It’s so funny how we don’t talk any more (about the social struggle that we hope will end soon)

I seem to be getting a lot of traffic from new visitors. I don’t know how many of my visitors are bots. Thus, I have selected 22 engaging stories, embroidered with my inimitably folksy commentary. The tone of these stories may help new visitors to understand the social unrest and struggles that this blog has documented since 2013. I invite you to click into this glorious odyssey of linkery. There will be shocks and horrors and dehumanized alienation and pictures of cute dogs. And maybe I will discuss the new Q drops.


Psychopathy apparently runs in rich families.


Falun Gong is making up for getting censored in China by operating newspapers outside China.


Falun Gong newspapers are eager to see a healthy USA military.


Organ harvesting is kind of disgusting.


Pat Lang invited an Israel expert to write about Israeli lobbying in the USA.






Bad cop, no donut.


Bionic mosquito is smarter and more knowledgeable than I am.


Google was pushed along its path by dark spooks. Facebook might turn out to be even more sinister.


Unz is willing to let Barrett criticize Jews.


Unz is willing to delve into the history of Judeo-Bolshevism.


Democide is easier when you have a list of gun owners.


Facebook was pushed along its path by spooks.

In his blockbuster blog, Mark Zuckerberg boasted that Facebook has chosen not to store data in countries that “have a track record of violating human rights like privacy or freedom of expression.”
But just months ago, Facebook announced plans to open a data center in Singapore, a country with a poor record when it comes to freedom of expression, according to human rights groups.
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch tore into Zuckerberg, claiming his “rhetoric on secure data storage is taking a back seat to the convenience of operating in Singapore.”


Having military training does not confer sainthood.


The USA wants “allies” (i.e. vassals) to pay for bases.


In the USA, wages are high, but how many people are “disengaged” from the work force?


It is true that “Zionist” is often used as a euphemism for “Jew.” But it is also true that many anti-Zionists are happy to befriend genuinely anti-Zionist Jews…


It’s pretty silly to tell people to get a guard dog unless you are also giving them 18 months of lead time. You need to raise the puppy, train the dog, adjust your lifestyle to become a dog owner. An adult guard dog won’t bond properly; a young puppy won’t be ready to guard anything for at least a year.



The USA might well suffer considerable upheaval. This might have good and bad aspects. For example, many retail companies are miserable places to work. If they go under, the bad part is that the workers will suffer as they search for new work, but the good part is that the surviving businesses will have a chance to learn from the mistakes of a failed company.


On a related note, are you paying too much for eyeglasses? The answer is probably yes.

Many people need corrective lenses just to function in daily life, so it is not surprising that a lot of people resent capitalist consumerism.



I tried to dig into this but I failed to find convincing, nontrivial information about how many USA workers are able-bodied but unemployed and uncounted.



Texans love guns.




Sheriffs might actually be on the side of the people.




The Benghazi scandal is back in the headlines. This time, some unlikely players were added to the fray. One of the players, Nancy Pelosi, was added to the scandal due to a hack leak released by Guccifer 2.0.

The hacker or hackers known as Guccifer 2.0 publicly released documents claiming to come from the computer of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). As you may recall, the Original Guccifer, Marcel Lazăr Lehel, is a Romanian hacker responsible for high-level computer security breaches in the U.S. and Romania. Lehel targeted celebrities, Romanian and U.S. government officials, and other prominent persons. (RELATED: Margaret Hoover Grills Democrat Eric Swalwell Over Russia Obsession)

Lehel was jailed in January 2014 in Romania, then later transferred to the US. Lehal’s arrest was the beginning of his predecessor, Guccifer 2.0. Guccifer 2.0’s identity is still unidentified.

Guccifer 2.0, who allegedly breached the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Democratic National Committee (DNC), released the documents to the WordPress blog used in other public releases. The information includes a cache of documents on congressional races in Florida and Pennsylvania.


Ohr was in cahoots with Steele. Probably this is no surprise to long-time readers.


Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who served years in prison for leaking one of the largest troves of classified documents in U.S. history, was sent to jail Friday for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton ordered Manning to jail for civil contempt of court after a brief hearing in federal court in Alexandria in which Manning confirmed she has no intention of testifying. She told the judge she “will accept whatever you bring upon me.”

This blog has typically copied a great deal of information from However, 8ch does not originate research. 8ch is a watering hole where wanderers can dump their most shocking tidbits of information. Just by doing a little bit of news browsing in one’s spare time, one can collect dozens of relevant stories without looking at a chan thread even once.

I have tried to talk about conspiracies in public. I was mostly greeted with open hostility and nasty remarks about how I should wear a tinfoil hat. I do not find many sympathetic listeners to my conspiracy theories in “real life,” but I get a fair number of visitors to this blog.

This blog is weakly anonymous. This means it makes no money in ad revenue, but it would be rather difficult for anyone except to censor it.  If I ever want to get a lot of petty harassment letters from law school dropouts, I’ll be sure to register a blog that can be conveniently traced back to me by amateurs. (I don’t bother trying to hide from professionals. Hi there, No Such Agency!)

However, unpaid anonymous work is still WORK. I am still doing this chore because I want to believe that my blogging about government misconduct, police misconduct, and economic alienation will wake people up and motivate them to take a stand against injustice. If we ever start doing that en masse, we will probably take political positions in public, without the shelter of anonymity.  In other words, I am writing political positions anonymously now because I hope that some day soon I will be able to voice my political opinions openly on the public streets and in town meetings.

I did some anonymous work to make this post, but it wasn’t exactly hard work. I collected about 20 links without trying hard, just by reading a bit of news.  Even though this did not require much effort, it did require mental engagement with the news, and I don’t think I can maintain that mental engagement indefinitely without social support. It’s pretty hard to receive social support while maintaining anonymity, which means I will need a real-life political movement rather than an anonymous blog.

Since 2016, channers have been talking about Pizzagate, and in theory I would like to see Pizzagate brought to mainstream attention;  I don’t want to keep blogging about fringe theories indefinitely. I want some theories to be dragged into the public awareness so that they are not fringe any more.

There is no point telling people about current events if the public never mobilizes. There is no point publishing evidence about Pizzagate, Spygate, or FISAgate if the swamp never gets drained.  I hope that at some point in 2019, I will be able to report public action against corrupt officeholders. I hope that I will be able to repost a picture of Hillary in Gitmo and declare victory in the war on the swamp.

Trump has been talking about treason for several years. Recently Q reposted an old tweet as follows:

An Anon posted his opinion on why the swamp is taking so long to drain:

Why things have taken so long

Here’s why things have been taking so long.

We’ve got three major investigations all coming to a head at the same time, all with devastating findings:

Special Counsel (Mueller et al) – investigated four targets of FISA warrants: GPop, Manafort, Carter Page, and Gen. Michael Flynn (:heart:). Each were charged with crimes unrelated to Russian collusion

Office of the Inspector General (Horowitz et al) – investigating the use of FISA warrants by the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign

The Hammer (Huber et al) – investigating the Clinton Foundation/Uranium One scandal (look it up)

The Mueller investigation has ended. This is a necessary step to completing the OIG investigation: rock-solid proof that the FISA warrants were on innocent people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying their hands were clean, but not of the charges being investigated. Namely, Russiagate.

The MSM is guilty of pushing the Russiagate hoax since day one. They are guilty of raising tensions between the two nuclear-armed countries in order to justify spying on political opponents in a presidential election. There are few crimes worse than this.

Some of the biggest names in the Obama adminstration have their hands in this. History will not fare them well.

Once the MSM have been exposed and made paraiahs (we will see to this), potential-to-riot liberal activists will be demoralized. Then comes the hammer.

Huber’s investigation will find that the Clinton Foundation colluded with Russian organizations to sell them 20% of the US uranium reserves. Textbook treason. Hillary Clinton will be found guilty of treason.


