What kind of memo could be so explosive that Wikileaks would spend money on it?

I suppose you have heard about the memo by now.

Meanwhile, a representative from Iowa says that he didn’t want to believe it, but now he does believe that it is true.

I doubt that the memo will contain shocking information. It might confirm that Hillary is part of the Clinton crime family, which will not surprise anyone who has read this blog for the past year.

But perhaps the normal people (a.k.a. the normies) don’t read this blog, and perhaps they are so asleep that they need obvious things to be spelled out in a memo before they believe them. Perhaps the normies know already and the important thing about the memo is that it will shock Congress out of its stupor.

Nobody has really good coverage, but the best of a bad lot might be at:



which predicts that the memo will embarrass Obama. I will be very disappointed if it is a small embarrassment. I would like to see something that would wake the normies up to Pizzagate. If the normies are already awake with regard to Pizzagate, I want to see news items that will get them riled up enough to demand action – or to take action themselves.

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