NXIVM linked to Israel, Mexico, Bronfman family’s international financial interests, Pizzagate

NXIVM is a sex cult run by Keith Raniere previously based in Albany NY started in 1998.

Allison Mack (actress in “Smallville”) is second-in charge.

NXIVM is run as a personal and professional self-improvement group with many famous and wealthy attendees.

Members of NXIVM included the wealthy Bronfman sisters who bankrolled much of this, Nicki Clyne, Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk, India Oxenberg.

Clare Bronfman is running the group since its leaders arrests.

Members of or people associated with/attended courses at NXIVM include children of former Mexican presidents, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama (who spoke at one event for a reported $1 miilion).

DOS is a group for women within the group that had to give up compromising material to Raniere and were branded with Keith Raniere/Allison Mack’s initials.

It has been reported that many were forced to eat and sleep little and controlled in cult-like conditions.

DOS were reportedly Raniere’s sex slaves.

Raniere was arrested and given various charges including sex trafficking and forced labor.

Mack was arrested with charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.

NXIVM runs Rainbow Cultural Garden, which is involved in child development programs.

Qanon said learn their symbolism – flowers and gardens with reference to slave gardens.

Sara Bronfman is CEO of RCG which has locations worldwide.

Raniere was living in Monterrey Mexico before his arrest.

NXIVM members had to give $29,900 to Clinton.

Speculation that this all links to Pizzagate, sex trafficking and blackmail of influential persons and politicians and is much bigger than it seems.

Allison Mack took over from Pamela Cafritz who died of cancer in 2016.

Pam Cafritz was of the Cafritz family which runs the Morris and Gwendolyn Foundation worth $735 million. This foundation supports “transformer”, which is an arts non-profit which has on its board of director James Alefantis (of Comet Ping Pong and pizzagate suspicions).

Alex Jones has Roger Stone, the former NXIVM lobbyist working for him. He was also very close with Charlie Sheenie (he “saw his hernia”) who was implicated in running a child sex ring of his own.

Mexico link:


Israel link (just one of many):


>Rainbow Cultural Garden is an early child-development program which, through careful, progressive exposure to multiple languages, cultures, representational systems and aesthetics, seeks to inspire and capture the miraculous, creative, learning lives of children.

>The Science

>Some scientists believe certain critical periods correspond to a period of synaptic excess known as the “exuberant period,” occurring between infancy and early school years when the brain overproduces connections far more than will be preserved in the average adult. During this critical period, a child’s experience — sensory, motor, emotional and intellectual — determines which of these synapses will be used and therefore preserved.


The Society of Protectors (SOP) is a secret group created by Keith Raniere to teach men how to be men.

Its website claims it “helps men to become more powerful and influential members of society by giving them tools and a network of honorable men for support. SOP is not only curriculum, it involves practical tests to strengthen us with respect to readiness, responsiveness, character, honor, strategic thinking and leadership.”

Among the teachings are:

Men control the world. Women are subordinate to men.

Men are polygamous by nature. Women should accept the polygamy of men.

The stronger the man, the more women he can own and control.

Men cum on women’s face or bodies to claim ownership of them. If a woman accepts his cum, he owns her.

Women desire to be with one man. But women are fickle and opportunistic. Women don’t keep their word and don’t have character. They will leave a man if they find a better protector or provider. They are like fleas jumping from dog to dog till they find the best host.

In the beginning, a man may lie about having sex with other women. She must first be made dependent on him. They act like princesses. When they don’t hear what they like, they become hysterical babies. Women are babies who can’t handle the truth.

Once they become dependent on a man, then they need to be humiliated. Women are always getting away with breaking their word in society without any consequences. Men should get them dependent – and then let them know they are not valued.

Telling them then about other women trains and degrades them at the same time. This is good.

A man should seek out his women’s flaws and weaknesses and bring them to her attention. If the woman is defiant, she should be mocked, insulted, scorned, debased, given penance, punished, neglected and banished in that order.

Women should maintain the weight they are told. Wear what they are told. Keep their hair as they are told. They should wear an adornment to show they are owned by a man, such as belly chains and hot iron branding on the body to mark the man’s ownership. Women should be willing to find new women for their man.

Rainbow Cultural Garden Miami closed by State of Florida

State Closes Midtown Miami School Tied to NXIVM “Sex Cult” Leader – April 27, 2018

>Albany home tied to the Rainbow Cultural Garden has been raided by the feds

>British authorities are investigating a Rainbow-affiliated school in London.

