The mysteries of white people and multicultural politics

What is up with white people? Why is their hair so often yellow?

Why do they distribute weapons among their commoners?

Example of an armed citizenry: Heroic private citizen defends his fellows, gets murdered by cops.

I am not sure whether the armed citizen is the blond-bearded man shown in the picture below. Regardless of whether the armed citizen was white, clearly white people were involved in this.

It has been said that the weirdness of white people results from the odd environment of Ice Age Europe, where they developed a quirk for altruism, monogamy, and Jante’s Law. It seems that white altruism, which probably was a survival trait in the Ice Age, has become a harmful trait that is driving whites to extinction. I don’t know. Read what Kevin MacDonald has written and make up your own mind.

White people are a mystery. However, I present 17 stories that tangentially relate to whites, mostly in the context of government misconduct.

One story is NOT about government misconduct. It is about a leader in Hungary who is trying to prevent white people from driving themselves into extinction.


Viktor Orbán has called for patriotic EU allies to join Hungary in its fight against the globalist war on nation states which would see the West fall.
“Dark clouds are gathering over Europe because of immigration,” the conservative prime minister warned an audience in Budapest on Sunday, at the nation’s annual state of the union address.
“Nations will cease to exist, the West will fall, while Europe won’t even realise that it has been invaded,” he said, declaring that “Christianity is Europe’s last hope” against rising “Islamisation” taking place on the continent.

Counterpoint: Some critics of Orban’s Christianity claim that whites are supposed to be pagan.


According to Mike [Cernovich], former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe altered far left FBI investigator Peter Strzok’s notes on his interview with General Michael Flynn.
And then McCabe destroyed the evidence.


Whistleblowers play a very important and indispensable role in society and health care sector, but their act may elicit retaliation and other negative effects, which may impact their mental health. The main aim of the present comparative study is to assess to what extent whistleblowers (N = 27) more often suffer from severe mental health problems than other population-based groups in the Netherlands, i.e., matched controls (N = 135), cancer patients (N = 130), persons with (partial) work disabilities (N = 194), physically “healthy” persons (N = 200), and general population (N = 1026), using the 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey scales (for general mental health) and the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised scales (for specific mental health problems: depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, interpersonal sensitivity and distrust, and sleeping problems). Logistic regression analyses showed that the prevalence of general mental health problems was much higher than among matched controls and people with work disabilities but similar to cancer patient when controlling for demographics. About 85% suffered from severe to very severe anxiety, depression, interpersonal sensitivity and distrust, agoraphobia symptoms, and/or sleeping problems, and 48% reached clinical levels of these specific mental health problems. These specific mental health problems were much more prevalent than among the general population.

[Comment: I suspect a lot of neurotic, autistic technicians are devoted to truth and socially isolated. They force themselves to work hard at getting educated in the name of truth and integrity. Then they get recruited by corrupt organizations and can’t violate their principles. So they blow whistles and suffer.]


House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) stated that there could be legal consequences for officials who may have misled the FISA court. “If they need to be put on trial, we will put them on trial,” he said. “The reason Congress exists is to oversee these agencies that we created.”



… the FISA court has on record Rosenstein and Comey’s confessions that the spy warrants requested by the FBI to spy on Trump are based on deception of the court, the conspirators against Trump face indictment, conviction, and prison, if Trump has the balls, which he might not have. We cannot even be sure Trump understands the situation.


“Have we ever tried to meddle in other countries’ elections?” Ingraham asked in response to Woolsey’s Russia remarks.

“Oh, probably,” Woolsey said with a grin. “But it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the communists from taking over. For example, in Europe, in ’47, ’48, ’49, the Greeks and the Italians we CIA-”

“We don’t do that anymore though?” Ingraham interrupted. “We don’t mess around in other people’s elections, Jim?”

Woolsey smiled and said said “Well…”, followed by a joking incoherent mumble, adding, “Only for a very good cause.”

And then they both laughed.


Divorce and security clearances (and reputation)


OSS head General “Wild Bill” Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton


“Liddle” might be a hint: It is possible that the term “liddle” is linked to pizzagate and GEOTUS Trump is tweeting “liddle” to hint to pizzagate criminals that he is onto their scheme.


Boycott megacorps who profit from slave labor:


civil forfeiture faces a challenge:


Flashback to 2004: Poindexter was a criminal for Iran-Contra but was rewarded years later for his loyalty.


Clinton crime family gets accused by elderly witness:


Central banker accused of corruption (not very shocking)


macroeconomics of USA debt:


School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist David Hogg’s Father in FBI, Appears To Have Been Coached On Anti-Trump Lines [VIDEO]


Justice Department official Bruce Ohr did not disclose Fusion GPS was paying his wife
Ohr was demoted from his post after the information emerged
Willfully falsifying government ethics documents can result in jail time
Bruce Ohr, the Department of Justice official who brought opposition research on President Donald Trump to the FBI, did not disclose that Fusion GPS, which performed that research at the Democratic National Committee’s behest, was paying his wife, and did not obtain a conflict of interest waiver from his superiors at the Justice Department, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show.

The omission may explain why Ohr was demoted from his post as associate deputy attorney general after the relationship between Fusion GPS and his wife emerged and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson acknowledged meeting with Ohr. Willfully falsifying government ethics forms can carry a penalty of jail time, if convicted.

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