Shrinks drive me crazy: a post about MK-ULTRA shrinks, with a few sidelights

(I have no idea whether Fine Young Cannibals will turn out to have a connection to Pizzagate, but they are the only music I could find that mentioned “crazy.”)

I will not analyze Q’s recent ambiguous hints here. Instead I will consider Q’s comment about shrinks in depth.

Q drew attention to a Podesta/mass shooting connection, and wrote:

What does a dog do when he/she has a bone?
Did he have a therapist?
Who paid for his travel to the Middle East?

Anons wrote:

>>5776840, >>5776987, >>5777065 Dig into NZ therapist.



MK Ultra

During the Cold War, the CIA funded a series of secret brainwashing experiments at a prestigious psychiatric clinic at McGill University.

No method was too bizarre, including using LSD, hypnosis, prolonged periods of induced sleep, and electrical shocks to the brain. Patients were given the treatment without explanation or consent, and even decades later complained that they had never completely recovered.

In 1980, the fifth estate exposed the magnitude of the human tragedy with this episode in which two Canadians told their stories publicly for the first time.

Now some recent news stories suggest that crooked psychiatrists are involved. Bear in mind that some people question the credentials of “Adam Lanza.” A news source reported:

On December 14th 2012 Adam Lanza attacked students and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut with an AR-15 rifle leaving 20 children and 6 adults dead.

There have been two recent news stories related to the Adam Lanza case.

One concerns the unethical behavior of Lanza’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fox.

The second story describes a court’s attempt to determine who is responsible for this tragedy.

Did Lanza’s Former Psychiatrist Hide Evidence?

On December 17, 2012 Connecticut police reached Dr. Fox to interview him about the Adam Lanza case. The psychiatrist had moved to New Zealand after things had gotten a bit hot for him in the Northeast.

Just six months earlier, the 59 year old psychiatrist had been accused of sexual assault of a female patient while practicing as a psychiatrist in Brookfield, Connecticut. The patient in question was 19 years old, and state records show that Fox prescribed her “three to four” psychiatric drugs and also gave her free samples. The girl’s mother stated her daughter “was turning into a zombie.”

Following this accusation, Dr. Fox voluntarily gave up his license to practice in New York and Connecticut and began working as a psychiatrist in New Zealand, almost 9,000 miles away from his former office.

During the phone call with the Connecticut police, Fox stated that the only records he had brought to New Zealand were billing records and that all of his medical records pertaining to clients he treated in the United States were “currently in storage in the United States.”

Twenty-four hours after that phone call, Dr. Fox contacted the Connecticut police, telling them that any medical records pertaining to Adam Lanza had been destroyed. Based on the investigative records, Fox last saw Lanza in 2007, which means Dr. Fox destroyed Lanza’s psychiatric records two years earlier than the law allows.

When Fox told law enforcement officials that he had retained his patient billing records, investigators failed to follow this important lead, since billing records offer a great deal of information about a patient’s treatment.

In New Zealand, Dr. Fox worked for the Waikato District Health Board (DHB).

A statement from the DHB said Dr. Fox was employed for 19 months before returning to the US.

During his time in New Zealand, he treated Nicky Stevens, the son of local politician Dave Macpherson. Nicky died while under psychiatric care.

Dr. Fox was de-registered by the New Zealand Medical Council in February 2014.

When Dr. Fox moved back to Maine he discovered his sexual abuse of patients in Connecticut had not been forgotten by the authorities. He was arrested at his home in Peaks Island, Maine on April 20th, 2016 by detectives and Homeland Security Agents and charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault.

What is Known About Adam Lanza’s Psychiatric Treatment?

Dr. Fox had prescribed the antidepressant Lexapro for Adam. Both Adam and his mother Nancy were reluctant to use the medication. Kathleen Koenig, a nurse specialist in psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center convinced them to try it.

Lanza’s mom described her son’s reaction to the drug:

“On the third morning he complained of dizziness. By that afternoon he was disoriented, his speech was disjointed, he couldn’t even figure out how to open his cereal box. He was sweating profusely . . . it was actually dripping off his hands. He said he couldn’t think. . . . He was practically vegetative. He did nothing but sit in his dark room staring at nothing.”

There is also a report of a second psychiatric drug prescribed to Lanza and a second adverse reaction.

Nurse Koenig told police in an interview that Adam was given Celexa, another SSRI antidepressant drug.

Immediately after prescribing a small dose of Celexa to Adam Lanza, Koenig received a phone call from Nancy Lanza who reported her son was “unable to raise his arm.”

