Cesar the alleged bomber has a lot of suspicious past connections, but Rosenfeld is a taboo topic



Mail bomber suspect Cesar Sayoc appears in footage shot for Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has shared a raw video of mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc who was filmed during a rally for President Donald Trump shortly after he took office.

Moore posted a link to the video on Twitter Sunday.

The footage showed Sayoc in a crowd of Trump supporters in Melbourne, Florida, in February 2017. It was shot for Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9,” which is based on Trump’s rise to the presidency. The footage was not used in the final production of the documentary.

“My direction to my producer Basel Hamdan and our longtime collaborator Eric Weinrib was to NOT film Trump, but rather only film the people who came out to see him. My feeling was, after one month in office, we didn’t need to hear anything more from Trump’s mouth — we already knew everything we needed to know about him,” Moore wrote in a blog post.

Sayoc, 56, allegedly sent at least 14 pipe bombs to outspoken Democrat Trump critics, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, and others.

What’s the story?

Sayoc appeared three times for a few seconds each in the 3.5 minute clip.

“[A]nd you can see what Sayoc had become by early 2017, his body grossly deformed into what he thought a man should be, muscles the size of basketballs, he’s wearing a sleeveless white T-shirt, holding a big anti-CNN sign and, along with his fellow Trumpsters, is yelling at the journalists who had gathered in the media pen,” Moore wrote.

“Underneath his threatening Hulk-like exterior, there is fear in his eyes and, for a quick moment, you can see he is already gone, a lost dog with no direction home,” he continued.

Sayoc can be seen in the video holding up a sign that reads “CNN Sucks” and he can be heard chanting, “Tell the truth!” along with other rallygoers.

A photo of Moore with crosshairs over his face was among the many stickers and photos plastered on the side of Sayoc’s van.

“Needless to say I was a bit shaken to see that Sayoc had placed a photo of me with a crosshairs target over my face on the side of his van,” Moore said.

Moore went on to write that police were working to determine if there had been a package sent to him.

“Because of this target he put on me, the police and security people were looking on Friday to see if a package had been sent to me and, if so, is it still somewhere in the postal delivery system. So far, so good!” Moore said.

What else?

On Friday, authorities arrested Sayoc in Florida. He’s expected to be formally charged with at least five federal crimes during his first appearance in the U.S. Southern District Court of New York Monday afternoon.


Even though everyone is willing to talk about Cesar, very few people are willing to talk about Rosenfeld:

The FBI has arrested another violent and radical Leftist, Paul Rosenfeld, who intended to detonate a 200 pound bomb on Election Day at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.:

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors charged 56-year-old New York resident Paul M. Rosenfeld with assembling a bomb and moving explosive material across state lines as part of a planned Election Day attack on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The alleged plot was disrupted, the feds said, after they questioned Rosenfeld a day earlier and he admitted to a sprawling plot supposedly inspired by his fervent belief in “sortition.” That’s the (ancient Greek) idea that politicians should be randomly selected from the body politic—possibly incentivizing regular people to be less ignorant of the issues at play, since they can’t rely as much on professional politicians.

According to the feds, Rosenfeld copped to an array of both shady acts and straight-up crimes in service of the obscure and bizarre ideology. This included using a “burner” phone, buying at least eight pounds of gunpowder on the internet, transporting it from New Jersey to his home in Tappan, New York, and constructing an explosive for use in a lethal plot on the National Mall, which would end with his own death.

When they visited his home, cops said, they found a “200-pound” device housed in a plywood box, suggesting he was prepared to follow through. Another worrisome indicator on that front: According to the feds, Rosenfeld claimed he had successfully tested smaller explosive devices in the past.

The indictment said he acted alone, meaning this sortition revolution is likely over.

No, the “sortition” revolution is not likely over at all. Call it “antifa” or the “cultural marxist” or whatever else the lunatic Left calls themselves this week, their agenda to undermine the destroy the country remains unabated with the arrest of Rosenfeld. The media has been stoking the political violence in this country for years, but they will report only on violence committed by the Right. We will hear the never-ending danger of “right wing” extremism but never about people like Rosenfeld who have been driven to believe that Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler.

When Jews get caught making violent threats against political targets — even against jewish targets — the media quickly and predictably drops and buries the story because it does not fit the fake narrative that they are trying to maintain. And that narrative must emphasize that Jews are the perennial victims, never the victimizers. Even when they are caught red-handed, like Rosenfeld, they are written off as being part of a “lunatic fringe” whereas he’s far more normal than the public will ever be allowed to know. So the Sortition Revolution will continue, but only under another guise.


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