no Qs is good news


Gather in FAGS … It’s STORY TIME !!!

> Have stripper GF give him a call on her >Burner Phone

>She tells him that she is a 51 Year alumna >of the private Holton-Arms School. And that >Bret Kavanugh and his buddy Mark Judge >ran a train on her. Tells Him that she knows >all the “Secret” codes… Find Them, Feel >Them,French Them, Fuck Them, and Forget >Them” – “Devil’s Triangle” is a Three way >fuck… with a cock in all of her orifices … He >EATS IT THE FUCK UP !

>She has him call my Burner Cell phone – I’m >a Classmate of Judge Kavaugh to Confirm.
>In my Creepiest Deep Throat voice…I >Confirm it ALL

>Can Hear Avanatti wheels spinning..he’s >thinking he’s broken the story of the year.

>Calls GF 10 times. Wants her to tell her story >on “Anderson Cooper 360″ She Cries that >she cannot be around Men.. He then BEGS >her to to do a one on one special with Poppy > Harlow. She would but her car just broke >down and the rent is door she cannot miss >work…Offers her 20K .. cries she cannot >She’ll loser her job. 20K isn’t enough. Ups it >to 75K and much more after the >”Gofundme” Scam. She’ll be a national >HERO

>She agrees

>Claims the Money will be ready to be wired >in 2 hours… right after she signs CNN >Exclusive
>She agrees…

>The phone doesn’t stop ringing…She tells me >she is bored and scared wants to stop. OK >we’ve had enough fun with this jack off

> We break our burner phones

>Avanatti disables his Twitter.

Senate Republicans have hired outside counsel to question Christine Ford in Thursday’s hearing.

The attorney, a female, has not been identified due to safety concerns.

The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) agreed to use a prosecutor experienced in sex-crimes to serve as an investigative staff counsel for the hearing.


Q has been very quiet since he linked to an old comment:

Q’s comment was:
Did the IG recommend [RR] step down or be fired [speed]?
Why was Rachel Brand removed?
HUSSEIN + MO actively campaigning for the midterm elections?

The term “D5” supposedly refers to an avalanche. Perhaps, behind the scenes, there has been an avalanche of shocking events.

But for the past few days, Q has apparently had better things to do than drop crumbs.

Perhaps the most interesting news appears to be the finding of independent channers:

Notable links:


>>3181170 Jim Jordan weighs in on the spending bill

>>3181171 VPOTUS on Venezuela and Maduro mobilizing forces towards Colombia

>>3181174 McConnell reporting he has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh

>>3181209 Bolton weighs in on Iran

>>3181239 Attorneys targeting tech firms on privacy and power

>>3181270 ; >>3181319 ; >>3181420 ; >>3181448 ; >>3181581 ; >>3181760 Dig on Marcia Riklis, other woman recently photographed with HRC

>>3181318 Syria update

>>3181325 3D gun printing advocate Cody Wilson resigns from Defense Distributed

>>3181344 Apache software launches Pulsar as a top-level project

>>3181503 650 Bangladeshi nationals arrested in single Texas border sector in 2018

>>3181504 RR submitted false forms about his work for Ken Starr

>>3181597 ; >>3181735, SEIU scrambling over Kavanaugh

>>3181725 Iran claiming US policy is “authoritarian”

>>3181774 US judge orders priest held on abuse charges

>>3181835 Domestic terrorists continue to threaten Ted Cruz

>>3181843 New DJT: Remarks by POTUS at a luncheon hosted by UN Sec-Gen

>>3181825 #4027


>>3180340 ; >>3180787 FOX News headline with Trump’s UN speech: As The World Turns

>>3180396 4Chan tard claims to have trolled Avenatti

>>3180431 Financial adviser Tom Iorio retiring

>>3180461 Mental health commissioner Melissa Bailey to resign

>>3180490 Rep. Shadoin to resign House seat

>>3180600 Q takes another request(?): a misspelling with Q

>>3180716 Cosby sentenced to 3 to 10 years in prison

>>3180768 ; >>3180795 Verizon experiencing nationwide outages

>>3180774 Germany refuses to jail Nazi pedophile

>>3180779 German parliament president say migrants should integrate, no hope for deportations

>>3180801 Italian TV presenter reveals she was brainwashed by a cult

>>3181008 Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer spotted with HRC

>>3180897 China blocking US Navy ships to Hong Kong

>>3180963 Youtube channel owner arrested for child sex abuse

>>3181053 #4026

#4025 Baker Change

>>3179601 ; >>3180040 New DJT

>>3179606 Trump: Kavanaugh accusations a “con game”

>>3179671 Judge resigns after pleading guilty to stealing court funds

>>3179733 POTUS mini-presser: Iran must “change their tune”

>>3179744 ; >>3180189 Connecting Strzok and Kavanaugh accuser, plus more Exelis/Blasey sauce

>>3179760 South African Revenue Service COO resigned

>>3179798 Warner Bros. domestic TV distribution president to retire at year’s end

>>3179810 Merkel’s candidate for party leader voted out

>>3179893 Madeleine Albright whoring out for the cabalists

>>3179927 Soros suing Hungary over anti-mass migration laws

>>3179910 Live on FOX: Kellyanne says “tippy top”

>>3179964 Transcript of POTUS’ UN speech

>>3180029 Swedish populist politician’s home targeted in arson attack

>>3180096 Italian Interior Minister bans humanitarian residency permits and strips citizenry from terrorists

>>3180105 Key Hezbollah financier arrested in Brazil

>>3180258 #4025


>>3179509 Argentina’s central bank chief resigns

>>3179490 WHO trying to stir up fear-pron re: Ebola. Don’t let ’em (You are safe).

>>3179119 Suspect arrested in US diplomat’s death in Africa

>>3179075 SoCal: Police ID Man Arrested in Brea for Suspected Homemade Bombs

>>3178957 Patriotism not dead in some of our youth who stopped to honor anthem

>>3178878, >>3178915 Goog CEO to meet w/GOP lawmakers as federal pressure mounts

>>3178813, >>3179521, >>3178867, >>3178902 His Excellency @DJT’s re: UN speech

>3179493 #4024


>>3181948 Pope Francis laments “outrage” over church scandals

>>3181942 ; >>3181976 ; >>3181997 ; >>3182049 Avenatti/4ch story making the MSM; Avenatti chimping out

>>3181959 ; >>3182404 Feinstein balking on whether Kavanaugh accuser will show on Thursday

>>3182078 DC lobbyist offering $25k for anyone with dirt on Kavanaugh accusers

>>3182093 ; >>3182316 ; >>3182452 LIVE: Pompeo delivering remarks on Iran; protestors interrupting

>>3182220 Macron rejects trade deals with nations not complaint with Paris Accord

>>3182230 Former NSA employee sentenced to prison for retention of classified nat’l defense info

>>3182313 Reporter Joe Webb (WKRC-TV) retiring

>>3182338 Kavanaugh accuser’s attorneys ask for polygraph administrators to testify, get shut down

>>3182366 Manhunt in Sweden underway after car accelerates into crowd of 100 children and teachers

>>3182492 NBC laments being unable to smear the Repub’s sex crimes expert for Kavanaugh hearing

>>3182562 New DJT

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