Is Avenatti just a distraction from Kavanaugh’s involvement in the Vince Foster investigation?

Regarding Kavanaugh’s work for Ken Starr to investigate the death of Vince Foster, B’Man raised a very good point:

The tempest in this teacup totally removes calculated, thorough research and evaluation of this asshole’s real crime: covering up the Vince Foster murder the Clintons pulled off.

We will hear volumes of nothingness in this vein while there is this GLARINGLY LOUD real issue that the Drumpfters ignore with every fiber of their bring. Why? Because the Drumpf is their hero.

Some Anons have speculated that Kavanaugh is a tool of the Trump faction, and Kavanaugh’s past will be used to expose the Vince Foster murder. Other Anons believe that Kavanaugh is not meant to succeed, and it an elaborate feint of some kind.

Many Anons believe that the ridiculous ruckus is engineered much like professional wrestling.

Anon wrote:

I’m also starting to think Avenatti is on the payroll.

He’s jumping the shark and making a mockery of it all. Demonstrating how easy it is to assassinate someone…. or comp a supreme court justice by keeping this info in a back pocket.

Is this all part of the reveal of how Obama blackmailed other SC justices?

Which leads to a constitutional crisis as they have to recuse themselves or be impeached?

End quote.

Another Anon wrote:


my theory: Q has not posted about these women accusing Kavanaugh because it is irrelevant; what IS relevant is the FISA report. Judges are a dime a dozen. Trump can always pick someone else if any of this is true. This is House of Cards, hiring distractions! They do not want you to pay attention to RR, to the FISA report, to the important stuff…so they toss sex in your face on MSM…that will distract people…SUCCESS!

End quote.


A third Anon suggested that the headline-grabbing drama primarily serves to give the police an excuse to initiate surveillance:


Grassley, Graham, Meadows, Nunes & especially Trump seem so calm and confident about Kavanaugh being confirmed & these claims being found to be fraudulent. Grassley even overtly states in his letter about it being a felony to lie to Senate committee.

What do they know?

Well, let’s start with the fact that Kavanaugh, Ford & according creepy porn lawyer his clients have been receiving death threats. Who investigates death threats concerning a Federal officer? Remember Kavanaugh is still a Federal Judge.

That’s right, the FBI. What tools would they employ to investigate these serious threats?

That’s right, every damn tool available to them!

Whatcha wanna bet they got an emergency FISA warrant to investigate in the interest of safety?

Now, who are they utilizing these tools on?

Every damn player involved!

Creepy porn lawyer, all his clients, all people he contacted to try to come forward, Ford, her family, all her contacts, her attorneys & their contacts. They have it fucking all

That includes ALL e-mails, ALL phone calls, ALL text messages, ALL messages via social media, EVERYTHING FUCKING THING THEY HAVE!

What else do you want to bet that Feinstein, Schiff, Blumenthal, Coons, Swalwell, Booker, Kamala & the rest of the kabuki theater crowd are also being monitored in every aspect – because they keep bringing up the death threats. By them claiming death threats, that opened the big fat fucking door for FISA warrant expansion


End quote.

A great many graphics have been posted. Some have been parodies:

Some graphics appear to be serious accusations of misconduct:


Most new graphics summarize why Kavanaugh’s accusers are not very credible.


Apparently the latest accuser really does hold security clearances. This is not necessarily proof that she is trustworthy and honest. Some critics have pointed to her employers as dishonest defense contractors.

Some Anons are willing to believe that Swetnick witnessed crimes, but believe that Swetnick is guilty of a different crime called “failure to report” because she did not file a report of the suspected crime.


The QArmy, as usual, is looking closely at timestamps to try to find evidence that Trump is watching them closely.




Some Anons speculate that General Flynn will be vindicated soon, but their reasoning depends on extrapolations from vague and ambiguous hints.

Anons are scrabbling in various directions for scraps of news, but I suspect that today is going to be a relatively slow news day: It is Wednesday in the USA and thus the excitement will be delayed until Thursday at the earliest.

