John Paul Getty and his children have been accused of child trafficking

John Paul Getty was a notorious womanizer, but Pizzagate investigators have recently accused him of child abuse.

Currently I have no evidence that Getty was a child abuser. Voat investigators have alleged that a damning piece of evidence exists. I am trying not to get my hopes up, because even if it exists, it is not likely to get released any time soon.

From voat we read:

“Slightly over three decades ago, there was a meeting on a yacht in the Med. A very important meeting. Things were dire and the whole escapade was crumbling and was going to leave some very important people with some very public egg on their face.

Attending the meeting were several world leaders, two of the richest people in the world, and several others, all of whom who were being catered to by a group of teens from the country of one of the world leaders.

The focus of their discussion was half a world away. To see what they were discussing, we need to take a step back.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, G was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Although he could have any one in the world to have sex with, G enjoyed the company of young girls. Very very young girls. Under 10 was his preferred.

He imported the girls from a foreign country and housed them in the annex of his home which he reached via an underground tunnel. The girls were supplied by a very close friend of his who we will call M. It turns out M also had a love of young girls and provided them to other people like G all over the world.

In return, M was protected in power and also enriched himself personally from these men who gave him gifts of not only cash, but also paintings by the masters and so much more. They also arranged for other governments to prop his up in the face of rebellion.

When G died, things started to go downhill. Although one of his children (J) also was a fan of the young girls and availed himself frequently, he also ended up taking things too far and some of the girls ended up dead. J also had some big drug issues and was not of the same caliber connection wise that G had been. J was also under a great deal of pressure from siblings and bankers to do something with the annex to the house. The same annex where the young girls were located.

Fast forward a few years. The same men in power like G that had helped prop up M were all dying off. They were being replaced by other men who had their focus on other areas of the world. All too often they didn’t care about young girls and had other vices that they could fulfill from other dictators. The problem was what to do about all the girls all over the world that were in place or dead? That was the purpose of the meeting on the yacht.

What was decided was everyone who had a girl in their possession could keep them in place but could never let them go. If they wanted them killed, they could send them to J and he would make arrangements to kill them. In total, about 50 of these girls were killed. They were dumped beneath the foundation of an addition to the annex which was built several miles from the original annex.

If you ever want to know why a hit was never put out on the spouse of M or any of his own kids it is because that meeting on the yacht was recorded both via audio and video and M made sure that everyone knows she has a copy of them. She also made it known that if she, or her kids were to die, that the recordings would be released. M’s spouse is very old so people are worried that she has not made any plans to not release it when she dies. Apparently this recording discusses many world leaders and titans of industry who all had their own young boys or girls from this country they abused.

Oh, and just so you know, this will be revealed. This is too important to not be revealed.”

G: J. Paul Getty
M: Ferdinand Marcos (President of the Philippines) (art collection)
Spouse: Imelda Marcos
J: John Paul Getty Jr. “Getty Center”/”Getty Center Monorail”

Now you know why, like the families of so many other pedophiles, JP Getty’s descendants have led such messed up lives.

Also, supports the rumors always being passed around about the Getty Center in LA, about: deaths, bodies disposed of, tunnels, elite rituals.

Note also that the timeframe referred to here is the 1980s, the same timeframe as the Franklin scandal involving GHW Bush during the Reagan presidency.

Which explains why the CIA under GHW Bush, propped up Marcos against attempts to oust him in the Philippines (amid widespread anger among the populace.)

There are many Voat pizzagate stories about Getty and the Getty Museum – where there’s smoke there’s fire…


On a personal note, I want to see Pizzagate exposed to the mainstream. I am getting slightly tired of writing about it. I am getting very tired of seeing little progress.

These investigations move slowly, e.g.:

Over a year has passed since Oklahoma state senator, Ralph Shortey was busted for child sex trafficking and now, on Friday, he’s finally been scheduled for sentencing. In September of 2017, Shortey was accused in a federal indictment of multiple counts of child sex trafficking and child pornography offenses. In November, Shortey agreed to plead guilty to a single child sex trafficking charge in exchange for the three other charges to be dismissed. He now faces a minimum of 10 years in prison but could be sent away for life. Court documents filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma show that the disgraced two-term former senator will face a sentencing hearing at 10 a.m. Sept. 5. The age of consent for sexual activity is 16 in Oklahoma. However, it is against both state and federal law for anyone under the age of 18 to be involved in the commercial sex industry.

A blog needs a reason to live. zhai2nan2 was apparently motivated by QUIBCAGs, but not very motivated. For a while before Pizzagate broke, I was ready to shut down all my blogs because blogging can take up many hours that could be spent on practically any other activity. I posted various things – mostly copied from other sources – and this blog was heavily influenced by chan culture, not unlike is.

I still keep this blog running mostly because of Pizzagate. I hope that some time in the near future, Pizzagate will break into the mainstream. When that happens, I will be able to put this blog on indefinite hiatus.

This blog is limited by the amount of free space assigned by WordPress. It should have enough free space for at least 1000 more posts. (If text posts take up less space than image posts, I could post more than 1000 text posts with old images and economize on space.) It would have unlimited space if I were willing to go through the archives and ruthlessly delete the old stuff that no one reads.

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