>Now the State of Florida has ordered the midtown Miami school to shut down immediately after New Times brought the facility to the state’s attention. Florida officials say the school was not currently licensed to operate.

>“DCF initiated a child protective investigation and ordered the facility to immediately cease operations this afternoon.”

>“‘It’s this huge experimental program that teaches children how to be sociopaths,’ says Parlato, who says the schools charge up to $10,000 per month. ‘It’s a random idea that Raniere cooked up to keep the kids of his cult separated from their parents.’”

<“TEACHES CHILDREN TO BE SOCIOPATHS” >Ariella Menashy, a woman who tried to open a Rainbow Garden branch in Vancouver, told the British newspaper the Sun last December that “Keith Raniere is very much involved” in the day-to-day operations of the Rainbow schools.

>“Nearly everyone involved in Rainbow Cultural Garden is involved with NXIVM, and I think it is just a way for Keith to make more money off the same people,” Menashy told the Sun.

>None of the federal indictments mention the Rainbow Cultural Garden. But Parlato — who has been entangled in numerous lawsuits with group leaders for years — has warned on his blog, Frank Report, that Rainbow is an offshoot of the alleged cult.

>But the school’s critics say that the idea is not backed by evidence and that the approach was created by Raniere, who does not have a background in children’s education. Rainbow Cultural Garden centers teach young children by rapidly switching out caretakers, who each speak a different language.


Secrets of NXIVM (2012)

>In the meantime, the organization is working on reaching the next generation. A boy, with a mysterious past, now about kindergarten age, has become a part of the NXIVM “family” and a test case for some of Raniere’s ideas.

>The child is a seedling in Raniere’s “Rainbow Cultural Garden,” described by Raniere as “a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential.”



The child “Gaelen” mentioned in both articles above. A 3-year old being raised by a woman NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL MOTHER Kristin Keeffe, member of NXIVM in 2010. He should be 11 or 12 now.

Secret mission: A child

NXIVM is years into project “Rainbow Cultural Garden,” an intensive effort to raise potential

>The boy has become part of a unique program begun by self-improvement organization NXIVM founder Keith Raniere called the “Rainbow Cultural Garden” aimed at helping youngsters master several languages. As a result, the child has been under the care of a number of different nannies, some from foreign nations, each using one of five different languages.

>Bouchey revealed that the boy came to the NXIVM associates around March 2007, shortly after his birth.

>the boy’s grandfather in Michigan gave up the boy after his daughter had died shortly after the child was born.


Swedish DJ Avicii Tried To Expose Pedophile Ring In Video Before He Died

[bold]Avicii’s death has a bunch of eerie similarities to Cornell and Bennington[/bold]

>Chris Cornell – actively campaigning against child trafficking and protecting vulnerable children through their charity IfOnly

>Bennington from Linkin Park – suffered horrific sexual abuse as a child from someone he referred to as an “older man.” about to “go public”

>suspicion Podesta helped to secure funding for Linkin park’s organization called Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS) in Haiti-the stomping ground of human traffickers and the Clintons.

>Bennington received a $250,000 donation from the Clinton Foundation, along with band member, Mike Shinoda, getting a rare unsolicited visit from Bill Clinton.

>It was discovered that Lincoln Park was actually military base engaging in a cooperative effort the CIA to experiment on abducted and trafficked children using MKULTRA mind control. Many children in Lincoln Park were sexually abused and killed.



Redditer points out TMZ broke very detailed story on Avicii’s alleged suicide which other media outlets quotes, and TMZ is owned by Time Warner whose CEO is Edgar Bronfman whose daughters are in NXIVM [not accurate].



Avicii was with the Avicii label, Geffen and UMG.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. is half brother to Sara and Clare and took over from his father Edgar Snr. and owned Warner Music but I don’t think he was ever CEO of Time Warner.

Origins of Bronfman family wealth



If there was any cross-border trafficking in NXIVM – does the Bronfman family still has the farmland mentioned? It’s a long stretch though.

>To meet demand, Bronfman bought up stretches of farmland along the border and built an underground pipeline to pump “Seagram Chickencock” a mixture of pure alcohol, sulfuric acid. caramel, water and aged rye whiskey, into the USA.

Legal stuff:




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