However, the nurse didn’t feel that Nancy Lanza’s reports of her son’s reactions to the drug were real and felt Adam “had a biological disorder and needed medication.”

One serious side effect of the Celexa is “muscle rigidity.” Adam had complained that he could not lift his arm.

A side effect of Lexapro is “sweating increased.” Nancy Lanza had told Koenig that Adam had this exact reaction.

The concerned mom was labeled “non-compliant.”

It’s unclear the time sequence of when these drugs were given and Dr. Fox has done his best to hide the exact treatment he gave to Adam.

Given Dr. Fox’s unethical practices in hiding his sexual involvement with his female patient and his questionable work in New Zealand, it’s not unreasonable to suspect Dr. Fox might be hiding other matters. Some of his CVS Pharmacy records were also part of the investigation as they relate to the distribution of controlled substances. Questionable billing practices and improper retention of patient records were also examined. Perhaps something regarding Adam’s exact prescriptions and treatments is yet to be revealed.

Celexa comes with warnings that it can cause suicidal behavior, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, aggression, hostility (predominantly aggression, oppositional behavior and anger) and/or related behavior.

Lexapro comes with warnings that it can increase suicidal thoughts or actions, hostility or aggressive behavior.

Changing dosages or suddenly stopping the medication can also create these behaviors.

AbleChild, a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission includes raising public awareness regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children has been following the Adam Lanza case closely.

The group has filed a Freedom of Information Act in Connecticut asking to see the full mental health, toxicology and autopsy records of Adam Lanza.

AbleChild hopes these questions will be answered:

  • Now that Fox has returned to the states, and clearly is under the watchful eye of law enforcement, will Sandy Hook investigators request Fox’s billing records for psychiatric “treatment” of Adam Lanza?
  • Did Adam Lanza, while under the psychiatric care of Dr. Fox or while a patient at Yale Child Study Center, participate in a clinical trial? (In other words, was Lanza receiving experimental treatments?)
  • Could Nancy Lanza’s notes, now being withheld by the state, provide additional information about the treatment Adam Lanza received while under Fox’s care that might expose further violations of FDA clinical trial record retention laws?

Who Is The Real Culprit?

On April 14, 2016 Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that a lawsuit can proceed against Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle used by Adam Lanza in his attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2014 by the families of nine of the people who were killed.

Bushmaster argued it is protected by a 2005 federal law blocking lawsuits against gun makers when their products were used in the commission of crimes, but the judge declined to dismiss the lawsuit.

It’s interesting to note that the 114 page report “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” written by the Office of the Child Advocate for the State of Connecticut sums up the responsibility for the shooting by saying, “Finally, none of the findings in this report should be interpreted as exculpating (freeing from blame) or reducing Adam Lanza’s accountability for his actions…In the end only he, and he alone, bears responsibility for this monstrous act.”

Adam Lanza killed himself after committing the murders.

Putting all the blame on Lanza lets the true criminal off the hook. The psychiatrist who prescribed this troubled young man pharmaceuticals with known violent side effects is the real culprit in this tragedy.



http://wwHYPERLINK “”wHYPERLINK “” “”king-news/hc-bookfield-adam-lanza-psychiatrist-arrested-0423-20160422-story.html “″anza-ex-psychiatrist-charged-sexual-assault-article-1.2611499 “”st-who-treated-adam-lanza-may-lead-to-answers-in-murder-investigation/ “”t-adam-lanzas-mental-health-treatment-reveals-multiple-drugs/ “”sandyhook11212014.pdf



A Voat user wrote:

See the articles / threads / political munitions below, which I started saving given Qs t-minus [-21] countdown with ‘BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS’ drop (2903 – Feb 26).

Mar 19 2019, JEp records to be unsealed, as per Miami Herald. Pub: Mar 11.

Mar 19, any illegal imm can be detained, and those that have been released but have a criminal history can be re-arrested with NO 24 hr release phase. This is evidently one of the many loophole laws the dems (and pocketed or bribed Reps had passed over the decades, to provide cover for guess what? And >

Mar 18, Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million. (Qs ‘strike’?) The lawsuit is 40 pages in length, in part saying, “Twitter knew the defamation was (and is) happening… because Twitter had (and has) a political agenda and motive… allows its platform to serve as a portal of defamation….”. FN

Mar 18, Fox News is changing its tune towards their pro-Trump reporters. The merger and acquisition of parts of Fox assets by Disney will close BY THE 20th, one day before Qs [-21]. Sean Hannity might get fired given his favorable coverage of Trump and committee’s legal progress. SH would make his leave a very high profile red pill for a big chunk of sleeping masses.

