turmoil.

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Paul said, “We’re on the verge of something like what happened in ’89 when the Soviet system just collapsed. I’m just hoping our system comes apart as gracefully as the Soviet system. We have ownership of these countries, but it’s not quite like the Soviets did. I think our stature in the world and our empire will end, and that’s when, hopefully, the doors will be open.”

The crumbling of America’s “overseas empire,” as Mr. Paul calls it, could be a chance for the libertarian movement to captivate the country’s imagination by 2020.

Note that prediction is difficult:

Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.
Gore made the prediction to a German audience in 2008. He told them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

The vote—the latest in a series of momentous elections in Europe—will be in line with the overwhelming trends of 2017, featuring a fractured electorate, continued pressure from populist movements and predictions of a struggle to form a cohesive government.


China has its own memes:

The memes distracting China in 2017 reflected deep anxieties about haves and have-nots

Typical government misconduct:
Bennewitz died on June 23, 2003, at the age of 75. It seems that a campaign, specifically directed towards him, then mushroomed into a public campaign, to make – specifically the American – public believe aliens were here and the government was working with the aliens. Bennewitz’s price was a mental breakdown, but as soon as he had been able to remove UFOs from his life afterwards – shielded from it by his family – he apparently seems to have led quite a happy life, especially when compared with the life he led between 1980 ad 1988. Bennewitz can be seen as a martyr, and in that role he should perhaps be an inspiration to many: to realise that many of the major themes in the UFO community, from aliens in residence in Area 51 to crashed ET spacecraft, is worthy of study, but from the point of view of government disinformation – not a possible revelation that will change the world. Seeing the UFOs for what the likes of Doty have made them into, that may set many people free – and might indeed lead to a major revelation: we have been lied to – on purpose – by the government.

Looks like the FBI is in big trouble thanks to John McCain. They may have paid Christopher Steele, either directly or through Fusion GPS, for the 16th report of the now infamous Steele Dossier. If you have not been paying attention, there were 16 reports in the Steele Dossier–the first is dated 20 June 2016 and the last is dated 13 December 2016. Only one problem. The Clinton campaign only paid for 15 of the 16 reports. Their contract with Fusion GPS ran until the end of October 2016:

17. On behalf of Senator McCain, Mr. Kramer requested to be provided with any further intelligence gathered by the Defendants about alleged Russian interference in the U.S. Presidential election.

A new report was prepared by Christopher Steele and carries the date, 13 December 2016 (that was a Tuesday). According to the court filing that document, dated 13 December, was sent to Senator McCain via David Kramer sometime on or after the 13th of December. Now we know why the House Intelligence Committee is going to question Mr. Kramer under oath. Why would Christopher Steele prepare a new report for free? Was he paid? If so, by whom?

We know from press reports that McCain took the reports to FBI Director James Comey:
“McCain was sufficiently disturbed by what he read to take it to FBI director James Comey himself personally, they had a five-minute meeting, …


Pizzagate researchers claim that one woman is the “Rosetta Stone”:
“I am a FORMER personal “friend” of a woman named Diana Jenkins. Doubt you know her, but she’s the Rosetta Stone of every scandal and perversion from Hwood all over the globe.

What was the connection between the Bush crime family and Sandusky? Disobedient Media has written:

On December 4th, 2017, Disobedient Media published testimony and research outlining a massive, well connected human trafficking and child pornography network located in various locations along the U.S. East Coast. The list of individuals connected to this wider network allegedly included disgraced former football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

While Sandusky was initially caught for acts of abuse that occurred on Penn State’s campus, the Grand Jury probing the case noted that he had access to hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged youth, using his nonprofit The Second Mile to find victims. Despite Sandusky’s use of The Second Mile for these purposes, a number of high profile celebrities sitting on the organization’s board expressed shock after the misconduct was made public. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted that in 1990, President George H.W. Bush nationally recognized The Second Mile as a philanthropic “Point Of Light.”

In the aftermath of the revelations about Sandusky, The Washington Post reported in 2012 that The Second Mile was absorbed by Arrow Child and Family Ministries; a Christian foster home in Texas which absorbed $2 million in assets along with the disgraced organization’s mentoring and camp programs. Three victims of Sandusky unsuccessfully sued to prevent the transfer, arguing that the charity’s assets should be used to compensate victims before any other parties received funds.

Archives obtained from 2012 reveal that at the time of the transfer Arrow Child and Family Ministries had connections to multiple individuals tied to the Bush family. The site’s Board of Directors included Maria Bush, the wife of George H.W. Bush’s son Neil Bush. Susie Peake, who has been described as a personal assistant to George H.W. Bush was also listed as a board member.

Today’s Arrow Child and Family Ministry’s page for their Board of Directors reveals that all references to both Maria Bush and Susie Peake have been removed in an apparent attempt to distance the Bush family from the charity.

It’s not clear why the Bushes have stepped away from Arrow Child and Family Ministry. In late 2017, Business Insiderreported that six different women accused George H.W. Bush of groping them while posing for pictures. A spokesperson for the 41st President said that a wheelchair confined Bush would pat women’s rears in what was “intended to be a good-natured manner” and apologized for any unintended harm or distress that the actions might have caused.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey has charged 55-year-old Charles Borrelli, a senior employee of the Philadelphia Department of Human Services, with third-degree possession of child pornography.

Jorge Orellana Torres Puello was convicted on human trafficking charges. He was sentenced to three years in a US Federal prison.

Torres attempted to eluded authorities in the U.S., Canada, El Salvador and Costa Rica, for 6 years but was discovered in the Dominican Republic.

While in El Savador, Jorge Orellana Torres Puello was heading an international trafficking people network.

…Jorge Torres Orellana had a history of davening (praying) at the Chabad in the Dominican Republic.

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