A hopeful theory about President Trump’s plan

Recall that an Anon recently posted claiming to be an FBIAnon:

Greg Rubini trusts that claim and uses it as the basis for a very hopeful theory. Rubini’s theory should be proven or disproven by 9 Feb 2019. Rubini wrote:

1. yesterday 3 IMPORTANT events happened:
[THREAD]A- State of the Union speech announced to be scheduled on Feb 5
B- Acting AG Whitaker said: “Mueller investigation almost completed”source: AP
from 0:40 onwards

2. and this:

C- “FBI Anon here. Jim Comey and John Brennan have been indicted
by a Grand Jury”
“The indictments will be made public 2 weeks from Friday”

// two weeks from Friday Jan 25, means on Feb 8 //

3. I want to thank Zoda Stone @StoneZoda
for bringing this precious nugget to my attentionThis FBI Anon information fits with other info we have.
so, I consider it plausible.
4. There is no question in my mind that the Mueller Team
has been working (undercover) for Trump, since May 16, 2017.WITCH HUNTWITCH HUNT = “hunting the Witch”who is the Witch?

5. I’ve been writing on this since April 29, 2018.

so DO NOT ask for sources.
do not be lazy.

use Twitter advanced search,
and you will find the MANY Threads I devoted to this topic.

6. in a debate, on Oct 9, 2016. Trump said:
“I will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton”is this Special Prosecutor Mueller?the answer is: yes.video here:

7. if you do not believe it, means you do not believe Trump.

if you do not believe Trump, you are NOT a Patriot.
and if you are not a Patriot, I don’t want you here on MY Timeline.

Full Stop.

and I’m sure that my friend @ClandestineRos1 agrees…

8. and there is no question in my mind that Rod Rosenstein
has been working for Trump the WHOLE TIME,since Trump nominated Rosenstein, on Feb 1, 2017.if you do not believe it, means you think Trump is an idiot.if you consider Trump an idiot,
I don’t want you here.

9. back on topic

10. Think Military Strategy.

Think WAR.
because this IS a war

the WAR against the DeepState.

11. Rosenstein and the Mueller Team have been working for 2 years now,
to get all the required evidence, to nail down:- HRC
– Hussein
– Brennan
– Comey
– L. Lynch
– Sally Yates
– Andrew McCabe
– Peter Strzok
– Susan Riceand the others.

12. the charges will be:

– Treason
– Seditious Conspiracy against a duly elected US President
– violations of the Espionage Act

and many more

13. the punishment for the above crimes is Death Penalty

14. we know from several sources that:

– Bruce Ohr
– Lisa Page
– Bill Priestap

are “cooperating witnesses”
since June 2017.

others have been cooperating, too.

15. Military Tribunals are in Full Swing, since Jan 2, 2019

on Sept 5, 2018, Sen. Graham and Brett Kavanaugh laid the groundwork for Military Tribunals and Executions:

“American citizens who collaborate with the enemy are enemy combatants”

16. details on Military Tribunals on this [THREAD]:

17. we have now 4 dates pinpointed:

Feb 5 – SOTU
Feb 7 – William Barr Senate confirmation vote as AG
Feb 8 – FBI Anon Leak on Brennan & Comey indictments becoming public
Feb 15 – Gov’t shutdown – Part 2

18. on the Mueller report we don’t have a date, yet.

Logically, it should happen on Feb 8

if the FBI Anon info is correct…

19. and this is when ALL H*LL will break loose
20. from Dr. Dave Janda sources (and from my personal sources) we know that
the first Military Trial to be made public will be the John Brennan trial.the Brennan trial will be broadcast LIVEthink like the Kavanaugh hearings…even CNN will be broadcasting it

21. after Brennan and Comey trials,
it will be James Clapper’s turn.Clapper = obama’s DNI Director.
JC wanted to fire NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers (Nov 17, 2016)JC charges:-Treason
-Seditious Conspiracy
-Espionage Act

DeathPenalty. or lifetime in jail

22. VIDEO:
The Patriot Hour produced a video based on this Thread of mine.
it’s a Masterpiece!a Must Watch.Thank you, @ThePatriotHour !!

Missing some Tweet in this thread?
You can try to force a refresh.



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