Brenton Tarrant is Jewish, associated with Freemasons, and visited Israel

You know, I used to be very fond of Freemasons because George Washington was one. Lately I think some bad people have been getting into the Freemasons and then embarrassing the whole group by engaging in mass shootings.

The fifth suspect of Christchurch shootings has defected to Israel

A suspect confronted the court, two other under investigation; reports about another suspect who left for Israel faces the silence of authorities.

The attack to two mosques in Christchurch, a city in eastern New Zealand, has led to the death of 49 people leaving dozens seriously injured. The terrorist, holding a camera on head live-streaming the attack on Facebook, rushed the Al-Noor mosque with a gun and then fled to streets continuing to shoot the passers-by.

The live-stream stopped a few streets away while minutes later another mosque, Linwood mosques, was targeted by another attack. Most casualties, nevertheless, were reported in the first attack.

The local authorities announced that less than an hour after the attack, the main suspect, a 28-year-old Australian, was arrested while three others were also put under investigation. One suspect was released from custody after the end of primary investigations.

It remains unclear if the attackers of the two mosques were the same or there were five attackers involved. One of the terrorists managed to escape the country hours after Friday noon. The fifth attacker has defected to Israel with the help of unknown aides. No official reaction has been made by Tel Aviv or local authorities on the issue yet.

While the main suspect has confronted the court a day after the terrorist attack, the local authorities has made no remark about his partner(s) in the brutal act.

The distance between the two mosques seems to show that the terrorist would have no chance to get to the second mosque if he were alone. Besides, considering the fact that the attack was terroristic in nature, as the New Zealand Prime Minister asserted, the involvement of other individuals, or other countries, seems probable.

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2 Responses to Brenton Tarrant is Jewish, associated with Freemasons, and visited Israel

  1. Jagzilla says:

    So these freemasons and jews are in fact pure evil..At least this is what I’ve uncovered..I had a Jewish friend for over 10 years. So you can’t call me anti-semitic..From what I can tell it looks like hitler was a pedo vegan socialist..The illuminati’s revenge on Germany..Soo the ashkeNAZIs won world war II..Google it for yourself..havarah agreement = holohoax…

    • I just Googled and got a few images – I suppose other search engines such as Startpage or Searx might be more informative. I will try to put this on the posting schedule. Thanks for the suggestion.

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