Update: The Jewish ethnic press is reporting that the accuser is Jewish:

which reminds me of a graphic:


>>3194478 Top U.S. scientists forced to resign over allegations of corruption and false studies (breast cancer).

>>3194475 Weak Chinese steel implicated in San Francisco airport terminal damage.

>>3194652 Former labor union president pleads guilty to participating in embezzlement and kickback scheme.

>>3194670, >>3194759 Swetnick’s resume.

>>3194772 Swetnick had security clearances.

>>3194914 First Lady Melania announces planned stops in her trip to Africa.

>>3194924 Trump: “President Trump says he will sign spending bill to avert shutdown: ‘We’re going to keep the government open.”

>>3195031 Trump enroute to UN HQ.

>>3195127 #4044


>>3193624 Trump administration cancels FDA fetal tissue contract.

>>3193630, >>3193644 DJT Tweet: “Avenatti is a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations…”

>>3193650 Anonymous disgruntled comments were left on 3rd accuser’s MyLife background check site (2015-2017).

>>3193655, >>3193660, >>3193681 Swetnick court dig. Swetnick->McMullin->Avenatti?

>>3193687 Owner of group associated with Elsa group busted for “lewd and lascivious molestation.”

>>3193631, >>3193704 Avenatti responds.

>>3193752 FBI needs help locating pedophile near KY.

>>3193753 Kavanaugh’s new accuser can offer no evidence or eyewitness testimony.

>>3193762 Swetnick’s declaration doesn’t specifically name Kavanaugh?

>>3193774, >>3194101 George Soros funded Fusion GPS, his spokesman confirms.

>>3193836 Avenatti vs Carrey in wrongful death suit of Carrey’s ex-girlfriend.

>>3193888 DJT Tweet: Chinese propaganda.

>>3193971 Macron hints at anti-US trade deal boycott.

>>3194006 DJT tweet: Lee Zeldin…

>>3194041 Planefag on to something.

>>3194059 Another company wants your DNA.

>>3194017 Anon gives an objective look at the Avenatti circus.

>>3194246 Two hurt in chemical explosion at University of Delaware Science Laboratory.

>>3194318 #4043


>>3192877 ICE HSI helping assist Secret Service.

>>3192919 DJT Jr. gives Feinstein a smackdown on Twitter.

>>3192939 Chinese deny Trump’s election interference accusations.

>>3192954 Did Avenatti expose his client to felony prosecution?

>>3192924 Kavanaugh’s prepared written remarks released ahead of tomorrow’s hearing.

>>3193042 Senate panel reviewing graphic sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh.

>>3193054 Four unsealed indictments in the news.

>>3193123 Correlation between the White Hat’s strategy and the ‘Last Castle’ plot.

>>3193292 Dems desperately try to get a Federal Injuction to stop Kavanaugh vote.

>>3193210, >>3193262 Third Kavanaugh accuser is a US government employee.

>>3193143 List of posts digging into Julie Swetnick (3rd accuser).

>>3193446 Kavanaugh on new claim: “This is ridiculous and…”

>>3193449 Something is fishy with the new accuser’s timeline.

>>3193493 #4042


>>3192018 POTUS: “The world is watching.” during UN Security Council address

GENERAL: Commentary made by other UN Sec. Council speakers

>>3192046 On the timing of the sworn declarations from Kavanaugh accusers’ four corroborators

>>3192094 Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyers have not turned over polygraph results

>>3192095 Pope says Catholic Church should not be judged by modern standards

>>3192097 Former GOOG scientist urges Senate to act over GOOG’s China censorship plan

>>3192120 ; >>3192136 ; >>3192151 ; >>3192599 ; >>3192614 ; >>3192723 Avenatti reveals ID of client Julie Swetnick; signed declaration; big tax lien in MD; other oddities (Dedicated Digging: >>3192615 )

>>3192307 ; >>3192438 ; >>3192540 Dig on Adela G. Mazzon, linked to Kavanaugh accuser

>>3192368 Pompeo success with NK leaders at UNGA

>>3192467 FLOTUS traveling to Africa in October

>>3192645 ICE arrests 98 in TX, OK operation

>3192706 #4041

Bonus graphic:

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