Do you believe the happenings will be “BIG BIG BIG”? At what point does conspiracy journalism become a distraction from activism? Politics should not be a spectator sport

All right, it is rather intellectually stimulating to read Q drops and try to connect them to news stories.

Is browsing /qresearch/ really the best use of our time? Should we be browsing /pol/ instead? Should we actually start looking for meetups on /meadhall/? Political life is supposed to involve participation from the man in the street. When politics becomes a spectator sport, it is just a distraction, and the ordinary man has no skin in the game.

I used to browse /pol/ a lot and I saw nothing that seemed to be blogworthy. Now I browse /qresearch/ frequently and I see things that look truly blogworthy perhaps once a week. I seem to blog about Q seven days a week, which suggests that I could in fact cut my blogging down to one day a week and have time to learn valuable skills, such as personal hygiene and how to tie my own shoes.

It is indeed peaceful to input information from conspiracy journalism sources, output information into this blog, and call it a day.  Is it really accomplishing anything?  I recall many critics who claim that the entire purpose of Q is to anesthetize armed white Americans into a stupor, so that they don’t complicate the situation by shooting obvious criminals such as MS-13. Stopping a civil war is great, but Q has proclaimed an “internal civil war” and I am not sure that such a situation is much better.  Some people might call bloggers “digital soldiers” but soldiers are supposed to swear an oath and get some kind of training. Bloggers just show up with no commitment and no idea of what we are supposed to be doing.

It is very easy for a Q researcher to fall into a 24-hour conspiracy news cycle. We are mostly good at scanning huge quantities of stories, mostly from professional journalists, but also from amateur sources.

For several months I have tried to use Q drops to make sense of the biggest conspiracy I have ever found – Pizzagate. Q drops may be very worthwhile for Americans who want to support President Trump, but recently most Pizzagate revelations have come from police blotter news items, not from Q drops.  The promises of “BIG BIG BIG” events have been as follows:

Q predicted that by 20th March 2019, something “BIG BIG BIG” would happen. However, the meeting in Hanoi could be considered historic, and it happened already. I am confident that several “BIG BIG BIG” events will occur, and Q will point to several of them and say, “Promises made. Promises kept.” I am not so sure that those historic events will do anything to disclose Pizzagate to the public.

Of course, it would be very easy for POTUS to make history whenever he pleases. He could simply go in front of the TV cameras and say, “I have begun the declassification process for SpyGate and PizzaGate.”

Yes, plenty of things are happening. It doesn’t seem terribly useful to try to report on them if ordinary people can’t participate in those events.  If something “BIG BIG BIG” does happen, perhaps several thousand amateur blogs predicting “BIG BIG BIG” happenings before 21 March 2019 will serve to humiliate the mainstream media.


Q research is certainly a very different activity than simply browsing the chans, looking for provocative talk on /pol/.  However, while /qresearch/ has become active, /pol/ has not gone away, and various factions of Anons and shills on /pol/ are writing stuff like “feminism harms the working class” in threads like the following:


I can’t promise that I will blog every day between now and 21 March 2019, but at least I can copy this post for 22 March 2019 and check to see whether anything BIG BIG BIG happened.


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