Geopolitics in the hypersonic age (and other current events)

Is it just me, or does it feel like the Cold War in here? From 2001, the USA – or rather, the Israeli agents who run the USA’s regime – had proclaimed that the USA was an empire that created its own reality. The USA had thrown aside all restraints, and was apparently ready to risk nuclear war with Russia because it believed that the USA could never lose such a war. Basically, the “respectable” lobbyists in D.C. were acting like the bad guys from the first Deus Ex game.

It has been a long, hard slog since 2001. Any doubts, however reasonable, were banished. (You may recall that Donald Rumsfeld tried to tell people that war would take a long time by calling it a “long, hard slog.” He was pilloried – metaphorically – for defeatism, so he claimed that “slog” could mean “punch” as well as “trudge.”) Trudging through the sludge of failed modernity has been sad and horrifying. In particular, since 2001, the war-mongers of the USA have had an easy time selling the delusion that the USA can fight and win nuclear wars, and that battlefield nukes are a nifty idea with no bad consequences.

Suddenly, with the introduction of new hypersonic missiles, it seems that the war-mongers might be forced to stop selling their fantasy of a winnable nuclear war.

The Saker has written about

the new weapon systems Putin has announced.

First, he confirmed that the Sarmat ICBM would replace the old but already formi[d]able SS-18 “Satan”. Then he turned to new weapon systems:

A nuclear powered cruise missile with basically unlimited range

A nuclear powered unmanned submersible with intercontinental range, very high speed, silent propulsion and capable of moving a great depths

A Mach 10 hypersonic missile with a 2’000 kilometer range (named: Kinzhal)

A new strategic missile capable of Mach 20 velocities (named: Avangard)

Pat Lang is an American expert on war. Pat Lang wrote:

the “Four of Hearts” among the generals now running US foreign policy are a great danger. These men seem incapable of rising above the Russophobia that grew in the atmosphere of the Cold War. They yearn for world hegemony for the US and to see Russia and to a lesser extent China and Iran as obstacles to that dominion for the “city on a hill.” Trump is as yet indifferent to such matters and is in pursuit of his mercantilist view of economics. He has given the quartet too much leeway and they for some naïve reason are far too willing to listen to the Israelis always whispering in their ears. GC Marshall was right when he warned Truman against a future dominated by the existence of Israel.

Update: B’Man has commented that this whole thing might be a fraud or a military ruse. However, there is plausible evidence to support the claims. Here is a bit of circumstantial evidence:

Starting in May 2010, The Washington Examiner reported, drawing on emails obtained by Citizens United, “Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview.”

His name was Viktor Vekselberg of Renova (a Clinton Foundation donor) and the project under his purview was the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is being built near Moscow. The following month, Bill Clinton would receive $500,000 for a speech in Moscow from a Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin, a Clinton Foundation donor, a Skolkovo executive, and which talked up Uranium One, whose sale the Clinton State Department would approve, and whose executives together contributed $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

This shocking set of emails that the Examiner reported on shows the nexus of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Bill Clinton, Russian oligarch Vekselberg, and Skolkovo, “Russia’s Silicon Valley,” the Putin project to transfer Western technology to Russia that was championed and driven by Mrs. Clinton — and, what do you know, 17 out of 28 tech companies that hitched up with Skolkovo also contributed to the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s support for Russian WTO membership made the whole global flow so much easier.

No wonder Herd Media, the Uniparty Congress and FBI Director James Comey never noticed a thing. Oh, except that Putin “hated” Hillary Clinton, “wanted to do her harm,” as Comey told Congress this week. Grrr. Maybe hypersonic technology wasn’t enough. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

Let’s pick up with an Army report on Skolkovo written in 2012 (released in 2013) to assess “the implications … for U.S. policymakers.”

Although military activities are not an official cluster of activity, the Skolkovo Foundation has, in fact, been involved in defense-related activities since December 2011, when it approved the first weapons-related projectthe development of a hypersonic cruise missile engine. The project is a response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, part of the Prompt Global Strike program.

Fast forward to November 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president when the US Air Force released a report on — no way — the Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile threat to the United States.

The United States is vulnerable to future attack by hypersonic missiles from China and Russia and is falling behind in the technology race to develop both defensive and offensive high-speed maneuvering arms, according to a new Air Force study.

“The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are already flight-testing high-speed maneuvering weapons (HSMWs) that may endanger both forward deployed U.S. forces and even the continental United States itself,” an executive summary of the report says.

