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The following material was posted on qresearch but appeared to have little direct relevance to the main threads.

Cabal Global View graphic series

Here is a series of graphs based on 2 drops from Q (133 and 3) where he gave us a frame-work of how the cabal is organized.

If you deem it worth of notable listing I think a summary can be: “Introductory Graphs to the cabal triangle”

I tried to design the graphs in a way that they make sense when read in order:


Graph makes the connection between Israel and Pizzagate/Satanic sacrifice via the Epstein Israel temple colors and design, which lead me to realize that Israel and the Rothschild where connected by that data point too.

<Upgraded to version 1.1, now includes links to archive link of vídeo proving that according to the father of zionism itself, zionists are always traitors.

< Upgraded to version 1.2, now includes Seal of Solomon article (Seal of Solomon is another name for the symbol used in the Israeli flag, the Star of David).

>Annex 1)

Some connections between Israel and The Eye of Providence, which the Cabal feeds. The Eye of Providence present in the US 1 Dollar bills leads directly to the zionist Warburg family, via the Federal Reserve Bank (the FED).

<Upgraded to version 0.2, now includes upgraded FED graph of Banking Royalty connetions to Communist agenda and Seal of Solomon article (Seal of Solomon is another name for the symbol used in the Israeli flag, the Star of David).


We start to explore the subversive ‘jewish interest’ groups that the zionists use to subvert the USA, in this graph I focus on NAACP, connected to a child porn trafficking case, where they defended a Chinese trafficker.


I cover ADL, another ‘jewish interest’ group, which is responsible for A LOT of the censorship on Social Media.

<Upgraded to version 1.1, now includes the connetion of ADL with Jewish organized crime leader Moe Dalitz, and a link to an article that writes about a protest Black US citizens did in 1993 against the ADL.


I cover AIPAC, which was recently exposed in the “The Lobby: USA” documentary, and the communist origin of the Israel first republican politicians we call Neoconservatives.


I cover how the UN and EU are connected, and how they colaborate with Soros in pushing for Open Borders in the West, while staying non-Involved with Rothschild Israel. I also cover Unit 8200, the use of ‘Alt’-Media information contrainment agents and their zionist agenda.

>Annex 2)

How the “Jewish interest” Groups are the major force behind the Islamization of the West, in partnership with George Soros,the EU and the UN.

<Updated to version 1.1, now fully sourced with archive links, including the archive link that was missing for:

>Annex 3)

How zionists are hypocrites who push for ethnic homogeny of Israel and White Genocide in the West in the form of multi-culturalism.

<Updated to version 1.1, now fully sourced with archive links.


Note for newfrens

Newfag anons – if you click these large pics “open in new tab” them so you can do better viewage

Links to archives for the graphs for ease of sharing: – #1 version 1.2 – Annex 1 version 0.2 – #2, version 1.0 – #3, version 1.0 – #4, version 1.0 – #5, version 1.0 – Annex 2, version 1.1 – Annex 3, version 1.1



Guess what part of the world had the highest approval rate for child marriages?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl.

The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. And in weighing petitions for spouses or fiancees, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and then whether the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.
APNewsBreak: US approved thousands of child bride requests

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl.

The approvals are legal: The Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements. And in weighing petitions for spouses or fiancees, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and then whether the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.

But the data raises questions about whether the immigration system may be enabling forced marriage and about how U.S. laws may be compounding the problem despite efforts to limit child and forced marriage. Marriage between adults and minors is not uncommon in the United States, and most states allow children to marry with some restrictions.

There were more than 5,000 cases of adults petitioning on behalf of minors and nearly 3,000 examples of minors seeking to bring in older spouses or fiances, according to the data requested by the Senate Homeland Security Committee in 2017 and compiled into a report.

Some victims of forced marriage say the lure of a U.S. passport combined with lax U.S. marriage laws are partly fueling the petitions.

“My passport ruined my life,” said Naila Amin, a dual citizen from Pakistan who grew up in New York City.

She was forcibly married at 13 in Pakistan and applied for papers for her 26-year-old husband to come to the country.

“People die to come to America,” she said. “I was a passport to him. They all wanted him here, and that was the way to do it.”

Amin, now 29, said she was betrothed to her first cousin Tariq when she was just 8 and he was 21. The petition was eventually terminated after she ran away. She said the ordeal cost her a childhood. She was in and out of foster care and group homes, and it took a while to get her life on track.

“I was a child. I want to know: Why weren’t any red flags raised? Whoever was processing this application, they don’t look at it? They don’t think?” Amin asked.

There is a two-step process for obtaining U.S. immigration visas and green cards. Petitions are first considered by USCIS. If granted, they must be approved by the State Department. Overall, there were 3.5 million petitions received from budget years 2007 through 2017.

Over that period, there were 5,556 approvals for those seeking to bring minor spouses or fiancees, and 2,926 approvals by minors seeking to bring in older spouses, according to the data. Additionally, there were 204 for minors by minors. Petitions can be filed by U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

“It indicates a problem. It indicates a loophole that we need to close,” Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told the AP.

