hot musket or stale crumpet? The problem of sifting through dubious reports

Don’t get too excited. I have not been blogging much because I have not put much stock in the drivel that gets published as news. Sifting through alleged news stories is like assessing a tray of stale crumpets. None of them are so good that you want to grab them.

People in my position are highly vulnerable to deception. Any amateur can formulate a decent hoax nowadays, and a military psy-op team could run circles around me if it tried. Thus the “Operation Hot Musket” story should first be considered as a potential psy-op. The story is as follows.

Jim, a Staff Sergeant E-6, has been on convalescent leave because he just had a child. It is extremely rare to interrupt convalescent leave. However, he has gotten 72-hour notice as of 14 Nov 2018.

He has heard a rumor from six people that the USA regular military has a domestic deployment, possibly to Texas. He hopes that it might be a training exercise rather than the beginning of a civil war.

Some honorably discharged veterans who have been out for six years have been called up because their military occupational specialties are in high demand.

The video is optimistically labeled as “Proof!” but it might be proof of nothing more than a training exercise. It might also be a military deployment against Soros-funded foreign infiltrators.

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