Skyrim spoiler – Q wrote: “We know” and I can only think that it is a Skyrim reference

I hope that all of my long-time readers have played Skyrim by this point: I have certainly referenced it often enough.

If you don’t want spoilers, just stop reading now and go watch Zero Punctuation or something.

Are they gone? Good, we can talk about the spoilers now.

At this point, we all know that the hero of Skyrim took an interest in assassination and then got a note:

So if we see a photo of President Trump with laser pointers on him, do we assume that the photos are Photoshopped, or do we think something else?

Well, President Trump left a meeting early, and people speculated that there had been an assassination attempt.

Then Q posted:

We know.

29 Nov 2018 – 7:01:45 PM
A picture is worth many sentences.
Has POTUS ever made a statement that hasn’t been proven to be correct (future)?
Think timing.
Think Senate lock.
Think SC lock.
Locked & (who is) Loaded.

The Gateway Pundit claims that the red dots may have been reflections of cameras using “red eye reduction”:

The “Daily Crusader” has its own perspective on what might have happened:

WASHINGTON, DC – The planned White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony was postponed for several minutes today as the Secret Service successfully intercepted and foiled a Mossad-led assassination attempt on the President of the United States of America.

Earlier this morning, Daily Crusader reported on a USAO announcement which confirmed the existence of pedogate and child pornography-related blackmail of top officials in the US Military.

It seems Mossad does not like when their blackmail honey pots are uncovered and attempted to silence the President of the United States forever, but the Hand of God alone stopped them, working through the brave men and women of the United States Secret Service.

Please observe carefully what the President stated in that second video, and how it is at complete odds with the (((establishment media’s))) cultural programming. He appealed to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as stated by POTUS “The Son of God, the light of the world and through him the promise of eternal salvation, (…who) REFLECTS ALL THAT IS BEST IN THE AMERICAN SPIRIT.” After Trump and his Patriots have exposed Mossad’s honeypot blackmail operation just hours ago on this very day (report here) this is a blatant, backhanded insult to them. The President has just spit in the serpent’s face. He is rubbing it in their faces that we have won; that God is on our side and not theirs, that God CAN NOT be on their side, by God’s very Nature.


Bearing in mind that everything Q writes must be checked first for disinfo, this alleged assassination attempt could be fake. The video evidence does not seem terribly conclusive. However, the “we know” is probably not meant for President Trump’s supporters: it is probably meant for President Trump’s detractors.

I am tired of conspiracy theorizing and I would like some plain talk. When do the treason trials start?


I do not agree with the voat user who wrote:

Hijacking…if you type “6X-382-NTP0038-3u2” into google the first hit you come up with is:

Follow the link on there and it brings you to:

Idk what it all means but Q is definitely referencing the Tom Roussey pic with Trump in crosshairs. Hope this helps!

I tried entering this into google but I only got links to Q followers, NOT to the ar15 forum. However, I do not doubt that the voat user got that search result. I just think Google gives different results to various people at different times.

Initially I failed to confirm the claim of the voat user who wrote:

The code in this post links to Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death” speech in Google Books o

However, Google eventually yielded:

This suggests that any failure to find the correct Google output is a failure on my part, not a problem with the initial claims of anonymous researchers.

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