Barr is not making bargains with brunette doppelgangers

Former US air force officer charged with spying for Iran

Monica Witt, who defected in 2013, worked as a cryptologist and a counter-intelligence investigator for more than 10 years

New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling In American Politics

“This happened to me for being a child rapist and it is going to happen to all the pedophiles, scandalmongers, traitors… Be aware that this is not a game.”

Police believe the killing is the work of the infamous Knights Templar Mexican drug cartel who has recently appointed themselves as violent moral law enforcers in Mexico.

29-year-old Eduardo Cruz had been taken into police custody after being caught raping an 11-year-old boy.

Cruz was being transported to the police station when the patrol car was ambushed and blocked in by armed men in two vehicles who took kidnapped the suspect.

Police were directed to a road junction in Contepec in southwestern Mexico the following day by an anonymous phone call.

They arrived to find the victim hanging naked from a traffic sign with his arms tied to a wooden pole and his penis cut off and stuffed in his mouth.

A cardboard sign with the chilling warning to other child abusers was reportedly fixed to his chest with two ice picks.

Hmmm, now why would such an honorable man like @comey take a 97% pay cut to work for a bank that just pled guilty to money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel?

Left out of El Chapo’s trial was the cartel’s financial connections to key law enforcement players inside the Obama administration.

In 2012, the Justice Department accused the El Chapo-led Sinaloa Cartel of moving over $7 billion through HSBC bank locations inside Mexico. The bank’s Mexican locations allowed huge cash deposits (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single transaction), which were then accessible to the cartel at HSBC bank locations inside the United States.

Despite playing a key role in establishing the cartels inside the US, the DOJ gave HSBC a slap on the wrist–a deferred prosecution agreement–under which the bank would not be prosecuted for laundering billions of dollars in cash for the Sinaloa Cartel, as long as the bank rehabilitated its practices and stayed out of trouble for five years.

Overruling career prosecutors– who wanted to prosecute the bank–US Attorney Loretta Lynch and Attorney General Eric Holder let the bank off the hook with a $1.9 billion “record fine,” which made up a small fraction of one year’s profits.

A month after the deferred prosecution agreement was finalized, future FBI Director James Comey took a 97% pay cut from his job as general counsel at Bridgewater Associates hedge fund to join Britain-based HSBC as director of the money laundering vulnerabilities sector. The move reduced his jaw-dropping income from $6,632,616 per year to under $200,000, per financial disclosures.

With former Deputy Attorney General Comey at the helm of the troubled bank’s money laundering compliance efforts, HSBC could reassure its investors that the troubles in 2012 were over. However, Comey apparently missed the Russian money laundering that was taking place while he oversaw the vulnerabilities sector.

Less than six months after Comey took the HSBC job, President Obama nominated him to replace Robert Mueller as FBI Director. In 2014, Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General.

US-led Coalition Is Establishing Permanent Base In Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian Border Triangle – Report

The US-led coalition is working to establish a permanent military base in southwestern Iraq, near the country’s border with both Syria and Jordan, the Iraqi al-Maalomah news outlet reported on February 13 citing a source in the province of al-Anbar.

“Vehicles loaded with military equipment came from Jordan to Iraq to establish a fixed American military base to observe these areas,” the source said.

According to the source, U.S. forces are already moving freely in the triangle between Syrian, Iraq and Jordan. However, they are now planning to establish a permanent base equipped with advanced surveillance systems.

The US-led coalition has been trying to expand its military presence in western Iraq, especially near the border with Syria, since last year. In November, a commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) revealed that the coalition is trying to occupy the H3 airbase, known as Abu Rida al-Baldaui, in western al-Anbar.

This recent expansion of U.S. forces in western Iraq along border with Syria can be linked to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Earlier this month, Trump openly said that his country is planning to stay in Iraq in order to “watch” Iran’s actions in the region.

You might imagine that a report by a multinational observer force documenting a 20-year reign of terror by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers against Palestinians, in a city under occupation, would provoke condemnation from European and US politicians.

But you would be wrong. The leaking in December of the report on conditions in the city of Hebron, home to 200,000 Palestinians, barely caused a ripple.

About 40,000 separate cases of abuse had been quietly recorded since 1997 by dozens of monitors from Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Some incidents constituted war crimes.

Exposure of the confidential report has now provided the pretext for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expel the international observers. He shuttered their mission in Hebron this month, in apparent violation of Israel’s obligations under the 25-year-old Oslo peace accords.

Israel hopes once again to draw a veil over its violent colonisation of the heart of the West Bank’s largest Palestinian city. The process of clearing tens of thousands of inhabitants from central Hebron is already well advanced.

Any chance of rousing the international community into even minimal protest was stamped out by the US last week. It blocked a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council expressing “regret” at Israel’s decision, and on Friday added that ending the mandate of the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) was an “internal matter” for Israel.

The TIPH was established in 1997 after a diplomatic protocol split the city into two zones, controlled separately by Israel and a Palestinian Authority created by the Oslo accords.

The “temporary” in its name was a reference to the expected five-year duration of the Oslo process. The need for TIPH, most assumed, would vanish when Israel ended the occupation and a Palestinian state was built in its place.

While Oslo put the PA formally in charge of densely populated regions of the occupied territories, Israel was effectively given a free hand in Hebron to entrench its belligerent hold on Palestinian life.

Several hundred extremist Jewish settlers have gradually expanded their illegal enclave in the city centre, backed by more than 1,000 Israeli soldiers. Many Palestinian residents have been forced out while the rest are all but imprisoned in their homes.

TIPH faced an impossible task from the outset: to “maintain normal life” for Hebron’s Palestinians in the face of Israel’s structural violence.

Until the report was leaked, its documentation of Israel’s takeover of Hebron and the settlers’ violent attacks had remained private, shared only among the states participating in the task force.

EXCLUSIVE: DOCUMENTS SHOW CNN WAS TIPPED OFF on Roger Stone Arrest by 29 FBI Armed Agents – Leaked by Deep State!

a sauce from a responder:

In one text exchange, Strzok and Page spoke of a “secret society” within the Department of Justice and the FBI the day after Trump’s victory, according to two lawmakers with knowledge of the messages.

“We learned today about information that in the immediate aftermath of [Trump’s] election, that there may have been a secret society of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI – to include Page and Strzok – that would be working against him,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, said Monday on Fox News.

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