“These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities.”

In a functioning democratic republic, the executive branch decisions and procedures and corruption that led to this defense cataclysm would actually alarm security officials, lawmakers, and even arouse media curiosity, if nothing else. But Skolkovo, the money, the corruption, the treachery, the danger, inspire no reaction at all.

Not even this plain, shocking language, from the Army, circa 2012:

Skolkovo is an ambitious enterprise, aiming to promote technology transfer generally, by inbound direct investment, and occasionally, through selected acquisitions. As such, Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.

Hillary Clinton, her State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton did much to make Skolkovo possible — did much to activate what was, according to the Army report, “arguably” a massive “clandestine industial espionage” operation. Not that any of this is in the past. This plain-sight-“research”-cum-collusion with the Russian government goes on, and goes on unchecked — and despite the Obama administration’s supposedly hard-as-nails, cold-as-ice, tough-on-Russia finish.

The Army report continues:

Implicit in Russia’s development of Skolkovo is a critical question—a question that Russia may be asking itself—why bother spying on foreign companies and government laboratories if they will voluntarily hand over all the expertise Russia seeks? Since multinational institutions hire talent worldwide and seek access to foreign markets without regard for national interest, only the U.S. government would be in a position to persuade them to scale back their commitments in Skolkovo if U.S. relations with Russia continue to deteriorate.

However, given the global dimensions of Skolkovo’s technology transfer program, it is not clear how much leverage U.S. industry has. Therefore, the key issue for U.S. policymakers is balancing the benefits of constructive technological engagement with Russia against the risks that Russia could leverage transferred scientific knowledge to modernize and strengthen its military.

Whether that is the key issue for U.S. policymakers, circa 2017, one thing seems clear. They haven’t heard of it, and they don’t care.

More proof that the hysteria over “Russian influence” on Donald Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with official Washington’s (read: the Swamp) concern about the national security of the American people. They are concerned about protecting the Swamp they live in and profit from, and that is all.


I have trouble understanding Pat Lang’s attitude toward the military-industrial complex. He does not seem to be as openly critical of it as David Hackworth was.

However, the 20th century Jet Age arose in cooperation with military industries – the key point is that those industries actually made the effort, however briefly, to turn military tech into civilian tech.

I am not the world’s biggest fan of Boeing, which has tentacles in the USA but does not appear to be loyal to the ideals of the USA.  However, Boeing claims that it has a vision for a Jetsonian – but probably not Jeffersonian – Age:

ZH wrote:

In particular, the fantasy of flying automobiles zipping around the skies of America could be taking flight within the next ten years.

That is according to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg, who said, “it will happen faster than any of us understand,” in a Bloomberg interview.

“Real prototype vehicles are being built right now. So the technology is very doable,” he added.

Muilenberg said Boeing has been preparing for the new era of flying urban vehicles, and his company has been designing what would be the “rules of the road for three-dimensional highways” that carry autonomous flying taxis.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the USA had a healthier respect for Russian strategy, and possibly some inkling of that respect has been rediscovered. A USA military writer wrote:

Russia appears to have won at least a partial victory in Syria, and done so with impressive efficiency, flexibility, and coordination between military and political action.

Comment: I am not a soldier, but I am sick and tired of the USA setting random countries on fire to please Tel Aviv. Have I reminded you lately that War is a Racket?

Because I have criticized some wars, if I proclaim any love for Putin, the typical peanut gallery will denounce me as a hypocrite – justly or not, trivial accusations of hypocrisy are typical of USA-centric discourse. So I will maintain a polite distance from Putin, but I will speculate that the world might become safer because Russia has presented the USA with a realistic deterrent. The USA cannot safely provoke Russia to war now, and a large segment of the public knows it. The war-mongers can no longer pretend that nuclear war will not harm the USA.

If there are any misty-eyed romantics in the audience, they can also hope that someday this hypersonic technology might serve to improve the lives of ordinary civilians. If it requires us to wear retro suits and ties, I am willing to make that sacrifice, right after I get drunk. Considering that I would have to put on the suit before going out in the morning, I suppose I would have to plan to start drinking well before 7 a.m. I face this prospect with equanimity.

If you have been getting giddy on vodka martinis – or just plain vodka – you might dare to imagine that Russia will lead its ally China into a new era of prosperity for civilized people all over the world – and that such prosperity will not depend on the good graces of the USA or Israel.

