money, sex, torture, gun battles, and unpleasant accusations

Update: March 13, 2018

President Donald Trump nominated Gina Haspel as the new director of the CIA,announcing the news on Twitter. Mike Pompeo, the previous director, was nominated to run the State Department to replace the ousted Rex Tillerson.

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IN MAY 2013, the Washington Post’s Greg Miller reported that the head of the CIA’s clandestine service was being shifted out of that position as a result of “a management shake-up” by then-Director John Brennan. As Miller documented, this official — whom the paper did not name because she was a covert agent at the time — was centrally involved in the worst abuses of the CIA’s Bush-era torture regime.

As Miller put it, she was “directly involved in its controversial interrogation program” and had an “extensive role” in torturing detainees. Even more troubling, she “had run a secret prison in Thailand” — part of the CIA’s network of “black sites” — “where two detainees were subjected to waterboarding and other harsh techniques.” The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture also detailed the central role she played in the particularly gruesome torture of detainee Abu Zubaydah.

On the topic of torture:

Some suspects are fitted with electric shock vests at trials if they are deemed a flight risk or risk to others. But the shocks are supposed to only be used in case of an emergency.

A judge used the shock vest on one subject who refused to answer his questions. But did the judge issue the shocks himself? No. He ordered the bailiff to do so. And of course, the bailiff complied.

Gallagher ordered a bailiff to administer the electric shocks on the first day of his trial. When Gallagher asked Morris for his plea, guilty or not guilty. Morris refused to answer the question…

When Morris continued to talk, Gallagher instructed the bailiff to activate the stun belts around Morris’ legs.

Gallagher asked Morris twice more if he was going to follow the rules. When Morris did not provide a plea, Gallagher said to the bailiff, “Hit him,” according to the appeals court ruling.

The bailiff pressed the button that was to send the electric shock through Morris’ body. Gallagher asked him again if he was going to comply. Morris told him he had a history of mental illness. Gallagher ordered another shock.

“Hit him again,” Gallagher said.

When Morris contended he was being “tortured” for seeking a recusal, Gallagher, according to the appeals court, ordered the bailiff to do it again: “Would you hit him again?” …

The appeals court said that 50,000 volts can have cognitive impairment effects on a defendant. Morris’ condition after the three shocks was not reported in the court’s opinion, however…

After enduring the 50,000-volt shocks, Morris was apparently too scared to return to the courtroom and actually did not attend the remainder of his own trial. He appealed his conviction, alleging Gallagher violated his constitutional rights by repeatedly shocking him for failing to answer questions while showing no signs of becoming violent or being a flight risk.

The Texas Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso handed down its ruling on Feb. 28. Texas Lawyer first reported the ruling Tuesday. The ruling said judges are not permitted to shock defendants who won’t answer questions or don’t follow the court’s rules of decorum.

“While the trial court’s frustration with an obstreperous defendant is understandable, the judge’s disproportionate response is not. We do not believe that trial judges can use stun belts to enforce decorum,” Justice Yvonne T. Rodriguez said of Gallagher’s actions in the court’s opinion.

“A stun belt is a device meant to ensure physical safety; it is not an operant conditioning collar meant to punish a defendant until he obeys a judge’s whim. This Court cannot sit idly by and say nothing when a judge turns a court of law into a Skinner Box, electrocuting a defendant until he provides the judge with behavior he likes,” Rodriguez wrote.


A jaw-dropping independent investigation has revealed that hundreds of children, some as young as 11-years-old, are estimated to have been drugged, beaten, and raped over the last several decades in a single town. According to the investigation, the abuse was allowed and is continued to be allowed because authorities look the other way.

The investigation claims that allegations dating back to the 1980s were mishandled by authorities, who repeatedly failed to punish a network of abusers, according to the Telegraph. 

Countless victims and former victims have come forward detailing their abuse and the current abuse taking place in the British town of Telford.

Child trafficking and abuse in the United Kingdom is a horrifyingly common practice. As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, authorities are either ignoring most of it, or, they are complicit in the abuse.


Deputy Nicholas Worthy, decorated veteran arrested, accused of drug use, untidy living quarters:
Worthy and Trexler were arrested and charged with child neglect, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana under 20 grams and possession of paraphernalia, according to Space Coast Daily. The two both posted $5,000 bond and were released from Brevard County Jail; the toddler is in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families, and the couple’s three dogs were taken by animal services.

