People complain about various sex cults

Noted blogger B’Man sometimes says that Trump has done nothing good and notable. That may be; I don’t care about Trump, I just don’t want a Pizzagate conspirator in office. If Trump did nothing but keep Hillary out, he would still be worth the trouble. But in fact, under Trump’s administration, I keep seeing stories about prosecution of human traffickers. I am grateful for such things; I might even start saying nice things about police officers… some police officers, anyway.

Another day, another complaint about sex cults:

Lots of rich perverts belong to this cult, so it is entirely possible that it is connected to various political scandals. Sex cults would be somewhat sad even without political malfeasance, but when they are combined, the rancid mess is particularly sad.

archive of cult website:

Pastebin of SNCTM followers:

Yahya was born Adnan Oktar and in addition to leading a sex cult and hosting a religious program is the owner of Turkish network A9 and considered a nationalist and supporter of Turkish PM Erdogan. Oktar and 160 others have been arrested for various crimes, but several children have accused Oktar personally of rape and sexual harassment.

A mother from Kansas City has been accused of committing the most horrible crime against her own toddler daughter- letting men rape her 2-year-old girl.

The authorities have identified the woman as Azzie Watson, 25, of Independence. She was charged on Tuesday with child abuse and endangerment.


An insidious child pornography ring with international reach was taken down in Detroit and six men have been sentenced, according to federal authorities. The ring was so vast it encompassed over 100 victims in multiple counties. U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider said the men operated the pornography ring together from 2013 to April 2017 when they were caught by the FBI and the Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes task force.

The men lured juvenile girls to two unmonitored video chat websites where they were sexually exploited.

A St. Johns County man facing several child pornography charges is jailed on $150,000 bond after his first court appearance on Saturday. Investigators pulled 91,000 files, the majority of which depict sex acts on children, off a flash drive found in the home of a federal employee arrested in St. Augustine, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.

Matthew Washkewicz, a 56-year-old retired Navy command master chief, was arrested on charges of video voyeurism after he was accused of videotaping a 12-year-old girl who was changing clothes in the bedroom of his home.

Jail records show he was first arrested Monday on those charges. He bonded out Tuesday morning and was arrested again Friday on 26 separate child porn charges.

James Gunn, director of Guardian’s of the Galaxy franchise films is under fire for Pedowood-esque tweets he claims are merely jokes.

Zorilla of Voat reported:
Lloyd Kaufman, who stated on Twitter that he was the NAMBLA “men-tor” of James Gunn, , is the Chairman of the Independent Film & Television Association. In 2000, he hired Jean Prewitt, who had very recently been a Principal of the Podesta Group, as the President and CEO of the IFTA.

“The IFTA also launched a provocative online video campaign decrying media consolidation. One video, titled Bound, is a scathing three-minute indictment of Time Warner in which a young boy [appears to be a girl] is bound to a chair with coaxial cable and forced to watch a flickering TV screen.”

Furthermore, the IFTA employed the Podesta Group to lobby Washington for them during the Obama administration(note that the letter to John Podesta linked to in this article has been deleted from the IFTA website):

Also, there is an IFTA document (I don’t want to download it) with this description:

” Representing the independent motion picture and television … Podesta Group The Lippin Group. 202 879-9317 323-965-1990. IFTA Calls on FCC to Keep Internet Open. …”

EDIT: More of Kaufman’s tweets:

Tweet today from An Open Secret:

Their documentary “An Open Secret” about child sexual abuse in Hollywood:


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