Mar 17, Bloomberg: Germany is Paralized by an impossible choice. “For decades, the country watched the money roll in. Now the global trade order is unravelling.”

Mar 17, The late “No Name” is found to have been deeply tied with Fusion GPS, Sp1gate scandal and many morebto come.

Mar 17, Q taunted and baited Jack Dorsey of Twitter head fame. JD seems to be the boss, but does not actually have full control of his own technology. Q team seems to be looking to take out (hence STRIKE) JD on the 5D board. Leverage, make him want to plead for a deal etc. (Might also get the DP, depending on what heinous crimes he’s committed.)

Mar 16, only reason to bring up the NZ ff is because it is clearly connected to Pedosta. V/GA/ 3099649

Mar 15, National Emergency was voted down in the Senate yest. Today, Barr authorized Trump’s NAT_EM at 3:42 EST.

Mar 15, DIA agent admits guilt in attempted espionage case FOR CHINA, against the US Gov.

Mar 14, multiple lawsuits filed against Yale, USC among others, totalling over $500 billion. And this giant dam has only just started to crack. (Voat / GA / 3095336 )

Mar 14, Rep Collins releases Strozk’ judiciary committee transcript.

Mar 14, q3066 links to NYT article, therefore pointing out CPO of FB left, WhatsApp head left FB too.

Mar 13, Rep Collins releases L.Page’ judiciary committee transcript.

(If you’re saying Collins transcript drops are not BIG, then I suggest you zoom out and look at a broader picture. Consider this: What would have happened in the past? Dems or a corrupt ABC director would have at the very least sealed these, shut down the investigation, or just stretch it out for years until everyone’s forgot about it. Change in pattern, NOW we’ve got a high profile Rep disclosing to US FOR TRANSPARENCY.)

Mar 13, Trump grounded all 737 Max 8 and 9 aircrafts via emergency order. (If I’ve learned anything from SerialBrain2, it’s that Trump’s tweet of “737 stone cold killers” is getting us to double down on the importance of the 737 EO.) Voat / AG / 3092994 [was a good thread on this].

Mar 13, POTUS accused tech giants of colluding with the DEMS. See voat / ga / 3092937.

Mar 13, “House Judiciary Committee Republicans released hundreds of pages of transcripts from last year’s closed door interview with Page.” (Fox News) Obama’s DOJ orderded stand-down on HRC email invtgn.

Mar 12 sees AO.Cortez outed as a puppet, has no experience to speak of to serve in Congress. AOC was hired in a casting call setup by the co-founder of the Young Turks, with a campaign manager from Bernie Sanders’ platform, the brains behind the scenes, Saikat Chakrabarti. (See “The Brains Behind AOC” ON YT. This video also telegraphs the three other dem congresswomen that were “cast” to play their roles.)

Reuters [-8/9] – US college admissions scandal sweeps up Felicity Huffman, Loughlin and McGlashan among almost 50 charged in total. (Hm, are any of these busted “celebrities” connected to the other high profile scandal, NXIVM?)

Daily Beast (“doj finds letter it said didnt exist”)- DOJ lawyer denied a letter existed, where Sessions wrote to Huber in Nov 2017, directing a revisit of the CF and U1 cases. American Oversight sued via FOIA. FOIA senior counsel denied the letter existed in Nov 2018. Then on Mar 9 2019 [-10], DOJ announces that they have found the letter that magically disappeared for some time.

Mar 6 [-15]: Zuck and his Facekek, being re-promoted by Q, being founded the same day as the Pentagon’s program – lifelog – was shutdown. (However, no MSM coverage to speak of.) This was likely to force Zuck into unintended mistake/s.

Feb 2019:

PM of Canada is being called to step down by opposition leader, Scheer. This and PM of i. happened the very NEXT DAY after Qs t-minus [-21] countdown with BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS drop. (Feb 26 – 27)

Israel’s Attorney General has indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in several corruption cases. The charges include bribery, fraud and breach of trust, and the PM will be given the chance to appeal before they are filed.

In Q3014 — Mar 9 — Q says “Anons understand… the FAKE NEWS.” The next sentence connects via all caps, “TODAY THEY ARE LEARNING THE TRUTH.” To me this meant Q team informed MSM, DEM MSM, that the dam starts breaking today (Mar 9), get on side or get left behind when the people awaken.

Hannity seemed to intensify in his resolve, not only were his sources reliable, but they did indeed have a MOAB to give him. He was given a preview of what’s on the horizon…

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