Even if you don’t conquer, strive to live long enough to see some of the oppressors thrown down

At various times in the USA’s history, the legal authorities have implemented very effective divide-and-conquer tactics that have made the common folk afraid to voice their political opinions openly. The Ku Klux Klan believed that negroes had to be suppressed, but apparently they were not willing to say that without masks on their faces. Perhaps they were worried that the bankers might refuse to lend to them. The antifa say that they want social justice, but apparently they are not willing to march in public unless they can cover their faces. Perhaps they are worried about losing their jobs as Starbucks baristas.

Don’t try to tell me that honorable men never wear masks: you’ll never convince me of that. My heroes were those white men who pretended to be Indians in order to destroy British tea.


Currently, the Internet allows pseudonymity. Internet users are not nearly as well-disguised as the Boston Tea Partiers, but we do what we can, with what we have, where we are.

I am not anonymous when I post here, but it would take a lot of fuss and bother to track me down, and most of my “enemies” are Starbucks baristas and 12-year-old kids with ADHD. They don’t have the IQ necessary to hire a private detective, much less swear out a warrant. My current setup is adequate to prevent harassment from ignorant riff-raff. I doubt that it would stand up to serious scrutiny. However, I have a jolly pulpit, and when I rant about current events, I can count on at least 30 or 40 viewers, sometimes more.

Obviously, I don’t join any public forums with any username that could be traced to this blog. I would be trying to rant about anime girls or video games and some 12-year-old twerp would whine, “Hey that’s the same gaikoku hater who posts hate speech at Vulture of Boutique,” and then the mod would get interested enough to ban me in some annoying fashion. But if I were to link this blog I would probably get shadowbanned like Black Poison Soul.

BPS wrote:

Given the “soft censorship” going on these days on Google, YouTube, and everywhere else – I decided to see if I had been softbanned. (The BlackPoisonSoul account.)

I went over to Terrence Popp’s YouTube and popped up an appropriate comment (to the video). After a couple days I went back to check any replies.

Hmmm. Top of the list when signed in as BPS…yet not visible at all when not signed in. No likes, dislikes, whatever.

Yep. Softbanned. The very definition.

Your silence is mandatory, unwilling, and enforced.

Those who do not exhibit the signs of perfect groupthink will be made invisible to all others. Even other misanthropes, misfits, and deplorables like themselves. After all, we must protect those virgin minds our brainwashed serfs from any hint of anything that might possibly have a snowballs’ chance in hell of making them unhappy.

Reality be damned. Wrap them all in cotton wool, so that they will only think/feel/act in ways that we determine to be predictable and useful.

By the time the misery has finally sunk its teeth into them, we will have extracted every last drop of utility from them. Even the juice is now gone. They can go into the dumpster with the rest of the deplorable waste. Because we already got our pound of flesh, down to the last drops of blood possible.

That is why I believe that this blog will eventually disappear. Not overtly. They’ll probably leave it in an empty echo-chamber, with no links from nor visibility to the rest of the net.

It’s just the insane rantings of another deplorable lunatic. Best to hide them from the rest. We don’t want to cause them pain by letting them view such disturbing things.

Let’s just obscurify it. Drop it a touch, reduce it’s ranking a hair…a hair more…a hair more still…okay, now we can throw it into the list of “never show this shit”…

…job done. On to the next one. There’s this other fucking lunatic over here…the list of crazy off-script bastards never ends…

So, still, keep a copy of what you want to keep. Off-line. Preferably in some non-volatile storage. Hard copy, if you must. After all: lots of copies keep stuff safe.

You never know when things might become more zealous. The feminasties and leftidroids and assorted SJW/PC Police keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing. It would only take a few manufactured incidents, then suddenly “let’s make things self-policing” becomes the mindset. At which point, a certain number of complaints about this person and his things will vaporize.

Because when you think about it, our modern computerized world has one massive disadvantage that the ancients never had. It’s real easy to erase something permanently.


There is a short-term workaround and a long-term solution.

