Is there a sign on Ed Buck’s house that says “dead African-American male prostitute storage”?

On Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported that a body had been recovered from the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck. Fewer than two years ago, in July 2017, another man, Gemmel Moore, was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in Buck’s home. Buck is frequently identified as a Democratic political donor and a prominent individual in L.A.’s LGBTQ community, but outside of that sphere, he may not be widely known.

Before Trump’s televised address, many Anons were hopeful that a drastic change would soon be upon us:

In fact, Trump’s address was competent, and the Demon-rat-ic response was incompetent, but I could not help that Trump is subtly trolling the disloyal bureaucrats with the shutdown:

Although most of Trump’s talk was serious think-of-the-children stuff, Trump was definitely trolling Pelosi when he pointed out that she had walls around her mansion because she loved the people inside, not because she hated the people outside.

The sinister hand of international finance was not suddenly revealed as I had hoped it might be.

According to doctors, the notorious RBG is not dead yet.

Even though nothing exploded dramatically, a Q fan wrote about a steady drumbeat of small events that might signal progress:


I sent a friend the article from AndroidCentral “Companies are selling your phone location without your consent” and got back a reply. “That’s interesting. What ever happened with the big corruption reveal that was expected?”

My reply (rushed – time frames may be off):

don’t tell me you are still getting your news from CNN/MSNBC…. 🙂

Eventually the head of CNN/NBC/Amazon-WaPo will either resign and/or be arrested and those media outlets will report truth – (both WaPo’s Bezos is a CIA Deep State asset and both CNN/NBC heads are deeply involved)

But subscribe to, at the very least to get what US media is NOT reporting. And of course, just send an email to ‘’ to get Q Anon updates sent directly to your inbox.

Just this week: –
President of World Bank resigned with 3 years left on his contract –

Hillary ordered to answer questions on server –

California ordered to delete 1.5 million fake voters who voted in election –

Hillary/Obama tech firm outted for planting fake “Russian” media on Judge Roy Moore, and DOJ indicted leaders –

Russian lawyer who set up Don Jr in Trump Tower meeting indicted by DOJ –

Theresa May lost power to stop UK Brexit –

Mexican President sent troops to border to deal with Soros ‘caravan’ –

Rod Rosenstein (who put Mueller in place and wont’ hold him accountable) announced he will leave today. –

WSJ published article revealing Google/FB/Amazon paid off key conservatives to keep quiet on election fraud –

Hillary pawn – Broward Co Sheriff suspended by FL Governor – 2nd Dead Black man found dead in Hillary fundraiser home –

Ruth Ginsberg (who is likely already dead) didn’t show up to Supreme Court –

QAnon published links to NIH articles proving MK Ultramind control (including 71% effectiveness on specific types of individuals) –

Democrat Chairman of the House Armed Service Committee Admits Trump Has Authority to Have Military Build Border Wall –

Democrat Liberal Alan Dershowitz publicly claims that it will come out that Clinton/Obama associates were deeply involved in child trafficking and worse.

Last week: – Macron at 25% approval amid 10 week ‘yellow vest’ protest over global warming tax and Rothschild involvement, and Merkle is gone –

Pro-Trump Brazil President invites US to build a base there and declares war on Soros/socialist/deep state judges/politicians –

#2 and #3 Vatican officials (including Treasurer) arrested –

Healthy 26 year old Journalist Bre Payton Who Exposed Mueller Destroying Peter Strzok’s Texts was Found Dead –

Federal Reserve agrees to hold rates (after taking $5 Trillion out of a booming economy by raising rates) –

MSM reporting (and Gulliani highlighting) that Mueller DELETED all the Page/Strozk texts AFTER starting the investigation –

Mitt Romney’s own niece – who his head of GOP – slammed her uncle publicly, will likely cut off GOP campaign funds –

Judicial Watch received FOIA docs proving that Hillary/Obama were running guns from Benghazi Libya to Syria –

Main stream reporting that Facebook gave ALL personal information – including private messages – of ANYONE Netflix/Google or asked for. DOJ already began investigation last year. (What will come out is that FB/Google have been storing a database on every American in China for years) –

Public exposure to UK/Australia surveillance on American citizens given to Obama/Clinton to get around US Intel surveillance laws. –

Russia, Japan, Brazil all join US to NOT join Paris Climate Agreement.

When Barr (new AG) is confirmed by Senate next week, Rod Rosenstein’s resignation will begin the public declassification of the FISA warrants (showing the UK/Australia surveillance on Americans and Trump as a political weapon) and likely Comey or some other high ranking intelligence will be indicted. Meanwhile – the sealed indictments are well over 70,000 and just since beginning of the year major Hillary supporters related to Uranium One and Haiti Child Trafficking have already been unsealed.

I tried to examine /pol/ to find out whether the disappointed Anons had returned from /qresearch/. In fact, I found that /qresearch/ has numerous visitors – probably 2 million visitors at peak traffic. By contrast, even though /pol/ has some interesting threads, most Anons seem to be following Q.

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