Tom Hanks, accusations of rape, and the meat clock

Very few people would adorn a wall clock with hot dogs and hamburgers. However, it is often suggested that “hot dog” may be a Pizzagate codeword for penis.

It is also widely speculated that celebrities get black eyes – always the left eye – and refuse to cover them up with makeup as part of a ceremony of ritual violence. There are many tenuously supported speculations, e.g. the black eyes might be caused by a ritual injection of cerebrospinal fluid.

Occult societies of various types also train their members not to talk to outsiders. However, sincere occultists are people who believe in horoscopes and chakras and psychic experiences, but quite a lot of criminals pretend to be occultists to throw off suspicion. MK-ULTRA was a secret, but it was not “occult” in the same sense as pentagrams and the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Tom Hanks also posts pictures of children’s clothing on the Internet. These pieces of abandoned clothing seem to suggest that children were kidnapped, grabbed off the streets, and bits of clothing were left behind as evidence.

In case you have forgotten, Tom Hanks has been accused of raping children.

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