Speaking of Israel and its tendency to act as arsonist but then demand to be praised as a firefighter:

Federal prosecutors Wednesday charged a U.S.-Israeli dual citizen with hate crime and other offenses in connection with more than a hundred threats he allegedly phoned into Jewish community centers and organizations last year.

Michael Ron David Kadar, 19, was indicted in federal courts in Georgia, Florida and Washington, D.C. after an investigation into numerous threats against the community centers and high-profile Jewish organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League and Israeli embassy in Washington.

Prosecutors in Florida say Kadar, who is Jewish, made multiple calls involving bomb threats and active shooter threats to Jewish Community Centers throughout the state. The Florida indictment also charges Kadar with attempting to obstruct the free exercise of religion at the community centers.

In Washington, Kadar allegedly called in a bomb threat to ADL offices on March 7 and sent a threatening email about a bomb to the Israeli Embassy two days later. The Georgia indictment charges him with making threatening calls, cyberstalking and giving police a false report about a hostage situation at a private home.

Before Wednesday’s indictments, Kadar had already been hit with federal charges in Florida and Georgia for making similar threats against Jewish groups. In all, he is allegedly responsible for at least 160 — or about 9 percent — of the anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. in 2017, according to an ADL report released Tuesday.

The ADL audit says there were 1,986 anti-Jewish incidents last year, a 57 percent increase over the 2016 total of 1,267. Based on ADL’s figures, Kadar accounted for more than one-fifth of the rise in incidents of threats or harassment of Jewish people in the U.S. last year.

In a statement on the latest charges against Kadar, FBI Director Christopher Wray said it didn’t matter that Kadar’s threats were hoaxes, because the fear felt by his targets was real.

“These alleged threats were very real for those individuals who were evacuated, for the first responders who quickly mobilized to get people out of harm’s way, and for those in Jewish communities across the United States who felt targeted and unsafe,” he said.

Kadar was arrested in April in Israel, where he also faces charges.

Okay, so this particular Israeli is bad, but the USA collectively is a beacon of democracy, right? No. Wrong. The USA was never supposed to be a democracy – it was supposed to be a republic, and nowadays it is an oligarchy with delusions of democracy.

But sometimes the voter fraud gets called out.

(HARRISBURG, PA.) – February 26, 2018: The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit today against the Pennsylvania Department of State for failing to disclose a reported 100,000 noncitizen registered voter records under federal law (PILF v. Torres et. al. 1:18-cv-00463).

In summary, the Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) refused the PILF’s rights to inspect or be furnished documents related to noncitizen registered voters either reporting their own unlawful activities or discovered thanks to a joint study with the Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The latter effort has reportedly revealed 100,000 cases of noncitizens currently registered to vote in the Commonwealth. The DOS’ actions constitute an apparent violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

A core concern for the lawsuit stems from a report by City of Philadelphia Commissioner Al Schmidt to the Pennsylvania Assembly in 2017, which detailed how a DOS/PennDOT study of noncitizen driver’s license holders matched records belonging to roughly 100,000 current voters in the statewide registration database.

The DOS/PennDOT study was triggered in September 2017 after Pennsylvania officials admitted to a “glitch” that offered voter registration opportunities to all PennDOT customers regardless of citizenship status since the 1990s. Prior to the study, election officials only took actions to remove ineligible noncitizens from the rolls after they self-reported their statuses. A full accounting of how many registered and voted remains unclear due to the DOS’ intentionally limited transparency.

“For months, Pennsylvania bureaucrats have concealed facts about noncitizens registering and voting—that ends today,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “Before this lawsuit, the State admitted to a ‘glitch’ that exposed thousands of driver’s license customers to voter registration offers despite their noncitizen status since the 1990s. The Secretary of State abruptly resigned. DOS officials blocked federal public inspection rights. The PILF hopes to finally get answers about the true scale of noncitizen voting in Pennsylvania and assist lawmakers in crafting reforms that fix it.”

Beginning in October 2017, the PILF began a formal dialogue with the DOS to inspect records related to noncitizen voter registrants. Requests were rejected twice, despite making them pursuant to Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). The NVRA allows unfettered physical inspection rights to all records related to voter list maintenance. In December 2017, the PILF notified the DOS of its apparent violation of the NVRA. The lawsuit filed today seeks to compel inspection of the aforementioned records.

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  1. You make a good point. Governments and armies have a habit of “strategic deception” regarding military affairs. It is possible that Putin is exaggerating or outright lying. At the moment, I don’t have any proof that he’s telling the truth.

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