Recently Q made some new drops that hinted that John Perry Barlow made a compromised “SecureDrop” for citizens. Q seems to be hinting that common people are lured into a false sense of security, but evil Clowns In America have access to all the secrets entrusted to SecureDrop.

Q wrote:


John Perry Barlow POST January 27, 2018
John Perry Barlow DEAD February 8, 2018.
This is not a game.
Banking on HRC to win?
You never thought she would lose.
Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home?
You never expected a new DIR to be appointed.
Agency rogue elements still in control of OP?
GINA (EX_UK_DIV_) open attacks?
Connect the dots?
@Snowden released code words (NSA_key(s)).
@Snowden travels to RUSSIA.
Shadow Brokers release actual code (NSA_key(s)).
Shadow Brokers ORIG in RUSSIA.
Can you make the connection why @Snowden went to RUSSIA?
Can you make the connection who provided the source code to SHADOW BROKERS?
Define ‘Spook’.
Define ‘Shadow’.
Do ‘Spooks’ hide in the ‘Shadows’?
Who was Agency DIR from 2012- 2016?
How did we know (prior to)?
Connect the dots?
@Snowden released code words (NSA_key(s)).
@Snowden travels to RUSSIA.
Shadow Brokers release actual code (NSA_key(s)).
Shadow Brokers ORIG in RUSSIA.
Can you make the connection why @Snowden went to RUSSIA?
Can you make the connection who provided the source code to SHADOW BROKERS?
Define ‘Spook’.
Define ‘Shadow’.
Do ‘Spooks’ hide in the ‘Shadows’?
Why did @Snowden only attack NSA?
Where did @Snowden work prior to NSA?
Why did @Snowden pick ‘RUSSIA’ as his SAFE-PLACE?
What events occurred directly after release of NSA_pack(s)?
How do you avoid data privacy laws?
Charter of NSA?
Charter of Agency?
Define ‘Surveillance state’.
A surveillance state is a country where the government engages in pervasive surveillance of large numbers of its citizens and visitors.
Matters of NAT SEC?
Accepted Reality?
Why was the NSA targeted?
Why was the Agency protected/sheltered?
Shall We Play A Game?
How many Tweets has POTUS ‘forwarded’ in the past 12-hours?
Primary topic(s)?
March Madness.
Do you have your [ ] filled in?


Anon wrote:
Barlow founded the Freedom of the Press Foundation and one of it’s primary purposes was to help Julian Assange and WikiLeaks once all of the processors cut off Assanges money.

SecureDrop was founded to give whistleblowers an outlet to drop information- WL to publish.

Barlow- Dead Heart Attack

James Dolan. Dead suicide

Aaron swartz. Dead suicide

Kevin Paulson. Who turned over securedrop to Freedom of the Press after Barlow death.(Apache)

Guess who is the Chairman/Head of Freedom of the Press Foundation now…… Snowden.

The agency wants Assange Badly because he holds the keys to MANY doors that they do not want opened. Brennan needed to tie up all of the loose ends in order to isolate Assange so they could get to him- Killing off Barlow and the others and getting Snowden in to lead Freedom of the Press, not only exposed Assange, but the whistelblowers who dropped information to SecureDrop.

Brennan is the conductor of this orchestra.

Also, SecureDrop became what the Agency used to drop the 4am talking points to the msm Fake News. There was a Q drop about that.

Anons also posted the following speculative rumination, which boils down to “the C_A is traitorous and the NSA is nobly, patriotically, dutifully trying to stop the evil clowns.”

According to most Anons on /qresearch/, we should see some BIG BIG BIG happenings in the next nine days. I will have a follow-up post after that period has elapsed.

I really hope that Q and POTUS can deliver some visible swamp draining. At that point, there should be less need for a blog like this. If the swamp is drained in public, anonymous bloggers should be able to join with their fellow citizens in public and re-engage in the traditional political process.

Blogging is not a violent struggle, but it is a struggle. The purpose of this blog is not to maintain a perpetual struggle, but rather to bring the struggle to a decisive victory and then to stop the struggle.

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