In nearly all the cases, the girls were the younger person in the relationship. In 149 instances, the adult was older than 40, and in 28 cases the adult was over 50, the committee found. Among the examples: In 2011, immigration officials approved a 14-year-old’s petition for a 48-year-old spouse in Jamaica. A petition from a 71-year-old man was approved in 2013 for his 17-year-old wife in Guatemala.

There are no nationwide statistics on child marriage, but data from a few states suggests it is far from rare. State laws generally set 18 as the minimum age for marriage, yet every state allows exceptions. Most states let 16- and 17-year-olds marry if they have parental consent, and several states — including New York, Virginia and Maryland — allow children under 16 to marry with court permission.

US approved thousands of child bride requestsUS approved thousands of child bride requests

“In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl”

Additionally, an Anon posted the following complaint about a relative who died:
A couple months ago our sister Michelle Bloem committed suicide due to uncontrolled pain. Before she was murdered for the sake of ‘preventing addiction’, Michelle wrote this:

To whom it may concern,

I have CRPS/RSD and am currently seeing a doctor that monitors my progress and medications. I was diagnosed in June of 2010. After trying every treatment modality including physical therapy, anti-seizure medications, biofeedback, etc. I was put on OxyContin. After having 8 brachial plexus nerve blocks and 5 lumbar nerve blocks, my neurologist/ pain management doctor kept upping the dosage of it because I was getting no relief and we could not figure out why. He ended up upping the dosage so much I was only experiencing side effects, no pain relief. I decided to leave my pain management doctor at UCLA and seek out another doctor that could find out why I wasn’t getting any pain relief. I finally found a doctor that did many tests on me including: Neuroinflamation blood tests, Genetic malabsorption blood work-up. My doctor was able to figure out that I cannot absorb oral opioids due to a genetic malabsorption defect. He put me on a trial of subcutaneous dilaudid. I had experienced instant pain relief and received my quality of life back. I have been on this medication for two years with no side effects. This medication has to be compounded, which my new insurance will not pay for. Dr. Tennant has saved my life and given me my life back. You must understand that we chronic pain patients cannot be punished for the people that use opioids illegally. None of us “want” to be on these medications, but have no choice. After trying everything, we just want quality of life. The restrictions that are already put in place are making it harder and harder for the legitimate chronic pain patients to get their medications that give them quality of life. Please consider that we are carefully monitored by our doctors and take our medications as prescribed only. We should not be punished for the street abusers that only want a “high”. I have never experienced a “high” from my pain medicine. There are studies in the process that have to do with different medications to help us, but it takes an extremely long time to get them FDA approved. In closing, I hope you will kindly consider our circumstances, that we have families, and only want to be able to participate in daily activities without suffering inhumanly.

Thank you,

Michelle Bloem

Michelle died directly because of the policies and practices of people like @AndrewKolodny, The CDC, Organizations like #PROP, and the policies of people like Chris Christie and the #POTUS @realDonaldTrump. Chronic pain patients are dying because of the policies our government imposes to curb the illegal use of opiates. Just because we suffer from chronic, debilitating pain does not make us criminals. We take medications, under the supervision of multiple doctors, to improve our quality of life. Chronic pain patients are being forced to take their lives as their only means of pain management. Please stop the genocide of chronic pain patients!!

#SuicideDue2Pain #PatientsNotAddicts #DisabledAmericans4Change #CNNHealth #OpiateEpidemic #GivePainAVoice #ChronicPain #POTUS #FLOTUS

It started with the negligence of the entire Obama administration letting in illegal heroin and fentanyl from china….but the CDC, Dr. Andrew J. Kolodny MD Psychiatrist, not licensed in pain treatment and extremist group PROP

Quit spreading false hyped up exaggerated distorted propaganda for profit.

It’s a War On Chronic Pain Patients and an illegal heroin and fentanyl Crisis…Not A Doctor Prescribed Opioid Crisis.

The illegal heroin and fentanyl is brought in from China, Mexican Drug Cartels and M-13 gangs.

The the CDC admitted that it has been over-counting prescription opioid overdose deaths by erroneously categorizing street fentanyl as a “prescription opioid”.

So why the hype or distortions?

So that more tax payer money, and $$$$ revenue are diverted to 2 Big Pharmas rehab drugs, rehab clinics, pain clinics, TENS, BIOFEEDBACK…that have patients rejected after those pain treatments failed.

While chronic pain patients treated like drug addicts, dropped by their Doctors, forced to buy illegal drugs on the streets or commit suicide.

Dr. Andrew J. Kolodny MD Psychiatrist, is the founder and Executive Director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP), anti-opioid extremists group who ran the Phoenix House chain of so called “non-profit” addiction treatment centers and responsible for the 2016 CDC Guidelines and increasing the pharmaceutical levels of all opioid, reclassifying them to insane levels. He is neither qualified nor Board Certified in pain management that has no medical expertise in the field of pain management, treating chronic pain patients whatsoever.

