God bless those who do their duty when others are partying

I did not have any notable discomfort on New Year’s Eve. But I know that a lot of good people were working hard to keep civilization safe. Some of them were emergency electricity technicians, making sure power plants didn’t melt down. Some of them were ambulance drivers. Some of them,

I believe, were cyber-specialists working in war rooms to monitor international human trafficking operations so that they will be ended.

To all those who worked over the holidays to end international human trafficking, no “thank you” will ever be profound enough, but I will say “thank you.”

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1 Response to God bless those who do their duty when others are partying

  1. BMan says:

    Human Trafficking.

    Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? That we are here in 2019 discussing the trafficking of humans (especially children)?

    I cannot for the life of me understand the attraction grown people have to children. Even when I was in highschool, I personally only dated older girls with one exception (and she was definitely an exception). Even with her I was 17 and she was 16 and we broke up when I went to college (she broke my heart, not the other way around).

    I did date a girl that was 18 when I was 26. We dated for 3.5 years and married (we are still married almost 30 years later). Seems this one may have worked out. But you never know.

    There is nothing about a child that I find attractive or sexual. I find child rape one of the most vicious, anti-social behaviors anyone can conduct. If I were to catch a person raping my child (or any child), I would not hesitate to take my pistol out and shoot that bastard right between the eyes. A person who would rape children (or facilitate it) doesn’t deserve life, much less the ability to ruin others’ lives.

    So, I would have no problem being the guy pulling the lever that executes these people when proved guilty. I have no kill lust or anything (I generally only hurt the flies trying to hurt me), but with these monsters I would step up to the plate.

    I bitch about Trump which is not as important. But I thank you for keeping the spotlight on this subject. Not many do.

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