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when does a bird sing?


March Madness


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Anons noted that Comey’s mention of Whitey Bulgur getting murdered in prison was probably a veiled threat that those who betrayed Comey could always be assassinated.

US Appeals Court Rules for Actor James Woods in Twitter Case

A federal appeals court has rejected an Ohio woman’s defamation lawsuit against actor James Woods over Twitter posts during the 2016 presidential campaign.


>>5423847 Northam’s wife handed cotton to Black student, asked her to imagine being a slave.

>>5423688 Chinese communists advise belief in Marx and Lenin, not ‘Ghosts and Gods’.

>>5423549 Kushner meets Saudi’s MBS for first time since Khashoggi murder.

>>5423368 Presidential hopeful shoots himself in the foot.

>>5423314 New filing in U.S. vs Stone: Order on motion for order to show cause.

>>5423977 #6933


>>5423170 Lanny Davis tied to Putin and Ukraine?

>>5423076 Susan Collins to vote ‘no’ on Trump EPA nominee Andrew Wheeler.

>>5422856 The swamp nature documentary. Top kek.

>>5422948 California governor plays down Trump feud.

>>5422894 Israel is now pushing for the U.S. to recognize its sovereignty over the Golan.

>>5422780 Transcript excerpt from POTUS and Kim meeting.

>>5422811 Dem chairman releases unredacted version of report on SALT deduction cap.

>>5422803 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>5422720, >>5422819 Cohen pushing the transition of power struggle for 2020 election.

>>5422697 Past Cohen Twitter nuggets.

>>5422683 Bongino Tweet: CNN admits Cohen not telling the truth in congressional testimony.

>>5422680 IP3 – Saudi energy diversification.

>>5422671 Turkey’s Erdogan meets with Kushner to discuss Mideast peace.

(/pb) >>5422667 Train derailment in Berry Hill TN.

>>5422659 GOP: Michael Cohen the Democrats’ Star Liar.

>>5422641 President Trump arrives in Hanoi. (video)

>>5422572 TMZ refers to Cohen hearing as “The Calm Before the Storm.”

>>5423229 #6932


>>5422406 Michael Cohen and the behind the scenes political battle being waged between Davis, Schiff, Pelosi, Cummings and Nadler.

>>5422144 Huawei rebuts the U.S. by remembering the spy scandal revealed by Edward Snowden

>>5422014 George H.W. Bush’s former service dog starts new position at military hospital.

>>5421909 Lanny Davis to Podesta: “On my honor I give you my word I will not mention to anyone my involvement.”

>>5422459 #6931


>>5421576 Anon: Stage set after 21 days? POTUS EO section 12 re: Barr.

>>5421356 US Army Transferring 50 Tons of Gold from ISIS-Daesh Held Areas in Syria and Iraq back to the US.

>>5421099 5:5

>>5421030, >>5421088 More attacks on MAGA people by violent leftists.

>>5421114, >>5421454 First 50 Q posts graphed as nodes and edges.

>>5421073 Cohen with the son of a holocaust survivor card.

>>5421033 LIVE: Former AG to reveal Trudeau’s involvement in SNC-Lavalin affair.

>>5421053 DJT Jr. IG Post: Lynne Patton’s disappointment in Cohen’s betrayal.

>>5421025 John Stewart joins HRC in asking Congress to fund 9/11 fund. Corrupt Dem money grab?

>>5421024 WikiLeaks disputes Cohen, says Assange never talked to Stone.

>>5421690 #6930


>>5420913 NBC: Republicans add ICE notification to gun control bill.

>>5420758 Feds aim to end vax exemptions.

>>5420582 The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors declared a Local Emergency.

>>5420424 Cohen GoFundMe account. Common tactic (see: Kav hearing)

>>5420491 Israeli AG preparing to indict Netanyahu on bribery charge this week.

>>5420478 Bon Apetit March: Korean comfort food and best bread theme.

>>5420475 When Everyone else was liquidating stocks, the world’s biggest wealth fund was buying it all. (Norway)

>>5420450 Gates just provided new evidence on Manafort to SCO.

>>5420432 Democrats care so much about climate change, they can’t be bothered to attend hearing.

>>5420277 The Democrat’s desperation is a very good thing.

>>5420403 PapaD Tweet: “It’s time to hit back”

>>5420264 Visiting deacon at Catholic Church arrested in human trafficking sting.

>>5420933 #6929



>>5419847 Human Trafficking and Tunnels on Oahu.

>>5419941 Rep. Matt Gaetz deletes “Cohen has a girfriend” tweet.

>>5419639 PG&E stocks tumble amid reports it failed to overhaul safety measures.

>>5419910 21 individuals charged in bribery case involving Venezuela.

>>5419909 Eric Trump Tweet: “It is a national disgrace that on the eve of historic peace talks between the USA & North Korea…”

>>5419868 House Oversight on deck.