It seems unlikely that a decorated vet from an elite branch would fall quickly into cocaine use. What was the involvement of the girlfriend? Was PTSD involved? Was there a problem that went unnoticed for years, or is Deputy Worthy being set up?

And then we have the case of Nader:

GEORGE NADER, REPORTEDLY a cooperating witness in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, was arrested in 1985 on child pornography charges.

A frequent visitor to the Trump White House in 2017, Nader is the latest enigmatic character to saunter onto the stage as part of Mueller’s inquiry. A New York Times story last weekend said that Mueller was looking into whether Nader, a Lebanese-American with access to Persian Gulf elites, had helped funnel foreign money toward Trump’s campaign. On Tuesday, the paper said that Nader was cooperating with Mueller’s investigation.

The 1985 criminal case against Nader on child pornography charges was eventually dismissed, according to court documents obtained by The Intercept. The existence of the charges was first reported by The Atlantic.

“The court found that Mr. Nader’s constitutional rights had been flagrantly violated, and the case was thrown out in its entirety before trial,” a representative for Nader told The Intercept. “Mr. Nader vigorously denies the allegations now, as he did then.”

[ZH reported the following segment from]

Today is an important anniversary for former intelligence chief James Clapper. No it is not his marriage anniversary or conventional milestone.  Clapper can celebrate the running out of the statute of limitations on his alleged perjury before Congress — five years and Clapper is now beyond the reach of the law.


recently wrote a column on the approaching anniversary and how it reaffirms the widely held view that powerful people in Washington are immune from laws used against the rest of society.

Clapper appeared before the Senate to discuss surveillance programs in the midst of a controversy over warrantless surveillance of the American public. He was asked directly, “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

There was no ambiguity or confusion and Clapper responded, “No, sir. … Not wittingly.” That was a lie and Clapper knew it when he said it.

Later, Clapper said that his testimony was “the least untruthful” statement he could make. That would still make it a lie of course but Clapper is a made guy. While feigned shock and disgust, most Democratic leaders notably did not call for his prosecution. Soon Clapper was back testifying and former president Obama even put Clapper on a federal panel to review the very programs that he lied about in Congress. Clapper is now regularly appearing on cable shows which, for example, used Clapper’s word as proof that Trump was lying in saying that there was surveillance of Trump Tower carried out by President Barack Obama. CNN and other networks used Clapper’s assurance without ever mentioning that he previously lied about surveillance programs.

News organizations now regularly feature Clapper who has denounced Donald Trump and members of his government, as discussed in an earlier column.

Hat tip:

From Irish reporting regarding Germany:

A mother and her young son board a train and sit opposite a fortysomething man. When they get up to disembark the man’s smile towards the blond boy takes on a troubled edge. “Do you love children a little more than you like?” asks the advertisement on TV screens on Berlin’s U-Bahn trains. The final message – “Don’t become a perpetrator” – is also the name of a groundbreaking paedophile research and therapy programme.

The campaign began in Berlin 11 years ago and now operates in 10 cities across Germany. About 7,000 people have made contact, and about 1,000 paedophiles – people who are sexually attracted to children – have received therapy.

“Paedophilia is not curable, but it can be treated,” says Dr Klaus Beier, who leads the prevention network at the Charité, Berlin’s university clinic.

The World Health Organisation classifies paedophilia as a sexual-preference disorder. Charité therapists explain to participants that their sexual attraction to children is a medical condition until the urge is acted upon, when it becomes a crime.

Patients learn methods of self-control and about the consequences of acting on their sexual desires. Treatment can take place anonymously, and medical assistance, such as “chemical castration”, to control sex drive, is offered on a voluntary basis.

The programme costs €3 million a year, and so far it has been funded by state governments. A breakthrough came last month, when German health insurers agreed to cover the cost of individual therapy.

Ingo, a Berliner in his late 20s, became aware of his paedophile tendencies in his early teens. He has never made a sexual approach to a child, and he says his therapy helped him overcome long-term depression.

Five years after completing the programme, with regular follow-up sessions, he is resigned to never having a sexual relationship with an adult.

“If I fell for a woman I couldn’t be sure if it was really love or just to have a child who would become my preferred sexual partner, and I’d sideline the woman,” he says.

