the common man can’t investigate Pizzagate (or the Vatican) without the leadership of some insiders

Many people speculate that Kavanaugh will be confirmed – but regardless of whether he is confirmed or not, many people believe that the USA will start up a new type of military tribunal to punish human traffickers in 2019.

Of course, human traffickers are a clear and present danger to everyone. Even if they are killed in secret, the world is slightly safer in the short term. However, if the USA government kills human traffickers in secret, but does not disclose those killings – perhaps the USA government is increasing danger in the long term.

It appears that the Vatican might be publicly proven to be corrupt. The Vatican has dodged many accusations, but dodging accusations has not given the Church new vigor; the Church has been declining into a morass of humanism barely distinguishable from atheism.  Even though confronting the pederasty of Catholic priests might be horribly painful, it might be necessary.

I wish I could tell you that the common man can rise up and revolt. I don’t think that is true. Pizzagate can’t be investigated by amateurs, particularly because most amateurs are struggling to survive in modern civilization. But channers are not a special breed of private investigator; channers are a rabble. Many of us really are basement-dwelling autists. We can’t do much without insiders giving us breadcrumbs.

Neon Revolt theorizes that FISAgate will not be declassified for about two weeks:

…if Kavanaugh’s confirmation happens on the 20th, that’s a Thursday. I’m fairly confident we won’t be seeing the FISA pages declassified until after Kavanaugh is confirmed. But that would be… Friday, the 21st.

We need to control the news cycle, people.

That leaves Monday, the 24th…

Which is 12 days after the 12th.

(Can you hang in there two more weeks?!)

FISAgate is just the tip of an iceberg, however. Even if FISAgate comes out in early October, we can’t assume that Pizzagate will be mainstream knowledge by then. Many people are speculating that military tribunals will be used to cover up much of the corruption.


ROME ( – The Vatican is reeling from news that the 300-page dossier containing names of members of the gay lobby — a dossier some believe led to Pope Benedict’s resignation in 2013 — has been leaked to the media.

Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian journal read by Vatican officials, is confirming it has seen the 300-page dossier. “The report contains a detailed and disturbing picture of the moral and material corruption of the clergy, with names, surnames and circumstances,” writes Francesca Fagnani.

We are … able to view a document on papal letterhead included in the investigation, and here we publish an excerpt: It is a list of prelates and laymen who belong to the so-called gay lobby, which through blackmail and secrets could affect, or have conditioned, positions and careers (theirs, like those of others).

We will not reveal the names shown in the list, but we can confirm that among the names there are people removed by the Pope, others moved from office, others who still hold important positions in strategic organs for the Vatican, such as Propaganda Fide and even the Secretariat of State.

Among those implicated in the dossier is none other than Cdl. Kevin Farrell, prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, who has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing of former housemate Abp. Theodore McCarrick’s homosexual predation, although they lived together on the same floor of the same house for six years in Washington, D.C.

“Farrell was appointed auxiliary bishop of Washington precisely because it was McCarrick who wanted him as a deputy,” Fagnani reports in a September 4 article focusing on a “Farrell dossier.” “The two were part of the ‘magic circle’ of Pope Francis.”

[A case] on the auxiliary bishop of Washington, Kevin Joseph Farrell, is said to have been filed at the Congregation for the Doctrine for the Faith in the Vatican, at the Dicastery that is responsible for investigating sexual and other crimes against good morals, which, if not rebutted, would fall squarely on the Pope like a boulder. Farrell [was] appointed directly by Bergoglio to head the Dicastery of the Family.

In response to Il Fatto Quotidiano‘s queries with regard to the existence of a file on Farrell, the Vatican is refusing to confirm or deny.

“There will be no communication,” was the response from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. “The Vatican therefore does not deny Il Fatto Quotidiano, but chooses the strategy of silence as for McCarrick,” Fagani writes.

Pope Benedict’s sudden resignation in 2013 is allegedly linked to the 300-page dossier; some media reported that Benedict chose to resign the same day he received the dossier, the result of findings of an investigation commissioned by the Holy Father into clerical corruption and malfeasance.

The investigation, itself, led by Cardinals Julián Herranz, Jozef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi, is said to have uncovered sins involving sex and financial corruption. “Everything revolves around the non-observance of the sixth and seventh commandments,” according to La Repubblica in February 2013.

“The investigation of the three cardinals Herranz-Tomko-De Giorgi has so far remained top secret,” Fagnani writes in her report. “However, a small but not small circle of people has had the opportunity to read it, and this already before the Conclave, to give a hand to the Holy Spirit who would then take Bergoglio to the papal throne. To draw up the dossier, tens of priests and high priests were questioned, and documents of all kinds were collected.”

“If the public were aware of the content of the final report it would be a disaster for the image of the Church, already devastated in the whole world by sexual scandals,” she added.

The hope after Benedict’s resignation was that a younger, stronger pope would be elected to help clean up the Church; thus Francis was chosen with the understanding he’d be a man of reform. But under his papacy, some senior clergy believe conditions have worsened, not improved.

Vaticanista Ed Pentin reported in 2017 that, according to a senior member of the curia, “the extent of homosexual practice in the Vatican has ‘never been worse,’ despite efforts begun by Benedict XVI to root out sexual deviancy from the curia … .”

Alarm at the homosexual crisis in the Church has reached fever pitch, with the outing of Abp. Theodore McCarrick — the very face of the response to the 2002 sex abuse crisis — as a homosexual predator, followed by the bombshell Pennsylvania grand jury report revealing 301 predator priests in only six U.S. dioceses, compounded further by the shock of Abp. Carlo Maria Vigano’s testimony revealing an entrenched “homosexual current” in the Church in the highest ranks, reaching even up to Pope Francis himself.

My basement-dwelling Internet skills don’t give me access to the Vatican dossier. I would publish it if I could, but I don’t have it. Apparently I won’t have it until some insider decides to throw some bread crumbs.

Conclusion: if we want constructive action, we must wait for the insiders to act.  We cannot expect much supervision: we can hope for breadcrumbs. And once we get those breadcrumbs, we should publicize them.

We are just ordinary men in the street, but we can use the Internet to blog. We can spread memes.  All we can do right now is keep our eyes peeled for the next development that ought to be publicized.

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