working doubles on your feet is no joke and neither is a society where 37% of men have no hope for the future.

Aeolipera wrote:

I’ve noticed a striking difference in attitudes on the Alt-Right between the idea that the average white guy with an IQ of 95 ought to be able to get work, versus the idea that average Beta who wants to raise children ought to have a decent shot at it. There’s this idea out there that if a guy running a CNC machine for 12 hours a day six days a week can’t go home and sufficiently excite his wife with his intense Alpha personality, he doesn’t deserve to have her in the first place. Well, I got news for ya:

working doubles on your feet is no joke and neither is a society where 37% of men have no hope for the future.

there’s a point at which you have to admit there’s more to life than free will and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Fifty years ago we had a real country, now we have school shootings and sexual dysfunctions at a rate to rival Afghanistan. Policy matters. Incentives matter. Conditions matter. And even if you could create a society where every man were dedicated to being as attractive as possible, women would still only want the top 20% of them because resources tend to get distributed on a Pareto distribution. (Thots are more of a capital good though…which produce SONS…and sometimes LIABILITIES…)

If I were a truly cynical man, I’d suggest people who suggest discarding the entire population of Fishtown are motivated by the desire to eliminate genetic competition. But honestly, I think it’s just magical thinking by people who never heard of a “double”. Alphas don’t babysit CNC machines, but somebody has to. You may not like it, but if *you* want indoor plumbing, then *you* have to make a society where Betas can get laid. What’s in it for them if they can’t?

At first I thought that this was a “battle of the sexes” kind of post, but then I realized that the issue is really political economy.

I don’t think the “alpha” versus “beta” distinction means much because in our current decadence, we mistake whore-mongering sybarites for “alphas.” The kind of guy who gets a lot of sex now might be rich, but is probably weak and useless in a crisis. The kind of guy who is strong and capable in a crisis is probably busy PREPARING for a crisis, not cruising for casual sex.

The West is going to have some kind of crisis soon. Currently, the USA has a surprising amount of poverty.

Jim Rickards notes:

Of course, there are limits to labor force participation. Some potential workers suffer chronic pain or other disabilities, some are retired, some are students, some are at home raising children. Those are reasons why the LFPR has never been much over 67% since the data have been recorded.

But the drop in LFPR to 62.8% in the ninth year of an economic expansion is stunning. America has a missing workers problem that accounts in large measure for the slow growth, persistent low inflation, stagnant wages, declining velocity of money and social dissatisfaction that have characterized the U.S. economy since the end of the last recession in June 2009.

Four in 10 US adults were unable to meet an emergency expense last year without borrowing from a friend or carrying a credit card balance, a Federal Reserve survey found.

However, the next financial crash, as Prins points out in her book “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World,” won’t be like the last one. This is because, as she says, “there is no Plan B.” Interest rates can’t go any lower. There has been no growth in the real economy. The next time, there will be no way out. Once the economy crashes and the rage across the country explodes into a firestorm, the political freaks will appear, ones that will make Trump look sagacious and benign.

Resentment of Crazy-Rich Americans Isn’t Just Envy
People are bothered by a sense that the system is rigged and unfair.

Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos posted a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote to Twitter, writing: “Love this quote. It’s been on my fridge for years, and I see it every time I open the door. #Emerson.” Captured in an actual snapshot taped to his fridge, the quote reads: “To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

The backlash from the Twitter mob was swift. “Beautiful passage. Pay your employees a living wage, Jeff,” one user tweeted. Another replied with a link to a news story: “Amazon puts 7,000 jobs on hold because of a tax that would help Seattle’s homeless population.” A third said: “Here’s a quote: your employees should be unionized.” As the likes and retweets snowballed by the tens of thousands, so did the righteous outrage. “You ‘earn’ your average employee’s yearly salary in 10 seconds. Tell us all about redeeming a social condition.” “How much do guillotines cost on Amazon? Asking for a friend.”


Donald Trump may be celebrating the fact that America’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly two decades, but that’s not enough for the alarming number of American families still struggling to put food on the table and pay their rent.