Addiction treatment & rehab centers bring in lifetime profits. U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Adm. Estimated the market for addiction treatment at about $35 Billion back in 2014.

The insurance companies told the rehabs that they would no longer pay for inpatient rehab for heroin, cocaine or alcohol unless there was also another “psychiatric disorder like bipolar disorder or major depression” linked with their addiction. Which now primary care physicians are pressured into doing, as well….even if their chronic pain patients are not either depressed or suffering from any psychiatric disorder.

Add a new diagnosis to the mix and throw a few more psychiatric drugs at their now relabeled “dual diagnosis”.

The treatment model essentially tells patients nothing really can be done about their addiction except to provide them more drugs, sometimes for life.

The now called substance abuser never recovers, but simply stays hooked on another or multiple drugs, while Big Pharma & rehab centers, pain clinics cash in big time (mostly from the tax payers).

Buprenorpine, marketed as Suboxone, has been a success story for Pharma and Wall Street Suboxone sells for $560 at CVS and $553 at Target for a 30-day supply, according to GoodRx is just one example.

Kolodny and PROP extremists played central roles in developing the 2016 CDC opioid guidelines, to ostracize, constantly pressure primary care physicians from prescribing opioids for chronic pain.

Although voluntary and only intended for primary care doctors, the guidelines have been widely adopted as mandatory by insurers, federal agencies and throughout the U.S. healthcare system.

In an online survey of over 3,100 pain patients and healthcare providers on the first anniversary of the guidelines’ release, most said the guidelines were harmful to patients, had not improved the quality of pain care, and failed to reduce opioid abuse and overdoses. Critics also cite anecdotal evidence that the guidelines have contributed to an increase in patient suicides.



>>4716266 An armed guard reportedly transporting a ‘very special load’ for Apple was killed in a fatal truck crash.

>>4716369 Turkey is racist.

>>4716135, >>4716225, >>4716252 John Solomon: How news media omissions distort Russia probe narrative … and shield Democrats.

>>4716249 Some of AOC’s fellow Democrats reportedly live in fear of her sending a “mean-tweet” in their direction.

>>4716244 Sheriff Scott Israel removed over failures during Parkland shooting, replaced by Gregory Tony.

>>4716068 WH Tweet: “President Trump is committed to stopping the crisis at our border, but the Democrats have already left Washington.”

>>4715991 Yellow Vest protests in Israel.

>>4715932 POTUS Schedule: No POTUS travel expected for the remainder of today & tonight.

>>4715824 Dragon FISA mentioned last July.

>>4715772 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4715722, >>4716097 That GoFundMe to build a border wall is issuing $20 million in refunds unless you opt-in.

>>4716465 #6018


>>4715557 Trump Dunks on Jim Acosta in Oval Office: “Good Job, Yesterday! I Appreciate it!”

>>4715535 POTUS Instagram: CBP salute.

>>4715403, >>4715478 There are at least 5 women on the short list for SCOTUS in addition to Amy Coney Barrett.

>>4715412 PapaD: Joseph Mifsud’s ties to Gaeta, Steele and Sambei are key.

>>4715119 Amazon Ring videos can be viewed by tech workers in an area known for cybercrime.

>>4715071 Article on the shooting death of Officer Natalie Corona.

>>4715060, >>4715074 Lawfag on why ACB is not likely to be the SCOTUS nominee.

>>4715001 Trump holding off on declaring national emergency on the border, calls on Democrats to fund wall.

>>4714987 LL didn’t formally recuse herself despite her statements to the press? Q proof?

>>4715605 #6017


>>4714828 US DoD: We’re all a team. Lear sisters.

>>4714797 A former Arkansas lawmaker has been charged with conspiracy due to his part in a scheme to bribe a judge in the state.

>>4714678 Planefag: B52 callsign:00000000* over Texas!

>>4714583 AT&T says it’ll stop selling location data amid calls for federal investigation.

>>4714532 NBC Meet the Press disables video November 11, 2012 episode. Schumer said what?

>>4714395, >>4714635 Demonstration in Seattle blocking 4th Ave and Pike St.

>>4714442 PapaD: Dragon FISA to be exposed?

>>4714265 Bird Box Challenge?!

>>4714323 300 Americans a week. Intentionally vague POTUS Tweet?

>>4714217 CNN ‘Declined’ to air San Diego TV station’s ‘local view’ due to pro-wall position.

>>4714215 Dig on a possible RBG doctor.

>>4714213 O’Rourke to be interviewed by Oprah.

>>4714205 Q crumbs related to Nazi symbolism. Repost for discussion.

>>4714204 TMZ Confirms: MacKenzie Bezos to become world’s richest woman. No prenup?!

>>4714202 POTUS Schedule: Border security roundtable attendees.

>>4714173 Sandy Hook peeps can dig into InfoWars’ internal marketing and financial documents.

>>4714624 #6016

Previously Collected Notables

>>4712564 #6013, >>4713349 #6014, >>4714133 #6015

>>4710200 #6010, >>4711006 #6011, >>4711804 #6012

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