The media fears individuals who meme

Holder and Swalwell tweeted against DECLASsification of FISA stuff.

In response, Q posted:

Hillary Clinton tweeted:

Wired magazine wrote the following article, which favors Facebook and derides Q.

In response to Hillary and Wired, Q posted the following:

Some anons commented that Wired only praises censorship when it censors the right:



>Wired Staff 04.01.94 12:00pm

>Paul and Karla Hit the Net

>Recent events in Canada have proven once again that – for better or worse – the information genie has escaped into cyberspace and can’t be put back in the bottle. When an Ontario judge issued an order barring media coverage of a sensationalized murder trial, Canadians used the Net to break the ban.

>The case concerns Paul “Bernardo” Teale and his wife, Karla Homolka Teale, who were each charged in the grisly murders of two teenagers. Paul Teale now stands accused of 48 sex-related charges, while Karla Homolka entered into a plea bargain: She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and is expected to testify against Paul.

>The nonstop press coverage prompted Paul Teale’s lawyer to ask for a media gag order until the conclusion of his trial, on the grounds that it would be impossible to impanel an impartial jury. Faced with the concurrence of the Crown, the Court and Karla, Paul Teale’s lawyer switched camps. But it was too late!

>Despite legal intervention by several major Canadian media outlets, the court imposed a ban on the publication of the details of the crimes.

>At first the ban had its desired effect. When the US television show A Current Affair featured the case, it was banned in Canada, and Canadian cable stations blacked out CNN coverage of the case.

>With the conventional media halted, the infosphere took over. First, two BBSes in Toronto began to post daily details of the trial. In August, an irregular posting directly to newsgroup “control” (“approved” by “Justice Kovacs”) created

>By December, after phone calls by law-abiding Net surfers to systems managers, the Usenet group had been banned by systems managers and university officials at sites all over Canada.

>After the banning of, two new Usenet groups were created: and

>Some Net users theorized that if they cross-posted all over the Net, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would be in the impossible position of scrambling through cyberspace plugging leaks. One Net dweller jokingly proposed the ideal tactic: “The solution is obvious. Take the discussion to You silly Canadians would never ban that group.”

>Other curious Canadians searched the pay-per-view news and magazine databases on Nexis and CompuServe for stories published by US newspapers. Most of the banned articles were re-posted verbatim to alt.true-crime, a group overlooked by the Mounties.

>As the infosphere grows to encompass the planet, the question is no longer whether certain information is too sensitive to be made public. The real question becomes whether it is even possible to keep certain information out of cyberspace. In the Teale-Homolka case, the ban was not so much broken as rendered irrelevant by the voracious online community: It is estimated that one in four Canadians knows the banned facts.

Previously Q had commented on the clues he had left:

Q claims that Sessions has been activated and is doing stuff.  Meanwhile, Anons see some similarities between Clinton and Alinsky:


Q is encouraging people to “fight” i.e. to post memes.  I was going to post memes even if no one had said anything.

Eric Striker claims FBI has been caught in further low-level misconduct because it allegedly placed an illegal spy camera:

in Canada Arthur George Topham is under arrest in Canada for violation of probation.

Topham’s arrest is politically motivated according to the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE). Topham and his wife Shasta had returned from his placer mining claims in early August and was arrested right outside his property in Quesnel, British Columbia. His disabled wife was held outside during the entire ordeal.

Silly leftist was exposed by investigative journo:


Reddit bans crimethink subreddits that get popular:


Notable links from the chans:


>>3076664, >>3076712 “Qanon is trying to trick Facebook’s meme-reading AI”

>>3076728 Meme Warfare thread

>>3076796 Archive article Q linked to


>>3076878, >>3076898 JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Committee will likely vote next Wednesday on confirmation Kavanaugh

>>3076891 Image recognition is woefully bad at handling adversarial input

>>3076950, >>3076995 Cap of WaPo article

>>3076884, >>3077019 BREAKING: Air Force trainer just crashed near Rolling Oaks Mall, San Antonio (sauce needed)

>>3077149 CoVFeFe is a stainless steel alloy with Cobalt and Vanadium (double meaning?)

>>3077018 Ways around the Meme-Bots

>>3077230 Marco Rubio Demands DOJ Investigate John Kerry’s Rogue Diplomacy with Iran

>>3077354 #3893


>>3075834 Lawfag explains SCOTUS involvement in UNRECUSAL

>>3075906 SYRIA UPDATE

>>3075969 Erik Prince on BBC


>>3076099 JUST IN: Former President George W. Bush releases of statement in support of Kavanaugh

>>3076190 Sharyl Attkisson: 57 Fake News stories about Trump


>>3076172 CBS’ Julie Chen Leaves ‘The Talk’ After Husband Les Moonves’ Firing

>>3076451 US State Secretary Pompeo to Chair UN Security Council Meeting on North Korea

>>3076422, >>3076438 Senate formally postpones Kavanaugh Vote

>>3076537 Letter from Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, denying the accusations

>>3076555 #3892

#3891 Baker Change

>>3075071 Abramovic recent activity in London

>>3075076 Video of Senator Hirono saying “Shut Up and Step Up”

>>3075313 State Dept. responds to Project Veritas video

>>3075722 New Zealand dairy giant posts loss after China stake sours

>>3075774 #3891


>>3074296 Parkview Medical Center CEO to resign in 2019

>>3074331 ; >>3074347 ; >>3074703 POTUS statement on the Nat’l Biodefense Strategy and Nat’l Security Pres. Memo. (including .pdf and new DJT tweet)

>>3074365 Euro courts smearing NSA

>>3074426 TX man who survived Jacksonville Madden shooting has died in a car crash

>>3074443 UK police trying “modest” Muslim uniform to “hide the female form”

>>3074467 Rubio asks DOJ to investigate Kerry’s meetings with Iranians

>>3074501 ; >>3074545 Developing/yet-to-be-sauced: Kavanaugh’s accuser sent a similar letter directed at Gorsuch last year

>>3074509 NXIVM: prosecution opposes Bronfman’s request to contact cult members

>>3074529 ; >>3074675 Defendant pleads guilty in Ohio labor trafficking scheme

>>3074535 Nov. 2016 letter to Obama from Dems to declas Russian election information

>>3074541 CNN clown claims it’s “VERY dangerous” to ask for anti-Kavanaugh facts and evidence

>>3074569 EPA IG to resign on October 12

>>3074677 NYT asking readers to spot false information (instead of producing it themselves)

>>3074795 over 100k online

>>3074964 Clapper claims FISA docs release is “unethical”

Mostly irrelevant bonus:

A closeup investigation of a particular child abuse case:

“This has been known for a while: the Obama Department of Justice has spied on journalists. They tracked James Rosen, formerly of Fox News. They seized the phone records from Associated Press reporters. Now, The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and Freedom of the Press Foundation have released document showing that in 2015, the Obama DOJ has secret rules to target journalists under FISA. The Freedom of the Press Foundation and Knight filed a FOIA lawsuit to obtain the memos:

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