The short-term workaround is to learn about digital privacy, pseudonymity, and the like. I don’t read the chans because I enjoy their crude humor. I read the chans because some very smart people who understand digital privacy post on the chans.

The long-term solution is real-world political activism. I won’t do the world any good if I limit myself to posting pictures of smug anime girls on the Internet. Julian Assange does more to make the world a better place just by enduring a day of hardship than I have done in my whole life. I am not a hero, but I understand that there are real heroes in the world – Julian Assange, for one.

This is an undated handout photo issued by Sunshine Press made available Tuesday May 10, 2016 of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with a kitten in Ecuador’s embassy in London . It may not be so lonely for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the embassy quarters he’s called home for nearly four years. Now he has a kitten to keep him company.The kitten had not been named yet. (Sunshine Press/Wikileaks via AP)

Currently, the powers that be are keeping the masses in check. But there are obvious signs that the worm began to turn with Trump’s election. Trump was elected because he said things such as “I LOVE Wilileaks” that appealed to the disenfranchised masses.

I am not a hero. I am not on the level of guys like Snowden and Assange. I am not going to run for office like Chelsea Manning. I am just another filthy commoner in the street. But the worm began turning years ago, and the worm will continue to turn until the Powers That Be are going to have to face the challenge.

There is no guarantee that the commoners will win. Even when the commoners win against the elites, the commoners are not good guys who bring about Utopia. The French Revolution was a fairly moral and ethical revolution – I would rather be governed by Louis Antoine de Saint-Just than by Pol Pot – but Saint-Just killed his former friends. Even the prettiest revolution tends to be characterized by betrayal of the good guys by the Iron Law of Oligarchy.

The American Revolution was fought and won by poor commoners like Daniel Shays. He was betrayed by his former comrades, captured, but eventually pardoned.

Shays was pardoned in 1788 and he returned to Massachusetts from hiding in the Vermont woods. He was vilified by the Boston press, who painted him as an archetypal anarchist opposed to the government. He later moved to the Conesus, New York area, where he lived until he died poor and obscure in 1825.


Right now, honest men can’t speak openly for long.  (Sure, any idiot can shoot his mouth off in public, but the Powers That Be can silence anyone within a short time.  If you become a big clear target, you will soon realize that free speech was easier before you became a big clear target.)

In the best case scenario, the oppressors will oppress no more, and honest men will be able to speak freely without wearing masks.

In the realistic scenario, guys like Black Poison Soul will suffer much the same as Daniel Shays suffered, but the oppressors will be removed from power because they have overstretched.

In the worst case scenario, all the honest men will die horribly and the elite oppressors will perpetuate their tyranny.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. We’re all going to die some day. Our efforts and abilities are pitifully small. One man trying to improve the degeneracy of the modern world is like one man trying to put out the Great Fire of London by pissing into the flames. Nonetheless, even though we are individually weak and we have little hope of unifying into an effective force, we do what we can. If it is all in vain, we die knowing that no one could have prevailed in our circumstances. In the best case, we live and see the oppressors removed from power.

In 2015, it seemed impossible that Trump would be elected. In 2017, it seemed impossible that North Korea would end its war with South Korea. But in fact, the worm started turning years ago, and the worm will keep turning.  I am not confident that I will personally be victorious – odds are good that I will be one of those anonymous losers who gets trampled beneath the hooves of history – but I am confident that many elites have overplayed their hands, and are headed for a terrible fall from power.  I hope I live long enough to see some of that.

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1 Response to Even if you don’t conquer, strive to live long enough to see some of the oppressors thrown down

  1. I had forgotten about the hero JA. Such a payment as I can afford as “one of those anonymous losers who gets trampled beneath the hooves of history”. That nails it for me, brother. Well written, whole thing. I know I’ve been had, betrayed particularly by prts. I get wha’ts going on, down to the psychology, but now that I do understand what to do in theory the opportunities are past. Older generations work so hard to lie to youth for the sake of power in the hands of a few as the charished status quo. I lived in misery for this and for these? Destroying or just outliving a hostile system is not the same as enjoying one’s own. That worm has a long way to turn before humanity can truly be progressive. Best wishes. That’s all I got.

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