Did Feinstein threaten Murkowski?

Channers published a photo that appeared to be Feinstein threatening Murkowski.

Parodies were plentiful even before Q got into the act:

Q drew attention to the photo, as well as to Feinstein’s suspicious links to China.

Q appears to believe that Kavanaugh will assist in draining the swamp (if and when Kavanaugh gets confirmed). Thus most Q postings have involved local politics: noting that the Democrats are corrupt and encouraging the “red” conservatives to vote.

The Democrats will try to impeach even without legal justification, and the Republicans might actually declassify FISA (as most people hoped they would).

Senator Graham was not much loved by conservatives before he spoke up in defense of Kavanaugh.

The Clinton Crime family obviously colluded to smear Kavanaugh.

Ironically, one of the leftists accusing Kavanaugh of deceit had been guilty of lying about military glory.

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