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Lots of folks who want a civil war are going to be surprised at how boring their anti-climax will be

We love stories because they have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We love the climax of the plot. We love to see our stories resolve any questions or mysteries. If a story has an evil, oppressive society, we … Continue reading

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Looking backward and askance at political economy

1. When governments ruin the economy, they destroy their human capital. This guy has a DOCTORATE in industrial chemistry and he is STILL working a street sweeper. If this guy can’t get a decent job, nobody can. (The story dates … Continue reading

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The Comey-Obama-Deep State gang use “stand down” orders to clamp down

In this post: 1. Comey abused agency disciplinary structures to repress honest agents who criticized his misdeeds. 2. Comey ordered negotiators with Assange to “stand down.” 3. Obama ordered cyber experts to “stand down” by limiting the number of people … Continue reading

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Why you have a legal right to create a plastic gun while reclining naked in your bathtub (and sad stories of evil cops)

To make a long story short, the laws of the USA protect handguns. To argue about the intention of the law gets silly quickly. The USA was founded by revolutionaries. “We the People” claimed to have the inherent authority, temporarily … Continue reading

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cops, conspiracies, current cacophony

Bad Religion was always edgy. It’s amusing that they don’t address the true edge of acceptable discourse – anti-Jewish thought. They flirt with the alt-Right – which welcomes Jews and most of which appears to be led by Jews. Please … Continue reading

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