>>5419738 Maggie ponders about the relationship of Cohen’s ‘other clients’.

>>5419656 US Appeals Court rules for actor James Woods in Twitter case.

>>5419652 Spain investigating alleged incident at North Korean embassy in Madrid.

>>5419500 Interdasting comments by POTUS re: Press photos and Q photos.

>>5419498 7 Pharma execs testified before the Senate on drug prices. Here’s how many millions they make a year.

>>5419530 Ed Buck: Mother of man found dead in Democratic donor’s home files wrongful death lawsuit.

>>5419547 9 members of bronx drug trafficking organization charged with distributing heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine out of auto body shops.

>>5419490, >>5419556 Memeanons combine forces to display the dishonest CNN town halls and their Democrat activists.


>>5419408 Dem lawmaker calls for investigation into Gaetz for attempting to intimidate Cohen before testimony.

>>5419240 Venue changed after journalist tweets about location in advance?

>>5419208 Bongino wonders if anyone believes that Lanny Davis works for free.

>>5419202 White House fact sheet regarding National Emergency.

>>5419192 Vanguard Healthcare agrees to resolve Federal and State false claims act liability.

>>5419179 Cohen admits to coordinating with Schiff over today’s testimony.

>>5419109 Hawaii voting to be sanctuary State.

>>5419105 FB insider details how the social media giant manipulated information users viewed.

>>5419075 Democrats ask Cohen for the ‘tapes’.

>>5419029, >>5418960 Cohen disputes Steele dossier and says he did not travel to Prague.

>>5418959 How a Vatican portrait of child sex abuser Cardinal Pell links him to an ancient Catholic order frequented by British high society.

>>5418943 US secretary of state Mike Pompeo to meet Duterte on Thursday.

>>5418934 UC Berkeley looking seeking felony warrant on man who punched Conservative activist.

>>5418908 Lawmakers seek ‘urgent briefing’ on U.S. arms in hands of al Qaeda.

>>5418831 Google engineers say, Spectre vulnerability is here to stay.

>>5418819 Reminder: WikiLeaks told us the dump was coming in advance.

>>5418750 FDA, CDC, and CMS launch task force to help facilitate rapid availability of diagnostic tests during public health emergencies.

>>5419425 #6927


>>5418586 Lewandowski: Cohen was never on the campaign.

>>5418513 Mark Meadows refers Cohen for investigation for FARA violation.

>>5418499 Michigan Fake Hoax Arson and Fake News’ attempt at misleading headline.

>>5418437 Syrian Army seizes tons of explosives capable of destroying entire cities.

>>5418397 Kushner in the Middle East to work on peace plan.

>>5418294 75 individuals charged with drug trafficking PR.

>>5418060 Proof of US govt usage of meme campaigns.

>>5418264 This AI lets you deepfake your voice to speak like Barack Obama.

>>5418252 California bill to end alleged LGBT discrimination on sex offender list stirs controversy.

>>5418246 Graham: Did Cohen go to Prague or anywhere else to collude w/ the Russians like it is claimed in the Steele dossier?

>>5418188 National Security Agency to honor Shannon Kent, Fort Meade sailor killed in Syria.

>>5418144 Indian Air Force used Israeli-Made heavy guided bombs in its attack on Pakistan.

>>5418052 NHS child sex change clinic chief resigns after damning report.

>>5418051 Pope Francis calls on world leaders to abandon death penalty.

>>5418033 Graham issues scathing statement slamming dems for timing of Cohen hearing.

>>5418098 Mexican Federal Police seize 3000 fentanyl pills near Arizona and CBP seizes 1600 lbs of cocaine offshore.

>>5418005, >>5418064 Cops in Honolulu and Oakland had a role in child trafficking.

>>5417985 As media freaks over 159 measles cases, thousands of kids sold as sex slaves out of foster care.

>>5417974,>>5417994 Former Playboy model found dead after ominous tweet.

>>5417941 New Eric Trump Twat after Cohen lets it known that he may have criminal documents in storage

>>5417942 India, Pakistan claim to down each other’s jets as Kashmir conflict heats up.

>>5418648 #6926


>>5417689 Venezuela FM denounces ‘theft of assets’ by US, calls for meeting between Trump and Maduro.

>>5417446 Millions of $ from a Kazakh bank and millions of $ from a Swiss pharma company

>>5417539 C-Span live of Cohen’s testimony.

>>5417530 Sara Carter: Michael Cohen’s entire premise of testifying doesn’t make sense.

(/pb) >>5417144 Cohen admits to being CNN source for Trump Tower story

>>5417394 Eric Trump weighs in on Cohen’s lobbying for the WH Chief of Staff position

>>5417375 Michael Cohen prepared today’s Testimony together with multiple Democrats, including Rep. Adam Schiff.

>>5417326 WH Tweet: “Happening now: President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un at dinner in Hanoi.

>>5417908 #6925

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