The Calm Before The Shawarma and the Traitors Within the Gates

Since Muslim attacks on Christians might increase soon, we seem to be drifting through the calm before the shawarma.

However, it may be that homegrown traitors are a greater threat than any number of foreigners shouting “Aloha Snackbar.”


Yuma Arizona Shuts Its Doors To Illegals: Declares State of Emergency

Project Veritas Wins Defamation Lawsuit, Judge Says Videos Accurate and Not Deceptively Edited



>>6215271 Doug Collins writes Barr re enforcing the Foreign Agents Registration Act

>>6215177 , >>6215231 New filing in US vs Roger Stone case

>>6215163 Rand Paul proposes immunity for Assange for testimony on HRC’s emails

>>6215116 , >>6215121 FISA and Cass Sunstein dig

>>6215047 , >>6215057, >>6215107, >>6215133, >>6215158, >>6215209 No missile launch from NK detected

>>6215032 Barnes & Noble offer free Mueller Report e-book upon release

>>6214849 Gen. Flynn’s brother tweets ‘calm before the storm’

>>6214887 WH and Justice Dept. Discussed Mueller Report Before Release

>>6214865 , >>6214945 Former Int. airline manager acted as a Chinese Gov. agent

>>6214750 US Demands Cairo Terminate Plans to Acquire Russia’s Su-35

>>6215208 The WaPo still trying to keep hope alive

>>6214738 , >>6214818, >>6214795, >>6214863, >>6215085, >>6215137 Panic watch

>>6215380 #7947


>>6214592 The Mueller Report to be made available to some members of Congress

>>6214440 Senate Leaders Want Info On ‘Highly Classified’ FBI Memo About Clinton

>>6214427 Washington braces for the Mueller Report

>>6214334 Another 17 on the 1 Year Delta ‘RR. Boom.’ QPost

>>6214333 , >>6214392 POTUS Schedule: 17:17 timestamp two days in a row

>>6214240 Jim Jordan raises grave concers re Cummings subpoena to Mazars

>>6214199 , >>6214265, >>6214351, >>6214565 NXVIM news and the book keeper

>>6214121 MA man pleads guilty to multiple counts of CP offenses

>>6214107 , >>6214419 ICE is deploying all available resources to the border

>>6214093 CBBC and Absolutely Fabulous star Mya-Lecia Naylor dies aged 16

>>6214091 Satanic Cult Awareness: 49 page pdf

>>6214075 AG Barr to hold a press conferrence at 9.30am tomorrow

>>6214033 CIA Docs: UK, France & W Germany Wanted to Bring “Operation Condor” To Europe

>>6214022 Anon on Q, The Plan and operations underway

>>6214008 Armed militia capture illegals in New Mexico

>>6213998 MI evicts Planned Parenthood after locals storm board meeting

>>6213979 & pb >>6213656 VIPS criticize Mueller’s refusal to interview Assange

>>6213956 QProof: Barr’s PC tomorrow and Q’s “PRESS CONF COMING?”

>>6213955 Huawei CEO Compares 5G To “Nuclear Bomb”, Warns US Against Tech Cold War

>>6214638 #7946

#7945 Baker change

>>6213655 Joseph Flynn tweets ‘calm before the storm’

>>6213582 New science study: Donor’s organs may be harvested BEFORE they’re dead

>>6213477 Defamation action against Project Veritas & O’Keefe dismissed

>>6213401 Gazan Christians still waiting for permits to visit Jerusalem for Easter

>>6213365 1 Year Delta: RR defending Barr’s integrity

>>6213257 , >>6213440 Pelosi’s in Ireland re Brexit, undermining POTUS

>>6213240 Kushner: Middle East peace plan won’t be released before June

>>6213217 , >>6213220 Doctors & pharmacists charged in opioid prescription crackdown

>>6213182 Ex-Head Architect of Notre Dame doesn’t believe: Translation

>>6213168 UN: Thousands of children killed or sexually assaulted in Yemen

>>6213167 On POTUS’ use of “stigmacal”, connects to Notre Dame

>>6213155 HRC and the NXIVM court filings

>>6213147 Mystery person & flash Of light found before Notre Dame Cathedral fire

>>6213850 #


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