News from the United States of America regarding the factions of the Praetorian Guard

The Lamestream Media has been undermining the USA and its Constitutional order.

One writer believes he understands why Trump is doing this:

Trump knows exactly what Mueller & FakeNews are doing. What else does he know?

They need fresh meat, in the form of information, to keep up their assault on Trump.

In order to create narratives, Mueller needs access to fresh intelligence. For FakeNews to do the same, they need fresh leaks.

Trump isn’t going to give them either.

Can you see why he is holding back? Let’s say that Trump releases everything, unredacted, today. FakeNews would misreport it and twist it, in a way that their zombie-like fans would believe.

And Mueller would be able to come up with new ‘investigations’ and narratives, to keep his witch-hunt alive until 2020.

The solution ? Release NOTHING, until Mueller is gone. Without Mueller, FakeNews are deprived of their one last Obama/Clinton holdout.

Pressure Mueller to close his investigation. Then release EVERYTHING.

Both Bill and Hillary were part of the “culture of noncompliance” at the Clinton Foundation.

I can’t understand the intricacies of the law regarding Comey’s various statements, but it seems that the interrogators have persuaded him to change his story from his previous story, and that seems to be a punishable offense.

Transcripts of Comey Testimony Reveal FBI Lies, Coverup of Clinton Investigation, Frame Job Against POTUS – NINETEEN Glaring Inconsistencies


The recently unsealed testimony of Disgraced former FBI Director James “Weasel” Comey have revealed a massive coverup and giant flaws in his, and his co-conspirators, previous testimony and stories of the events leading up to the “Russiagate” (NOW CONFIRMED TO BE ACTUALLY “ISRAELGATE”) smear job.


Daily Crusader has read the entirety of the article and summed up all of contradictions below. Please be aware that whenever a BLACK LINE is seen, it means that for the sake of brevity we have cut out irrelevant portions; however, to the best of our ability we have not attempted to spin or skew any of the testimony, and the full transcripts can be read by anyone at this link.

(1) Here, Comey admits that the biased, disgraced former FBI Agent known as “Peter Strzok” was an agent working on the botched and mishandled Clinton Email Investigation (in which Comey and his co-conspirators recommended “no charges” due to “lack of intent” in spite of the law making clear that NEGLIGENCE was sufficient). Strzok, who worked on the Clinton Investigation, was later assigned to the Trump-Russia frame job investigation and later assigned to the Trump-Russia smear job due to his obvious willingness to toe the party line, was fired in disgraced after text messages between Strzok and also disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page surfaced in which the two discussed their obvious anti-Trump bias. Comey states that Strzok interviewed witnesses. Were these the same witnesses granted blanket immunity for their crimes while providing no material evidence worth immunity?

(2) Here, Comey admits that BOTH Strzok AND Page were instrumental in Comey’s 05 JUL 2016 Press Statement, the one in which he exonerated Clinton of any wrongdoing in selling classified secrets via an unsecured “email server”:

(3) Below, Comey tries to defend Page’s bias, by citing historical communist elections, as if they bear any relevance to the United States whatsoever, and in the process Comey unwittingly compares Hillary Clinton to a communist dictator:

(4) Here, Comey admits that disgraced former agent Strzok was one of only 2 (TWO) agents to interview CLINTON personally in JUL 2016:

(5) Here, Trey Gowdy reveals that the FBI agents who interviewed Hillary Clinton during the campaign were already calling her the “President”, in spite of Comey’s earlier insistence that Hillary’s interviewers were completely non-political:

(6) Here, Comey admits that it is “highly unusual” that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch had met with Bill Clinton during the Clinton Email Investigation, however Comey did not feel it was important to find out details about the conversation:

(7) Here, Comey admits that the decision had been made to exonerate Hillary PRIOR to her interview, conflicting with Comey’s earlier testimony. Please note that Comey uses the weasel words “FINAL DECISION” to cover the fact that the decision was made but that did not consider it FINAL (although, it did end up being the same decision). Ratcliffe then calls Comey out for Comey’s failure to give that explanation during Comey’s previous testimony:

(8) Below, perhaps the most damning bit of the interview, Ratcliffe grills Comey on the decision to prosecute David Petraeus based on lying merely about the CONTENT of classified documents, while not only did Comey ALLOW Hillary to lie about the content of CLASSIFIED emails without repercussion, but Comey actually PROVIDED COVER FOR HILLARY’S LIES WITH COMEY’S OWN LIES:


Here, it is fairly clear to the observer that the President was discussing the Vice President, but Gowdy forces Comey to admit that he willfully misrepresented the President’s conversation and distorted the words to describe Mike Flynn instead:

(10) Here, Gowdy forces Comey to admit that disgraced former agent Strzok was one of only 2 (TWO) agents to interview General Flynn, which led to a politically-motivated, and, in our opinion, very biased and wrong, charge of “lying to the FBI” for General Flynn:

(11) Here, Gowdy asks Comey whether or not making a false statement without intent to deceive is a crime, which prompts Comey to ask his attorney, presumably because Comey knows he has been tripped up:

(12) Here, Gowdy forces Comey to admit he was aware that Christopher Steele and/or Fusion GPS were being paid by the DNC PRIOR to signing off on the illegal FISA warrant authorizing a wiretap on POTUS. Further, Comey admits that during this time period he does not know whether or not Steele was “employed” by the FBI but Comey confirms that Steele was reimbursed by the FBI for travel expenses (Comey also carefully and knowingly states he “could be wrong”; presumably referring to Steele’s employment at the FBI):

(13) Here, Ratcliffe forces Comey to admit that he signed off on the secret FISA warrant on 21 OCT 2016; however, after that date, Comey publicly stated that the Christopher Steele/DNC/Fusion GPS dossier which Comey used to railroad the FISA application through Federal court was “SALACIOUS AND UNVERIFIED”:

(14) Here, Meadows flat out advises Comey that Comey’s testimony is at odds with the testimonies of Comey’s Deep State Coup co-conspirators:

(15) Here, Meadows flat out advises Comey that Comey’s prior testimony was at odds with information in the possession of Comey’s general counsel:

(16) Here, Gowdy forces Comey to admit that had Weiner’s laptop been acquired earlier, it may have changed his decision to not prosecute Hillary for mishandling classified material:

(17) Here, Gowdy asks Comey why Hillary Clinton was allowed to retain the Counsel of several witnesses to the deletion of the Clinton emails on Clinton’s Platte River Networks private server. Comey responds that it would, if it was a CHARGED case, be subject to a “Curcio” hearing, which is a (presumably) third party mediator who would determine whether or not there exists a conflict of interest. Comey however responds in a manner that makes it seem as though this case, being an UNCHARGED case (no charges had been brought up) would NOT be subjected to the “Curcio” hearing and therefore Hillary was allowed to have multiple co-conspirators and/or criminal witnesses testify alongside her, allowing them to corroborate their stories real-time. Gowdy is unable to understand why this case would be treated so differently than normal:

(18) Recall that Comey made the decision to exonerate Hillary based on a “lack of intent”; here, Gowdy forces Comey to admit that the deletion of Hillary’s emails can be construed as proof of intent (which Comey weasel worded into “evidence of conciousness of guilt”):

(19) Here, Ratcliffe shred’s Comey’s “no reasonable prosecutor” excuse, using Jim Baker, former General Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):

Some people speculate that Gina Haspel is overseeing the slow dismantling of the CIA.

Of the myriad policy decisions that have brought us to our current precipice, from the signing of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to the invasion of Iraq and the gerrymandering of House districts across the country, few have proven as consequential as the demise of Glass-Steagall. Signed into law as the U.S.A. Banking Act of 1933, the legislation had been crucial to safeguarding the financial industry in the wake of the Great Depression. But with its repeal in 1999, the barriers separating commercial and investment banking collapsed, creating the preconditions for an economic crisis from whose shadow we have yet to emerge.

Carmen Segarra might have predicted as much. As an employee at the Federal Reserve in 2011, three years after the dissolution of Lehman Brothers, she witnessed the results of this deregulation firsthand. In her new book, “Noncompliant: A Lone Whistleblower Exposes the Giants of Wall Street,” she chronicles the recklessness of institutions like Goldman Sachs and the stunning lengths the United States government went to to accommodate them, even as they authored one of the worst crashes in our nation’s history.

“They didn’t want to hear what I had to say,” she tells Robert Scheer in the latest installment of “Scheer Intelligence.” “And so I think what we have in terms of this story is really not just a failure of the banks and the regulators, but also a failure of our prosecutors. I mean, a lot of the statutes that could be used—criminal statutes, even, that could be used to hold these executives accountable are not being used, and they have not expired; we could have prosecutors holding these people accountable.”

Segarra also explains why she decided to blow the whistle on the Fed…

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