Notes on Zionism and its thugs

Siouxsie was coerced into writing the song “Israel” when she annoyed some Zionist thugs.

Depending on whether your browser plug-ins are blocking stuff, you may be able to see a version of that song at:

The world has changed a lot in 20 years. Two decades ago, you would have been hardpressed to pay money for a copy of Butz’s book The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry, and now Unz is offering the book for free at:

Youtube censored an interview that seems to still be available at:

Unz published a story explaining what had happened:

The Saker wrote more than 6000 words about Zionism, a short sample of which is given below:

There is no doubt that the 9/11 false flag (now even admitted (by direct implication) by NIST!) was a watershed, a seminal event in our history. While millions (or even billions) watched in horror as the twin towers burned, a small group of Mossad agents stood nearby and danced in overwhelming joy. Why exactly were these Israelis dancing? Surely there was more than just Schadenfreude in this spontaneous expression of euphoria? Considering that these three dancing Israelis were just the tip of a much bigger iceberg, we can rest assured that there were many more folks dancing in joy that day, especially in Israel.

Why were these Mossad agents so blissful? The answer is obvious: 9/11 put the following notions front and center of the concerns of most people in the US:

  • We are under attack and in grave, imminent, danger
  • Islam wants to destroy our way of life
  • Those who did 9/11 also want to destroy Israel
  • We need to ask the Israelis to share their “expertise” in dealing with Islamic terrorism
  • Draconian laws and new police powers need to be passed to protect us from mass murder
  • If you are not with us, then you are with the terrorists

Almost a decade before 9/11, in 1992, Francis Fukuyama had explained to us that history itself was coming to an end while Samuel P. Huntington explained to us in 1996 that we were witnessing a “clash of civilizations.” This kind of “scholarly” research created the perfect political background to an already rather disquieting perception of the upcoming Year 2000. In 2001, when all hell broke loose, the general public was already well prepared for it (just like the AngloZionist elites who had already prepared the huge “Patriot Act” long before the Twin Towers came down).

9/11 was as much the culmination of a significant preparatory effort as it was the trigger for a decade or more of wars.

Still, all this immense effort into shaping the West’s perceptions was not good enough to hammer the sufficiently hysterical mindset into most people, in spite of the best efforts of the legacy Ziomedia …

Read the whole thing at:

▶Anonymous 03/23/19 (Sat) 04:16:51 308a82 (19) No.5829981>>5830242 >>5830322 >>5830442 >>5830560

Hillary Clinton and Lanny Davis Tried to Establish a Secret Back Channel to Israel, Classified Emails Reveal

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Thursday it discovered at least 5 more classified emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server system.

Judicial Watch announced Thursday it received 756 pages of emails that were among former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s non-“” materials she tried to delete or BleachBit.

Several of the emails discovered in this new tranche of documents contained classified information.

The newly released emails marked “classified” revealed Hillary Clinton discussed establishing a private, “100% off-the-record” back channel to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One of Hillary’s top aides warned her that she was in “danger” of being “savaged by Jewish organizations, in the Jewish press and among the phalanx of neoconservative media” as a result of political maneuvers by “Bibi and the Jewish leadership.”

In a September 2, 2010 email exchanged that was marked classified, Hillary Clinton’s longtime sewer-dwelling confidante and lawyer, Lanny Davis (yes, the same Lanny Davis who now represents Michael Cohen) tells Hillary that he could serve as a private channel for her to Netanyahu.

In September 2, 2010, email exchange marked classified, longtime Clinton confidante Lanny Davis tells Secretary Clinton that he could serve as a private channel for her to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he had a “private and highly trusted communication line, unofficial and personal, to PM N[etanyahu].” Davis goes on to say “[N]o one on the planet (other than your wonderful husband) can get this done as well as you.…” Secretary Clinton responds with classified information, saying “I will reach out to you directly and hope you will continue to do the same w me. The most important issue now is [Redacted B1].”

In a September 18, 2010, email, Davis emails Clinton to tell her that “As soon as I wrote last email, I reverted to my old role as your crisis manager and worrier about you, read the word ‘optics’ I suddenly felt – oops. I am registered under FARA for one or more foreign governments or businesses. I don’t think it would look right. I want to avoid any even slight chance of misperception.” Clinton replies, “Thx for looking out for me, my friend. I’ll tell Cheryl to stand down.” Davis replied, “100% off-the-record.”

Recall, the Deep State-Democrat-media complex fiercely attacked Trump’s former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn for talking to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak on the phone before Trump’s inauguration, claiming his conversations violated the very obscure Logan Act which was established in 1799 and to this day never been invoked in a prosecution.

But Hillary Clinton is allowed to violate the Espionage Act with the use of a private server without fear of reprisal.

If not for Judicial Watch, the American public would never have known about Hillary Clinton’s private server that she used while she was the head of the Department of State.

Hillary Clinton conducted official business on her non-“” emails to evade FOIA because she wanted to conceal her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play.

Crooked Hillary Clinton repeatedly stated that the 55,000 pages she turned over to investigators contained all of her work related emails and that the 33,000 emails she destroyed and deleted were all personal emails that mainly contained Chelsea’s wedding plans and yoga.

In 2017, the FBI discovered 72,000 pages of documents that Hillary tried to delete or destroy and the State Department has been slow-walking the release of those documents.

“We continue to uncover the mishandling of classified information in Hillary Clinton emails that she tried to hide or destroy. This is further evidence of the urgency for the DOJ to finally undertake a complete and legitimate criminal investigation,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Attorney General Barr should immediately order a new investigation of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.”

You can get additional history of Israeli spying at:

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