On Thursday, the United Way’s ALICE project released a study showing, as CNN reports, “Nearly 51 million households don’t earn enough to afford a monthly budget that includes housing, food, child care, health care, transportation and a cell phone.”

These numbers include both the 16.1 million families living at or below the federal poverty line (currently $24,600 for a family of four) and the 34.7 million families the United Way calls ALICE, or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. This means people who earn too much to qualify for federal poverty programs but are still unable to cover their monthly expenses.

The severity of the problem varies by state. California, New Mexico and Hawaii have the highest number of struggling families, at 49 percent. By contrast, North Dakota has the lowest, at 32 percent.

As CNN quotes the study, the families represent “… the nation’s child care workers, home health aides, office assistants and store clerks, who work low-paying jobs and have little savings. … Some 66% of jobs in the US pay less than $20 an hour.”

More low-wage jobs may decrease the unemployment rate, but employment doesn’t mean families can pay their bills. Stephanie Hoopes, a founding author of the study, explained this frustration, telling that “the rate of inflation in the past 10 years has been about 9 percent, but the cost of living for ALICE families has risen by nearly twice that.” As a result, she explained, “There’s a sense of frustration or even anger because people are being told that they’re doing better but they aren’t.”

This may be because the benefits of lower unemployment rates, lower inflation and higher wages are not being distributed equally. In fact, even when, in 2016, federal data showed that median household net worth was up across income brackets, the wealthiest Americans did the best.

According to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance, the top 1 percent of wealthy Americans now holds 38.6 percent of the nation’s wealth, up from 33.7 percent in 2007. The bottom 90 percent of Americans had only 22.8 percent of the nation’s total wealth in 2017, down from 28.5 percent in 2007.

End Quote.

The moral of the story is that you don’t have to figure out “alpha” versus “beta” as we currently understand them, because our current sexual hierarchy depends on economics, and our current economic structure is doomed. The worm will turn. Don’t bother planning babies with the old paradigm. If you want to make babies any time from now until about 2028, plan to conceive and bear them in a time of chaos.

The crisis of our Fourth Turning kicked off in 2008 with a financial crisis. For ten years there have been fake recoveries. We probably have ten more years to go before the crisis resolves itself.

Can we expected Mad Max biker gangs in the USA like the ones we already have in Venezuela? Probably not. We might already be seeing the cusp of the breakthrough. For many years, the USA has been ruled by conspirators, and the current kerfluffle with Obama and Clinton might cause many conspirators to be exposed.

Currently, for example, reasonable scholars have plausibly accused Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of participating in cannibalistic sex cults.  Those accusations have yet to be proved in any court of law.  But there is also the “court of public opinion” to consider.

If only 10% of the USA believed that Hillary Clinton is a human trafficking cannibal, the Powers That Be could shut up the malcontents, imprison the poor, and keep the farce going.

If only 40% of the USA believed that Hillary Clinton is a human trafficking cannibal, there would be a civil war.

But I don’t think the number is that low.

Imagine what the USA might be like if 90% of the population believed that Hillary Clinton is a human-trafficking cannibal. There would have to be a crimes-against-humanity trial.

There are too many people who believe that their governments are out to get them.  There are too many people who refuse to talk to cops, because they have seen too many dirty cops. There are too many people who think that Comey and the whole FBI is crooked.  Western governments – particularly the USA – lack legitimacy.

So I don’t worry too much about today’s sexual hierarchy, where 37% of men have no hope for the future.  Today’s repression depends on the old dirty cops, and I don’t think they will still be in power ten years from now.

Yesterday, a few heroes like Julian Assange took up the cudgels for change.  Today, Assange is silent, but angry mobs are taking up their own cudgels.  Tomorrow – no one knows what kind of change will come, but we can be sure that it will disrupt the status quo.  We will probably have to fight and sacrifice in order to get the kind of change that we want, but our backs are to the wall already. It’s not like we have the option of surrendering and living peacefully. There are a lot of people with no hope for survival under the status quo – they are not planning to surrender and live in quiet desperation.


So what will happen to all those men and women whose dream of raising their own children will never come true?

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode? 


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