FISAgate is coming, the Pope doesn’t like getting accused, and Hurricane Florence is not easy to observe

Several journalists have stated, implied, or speculated that they had enjoyed private communications with Q. Q made a point of denying private comms.

No clear trends were obvious to me, but various insiders are obviously working on the problem of how to counteract the attempted coup d’etat against the elected president of the USA, Donald Trump.

Q drew attention to the Strzok/Page leaking and to the Pope’s indignation at being accused of complicity in sex scandals.

I suppose I should be grateful that Judicial Watch is trying to get at the truth, but their recent disclosure of 911 footage does not answer any questions:

Comment: 11-9-2018 was fairly anticlimactic. Many Anons were hoping for major declassification. One Anon wrote:

For the faggots who can’t understand why Q can’t just drop all the documents it’s very simple. They would be breaking the law and tainting Grand Jury bias. This gives the bad guys an actual defense since the political nature of the crimes.

Comment: In other words, some Anons seem to be hoping that the bread crumbs will be enough to trigger a crowd-sourced version of “parallel construction.”

President Donald Trump is insistent on releasing FBI and DOJ documents related to surveillance of campaign advisers, but he has received pushback from White House lawyers, according to multiple sources.
House Republicans have pressed Trump to release the documents.
Congressional sources say they expect Trump to release the records, but they have tempered their expectations on when they will be made public.
White House lawyers are actively reviewing controversial FBI and Department of Justice documents relating to the 2016 presidential campaign for possible declassification, multiple sources with knowledge tell The Daily Caller News Foundation.


Praying Medic explains that Corsi is Mossad:

Pieczenik tweeted Praying Medic:

Unz publishes Mossad did 911 accusation:

A retired FBI counterterrorism agent with a notable role in the story of 9/11 says the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel told him not to cooperate with attorneys representing 9/11 victims in their suit against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because it could harm U.S.-Saudi relations.

In an exclusive interview with, Kenneth Williams, author of an ignored July 2001 memo warning that Osama bin Laden may be training pilots in the United States, explains why he has now decided to ignore the FBI’s instructions, and illustrates how the failure to share critical information continued into the 9/11 investigation—possibly to the benefit of the kingdom.

Exclusive: FBI Told Former Agent Not to Help 9/11 Victims Build Case Against Saudi Arabia

Unprecedented trial begins after entire WV Supreme Court is impeached or resigns

A redditor has written about corruption in North Georgia:

In what may be one of the more bizarre stories of 2018 so far, an undisclosed security threat has shut down a solar observatory in New Mexico, and angered local authorities in the process.

Google tried to influence elections with Lyft:

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — The new military judge in the Sept. 11 trial said under questioning by defense attorneys Monday that he had read selections of the case’s six-year record but saw no need to postpone hearings while he caught up on the pretrial proceedings that had come before him in the complex, death penalty case.

Marine Col. Keith Parrella, the judge who got the job two weeks ago, spent his first morning on the bench in the five-man conspiracy case fielding questions from defense attorneys about his capacity to take on the case, and rejecting suggestions that he should learn in detail what came before him before continuing.

Satan, the “Great Accuser,” has been unleashed against the bishops of the Church, Pope Francis said Tuesday, in a thinly veiled reference to the former Vatican nuncio to the United States.
The former nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, recently accused a number of prelates of dereliction of duty in dealing with clerical sex abuse and claimed that the pope had rehabilitated serial abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, elevating him to a position of influence despite knowledge of his misdeeds.

In an 11-page testimony published on August 25, Viganò alleged that he had personally informed Pope Francis in 2013 of the serial homosexual abuse perpetrated by Cardinal McCarrick, along with sanctions imposed on his ministry by Pope Benedict XVI, and yet the pope lifted those sanctions and involved McCarrick in the naming of future bishops.

“The Great Accuser, as he himself tells God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, roams around the earth looking for someone to accuse,” Francis said in his morning homily at Mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican.

In these times “it seems that the Great Accuser has been unleashed and has it in for the bishops,” the pope said.

“It is true, we are all sinners, we bishops,” he said, but the Great Accuser “seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

Despite the pope’s frequent calls for transparency and accountability for those responsible for committing or covering up sex abuse, he seemed to suggest Tuesday that the former nuncio had behaved like Satan by making public the errors of his brother bishops.

When asked about these allegations shortly after their publication, Pope Francis dodged questions from reporters, telling them to read the accusations and make their own assessment of their credibility.

U.S. abuse called letter’s trigger
Now’s time to expose papal cover-up, writer told ex-envoy

SANS Newsbities September 11, 2018 Vol. 20 Num. 72SANS Ne

VPN Applications with Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities:

Tor Browser Javascript Vulnerability:

MacOS Adware Doctor Stealing Browser History:

Trend Micro App Leaks Data, is Removed from Appstore:

DOJ: Indictment:

House Passes Naming and Shaming Cyber Deterrence and Response Act:

Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in 16 States Rigged 2004 Venezuela Elections

Hurricane Florence has not done any obvious harm so far as I can tell. However, many Anons are speculating that Q’s hint to “watch the water” relates to this hurricane, or to the water used to cool servers. Such speculations do not seem productive to me.

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