Does hindsight convince us that the happenings were “BIG BIG BIG”?

Recall that at the end of February 2019, Q wrote:

I wrote:

Q predicted that by 20th March 2019, something “BIG BIG BIG” would happen. However, the meeting in Hanoi could be considered historic, and it happened already. I am confident that several “BIG BIG BIG” events will occur, and Q will point to several of them and say, “Promises made. Promises kept.”
I can’t promise that I will blog every day between now and 21 March 2019, but at least I can copy this post for 22 March 2019 and check to see whether anything BIG BIG BIG happened.


With that in mind, let us cast our minds back over the past three weeks and consider whether any of the happenings were “BIG BIG BIG.”

Netanyahu got accused of wrongdoing by his own government.

Trudeau got accused of wrongdoing by his own government.


POTUS vetoed a block to his State of Emergency and a mosque shooting happened that will probably turn out to be a false flag:

In one sense, a long-term “red pill” dropped because a college bribery scandal was exposed:

Federal prosecutors charged dozens of people on Tuesday in a major college admission scandal that involved wealthy parents, including Hollywood celebrities and prominent business leaders, paying bribes to get their children into elite American universities.

Thirty-three parents were charged in the case and prosecutors said there could be additional indictments to come. Also implicated were top college coaches, who were accused of accepting millions of dollars to help admit students to Wake Forest, Yale, Stanford, the University of Southern California and other schools, regardless of their academic or sports ability, officials said.

The parents included the television star Lori Loughlin and her husband, the fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli; the actress Felicity Huffman; and William E. McGlashan Jr., a partner at the private equity firm TPG, officials said.

Corey told us 12 big stories (but I wouldn’t call them BIG BIG BIG):

John Podesta was linked to a Jewish provocateur who may have carried out a mass shooting – whether real or fake remains to be proven:


We had evidence of video trickery used to fake a false flag attack:


We had stories about MK-ULTRA shrinks:

I believe that these stories can be called BIG BIG BIG. The mass shooting, in particular, seems to be a huge excuse for censorship. The less shocking stories may turn out to be much more important in the long run. However, I think Q’s hype has been justified. Whether you agree or disagree, you are welcome to leave a comment explaining your take.

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