Bishops, turncoats, spooks, and carpetbaggers, not necessarily in that order

Several big stories merit full-length treatments, but here are some small stories to keep you occupied until the big stories can be written up.

Pope Francis poses for a photo with Chilean bishops at the Vatican May 17. (CNS photo/Vatican Media) See POPE-CHILE-BISHOPS-LETTER May 17, 2018.

Every Chilean bishop in Rome has submitted their resignation to Pope Francis. In a statement, the bishops thanked abuse victims for speaking up and asked for forgiveness.

It is not known if Pope Francis has accepted the resignations.

Joshua Schulte named as suspect in ‘Vault 7’ leak of CIA tools to Wikileaks, but charged instead over child porn

Comment: The porn accusation is not convincing. It looks like a general-purpose frame-up used to guarantee that whistleblowers will be punished.

Howard Rubin, widely known as George Soros’ right hand man, has been accused of leading a “human trafficking enterprise” in which he allegedly raped, brutally assaulted and enslaved women in a $8 million Manhattan sex dungeon, according to court documents.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) just issued a stunning rebuke to Israel, voting through a resolution calling on the council to “urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry… to investigate all alleged violations and abuses… in the context of the military assaults on large scale civilian protests that began on 30 March 2018,” while the UN human rights chief slammed Israel’s “wholly disproportionate response.”

The UN’s top human rights body passed the resolution with 29 votes in favor, two opposed and 14 abstentions.

The two HRC members in opposition were the United States and Australia (the UK abstained), with Israel condemning the vote, which was proposed by a group of countries including Pakistan.

With the first ever full-scope audit of the Pentagon happening now, not only can we get a much better understanding of where over $21 trillion in unaccounted for money has disappeared to, we can also get an in-depth view of how our taxpayer-funded Research and Development of technology has been stolen by global private corporations.

the CDC knowingly diverted at least $3 million in taxpayer funding to leftist groups that have nothing to do with science.

Lawyer who repped Equifax will run office that investigates Equifax

Andrew Smith will head the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection office after a party-line vote — typical on policy matters, but rare on staffing questions — confirmed his appointment Wednesday.

Smith will have to recuse himself from numerous ongoing investigations that his office would normally lead, including the commission’s high-profile scrapes of data breaches at Equifax and Facebook, because of his past work on behalf of the firms.

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals Obama Admin “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

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