The vast majority of paedophiles are aware of the damage they can cause children, and they do not act. But there are other high-profile cases. They include Silvio S, a 33-year-old security guard from Potsdam, outside Berlin, who last year abducted, raped and murdered two boys within three months of each other. He snatched one of the boys, four-year-old Mohamed Januzi, as he waited with his Syrian mother to register for asylum. The crime horrified Germany, and in July the man was sentenced to life in prison.

Foster programme

Shock over the double paedophile killings yielded to further shock in recent days, when Berlin’s city-state government revealed how it financed a paedophile foster programme 45 years ago.

Starting in 1969, Berlin welfare authorities handed over the care of at least three homeless teenagers to Dr Helmut Kentler, a sex researcher from Hanover. He placed the youths with known paedophiles, including one who already had a criminal record for child abuse, believing that it would give troubled teens a social anchor while giving the paedophiles a chance to become caring foster parents.

Berlin’s youth-affairs minister, Sandra Scheeres, didn’t mince her words when she presented the report. “It was a crime to put these people into this kind of care,” she said. “It is simply unimaginable that something like this happened with state oversight.”

The first details of the ghoulish experiment emerged last year, prompting Berlin’s state authorities to commission a youth researcher to review the files and write a report. “The results are sobering,” said Dr Teresa Nentwig of the University of Göttingen.

In most cases the paedophiles were asked to care for 13-, 14- and 15-year-old drug addicts and prostitutes, of which there were about 1,000 in 1970s West Berlin.

But how many children precisely were placed with paedophiles, what ages were they and how much did the city pay the paedophiles? “We don’t know,” Nentwig said at the launch of her report, explaining that city archivists blocked access to crucial data, claiming variously that files were missing, unsorted or sealed for data-protection reasons. “We would have wished for more co-operation in clearing this up,” the researcher said.

Despite the official stonewalling, Nentwig found clues that one of the youths still suffers from the effects of abuse and that two others slid into criminality.

The city government says it has no idea who in West Berlin’s welfare agency agreed to the so-called Kentler Experiment. It has set up a hotline for former participants.

One young man brought into the programme in 1969, named Ulrich, was unable to read or write and worked as a prostitute at West Berlin’s notorious Zoo Station.

Kentler placed him with a known paedophile and later wrote that four years there had taught the youth “how to survive”. Ulrich stopped the drugs and petty crime, the researcher wrote, but remained a “suffering person”.

Kentler, who died in 2008, left papers describing the entire experiment as a “success”, but he admitted that it was clear to all involved that placing youths with paedophiles broke the law.

While Berlin was publicly funding that paedophile programme, many children were being abused at Odenwald boarding school, near Frankfurt.

The school was one of West Germany’s most famous progressive and reformist institutions. It later emerged that a former school director, Gerold Becker, was a paedophile who, along with at least seven other staff members, had abused at least 132 pupils over the three decades between 1965 and 1998.

An investigation was launched in 2010, after the full scale of the abuse emerged, and last year, after 105 years, the school filed for bankruptcy and closed.

Germany’s paedophile past reared its head again in 2013 when links emerged between founding members of the Green Party and West Germany’s Paedophile Movement, which rode the coat-tails of gay-rights groups and lobbied for the decriminalisation of consensual sex between adults and children.

In 1975 a Green Party leading light, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who was a kindergarten teacher at the time, wrote a book praising “erotic games” between adults and young children. In 1981 Jürgen Trittin, today a senior Green MP and then a young party official in Göttingen, signed off on a party pamphlet seeking the decriminalisation of paedophilia.

The party commissioned a study into the full extent of Green-paedophilia links. Published a week before the 2013 federal election, it cost the party countless votes and prompted a grovelling apology from Trittin. He argued that the paedophile links had to be seen in the context of the sexual revolution of the 1970s, which encouraged a “fiction that there could be sexual relations between adults and children beyond violence or abuse of trust”.

Given the Charité paedophilia treatment programme in Berlin, city media have demanded a zero-tolerance approach in investigating Germany’s latest paedophilia scandal. “Even at the end of the 1960s, sex with children was forbidden, punishable by up to 10 years in prison,” said the Berliner Zeitung daily, urging the youth-affairs minister to keep up the pressure and “get all the files on the table”.

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