Republicans say “Awoo,” Q says Mueller blockade is at an end, Easter festivities are being prepared

Today, 19 April, friends of liberty commemorate The Shot Heard Round the World.

The American Revolution began in Lexington, Massachusetts. The “Shot Heard Round the World” took place in Concord later that day.

Here is the PDF of the report, containing volumes I and II.

Click to access report.pdf

The chans are full of celebration, just in time for Easter festivities.


The report contains references to coded language. Apparently Stone recommended Manafort, and the report does not seem to reflect well on Manafort.





>>6230299 Top lawmakers to get a chance to see the non-public Mueller report next week. (all redactions removed except Grand Jury info)

>>6230169 Microsoft unveils two secret data centers built for classified government data.

>>6229971, >>6230084, >>6230147 Q Photos connected? Possible flight path.

>>6229944, >>6230113 You’re dumb if you don’t believe collusion. How the media gaslighting has polluted the justice system in America.

>>6230100, >>6230202 Yorba Linda plane crash & LA military “training” OPs related?

>>6230085 Planefag: 7 Sentry’s and 3 Hawkeyes. Unprecedented.

>>6229666, >>6229973, >>6230032, >>6230108 1st & 10 on the 40 theories.

>>6229946 Japanese investment company executives extradited on charges relating to $1.5 billion ponzi scheme.

>>6229914 DJT Tweet: ““Donald Trump was being framed, he fought back. That is not Obstruction.” @JesseBWatters”

>>6229757 CALL to dig Craig U1 redactions and Ukraine FARAs.

>>6229902 Gold Line is Adam Schiff’s project.

>>6229878 Julian Assange agrees to remain at maximum security Belmarsh jail ahead of US extradition.

>>6229874 Nunes calling for #SpyGate hashtag again (and memes).

>>6229866 Planefag: MH-60 Seahawk San Diego.

>>6229860 26 States now ban or restrict community broadband.

>>6229855 Kellyanne: We had Wisconsin. We didn’t need WikiLeaks.

>>6229838 Recent drug seizures at LBP and others.

>>6229765 Port of Long Beach VP – Bonnie Lowenthal.

>>6229746 College admission scandal defendants mount aggressive defense.

>>6229733 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6229708 Two crumbs about Long Beach.

>>6229686 Axelrod: Mueller Report ‘Virtually Inviting an Impeachment Probe’ from Congress.

>>6229651 AF1 headed toward Florida.

>>6229617 Air Canada flight travelling to Winnipeg diverted to Regina due to emergency.

>>6229616 Ninth Circuit denies Trump attempt to block California sanctuary law.

>>6229589 Google leftists panic about leaks, threaten employment of colleagues.

>>6230312 #7966


>>6229418 LBP trying to use rail to traffic children?

>>6229468 Joint Forces Training Base.

>>6229453 House Majority Leader Hoyer: “Impeachment not worthwhile” after seeing Mueller report.

>>6229399 LBP ties Clinton and DiFi and China together.

>>6229398 Giuliani slams Mueller report as ‘cheap shot’.

>>6229337 Cliff Sloan redacted name in Mueller Report?

>>6229219 Long Beach airport nearby.

>>6229232 Long Beach Q drop.

>>6229245,>>6229294 Queen Mary and creepy pool nearby.

>>6229231 Unusual earthquake activity in California.

>>6229283, >>6229239 Nunes statement on Mueller report.

>>6229106 High res aerial of Q pic.

>>6229166 DJT Tweet: “Today, I was thrilled to host the @WWP Soldier Ride once again at the @WhiteHouse. We were all deeply honored to be in the presence of TRUE AMERICAN HEROES….”

>>6229165 Live: Trump departs JBA aboard Air Force One.

>>6229160 Planefag: Callsigns FEAR 41 & 42 B-52s to go with RATS41 & 42, BOSSY86 E-6

>>6229126 Canada extends deadline for Trans Mountain pipeline decision to June 18.

>>6228992, >>6229058, >>6229123 Chinese got long Beach Deal.

>>6228983 Police believe electrical short circuit responsible for Notre Dame fire.

>>6228937 About the city of Seal Beach.

>>6228876 Los Alamitos City Council voted 4-1 to not be a sanctuary.

>>6228868 Libyan loot in South Africa?

>>6228856 POTUS Schedule: “POTUS and FLOTUS walk together to MarineOne on their way the Maralago for the Easter holiday. Do not stop to take Q’s.”

>>6228837 Q in NCIS.

>>6229523 #7695



Baker Change

>>6228593 Lexington began at about 5am. Q watch.

>>6228487 Dapperpepeanon narrows down the 1st redaction’s starting letter.

>>6228132 Redacted PAIN.

>>6228433 Border-wall funding looks like it won’t divert $310 million in Southern California military construction. (Seal Beach)

>>6228408 Hannity: Democrats have lost and they don’t know it.

>>6228336 Sara Carter article: Mueller’s Report Ends ‘WitchHunt’ But What’s About To Unfold Is The Real Story.

>>6228315 POTUS Schedule.

>>6228305, >>6228392, >>6228614 Seal Beach in Q’s photo. (Long Beach Port)

>>6228277 US Army Tweet: “Do you know the Warrior Ethos?”

>>6228272 Sears sues ex-CEO Lampert, Steven Mnuchin for looting the company.

>>6228264, >>6228368 Illhan Omar and Cair campaign finance dig.

>>6228140 US Marines Tweet: “Red, White and Blue. Spray”



Baker Change

>>6227760 US COAST GUARD twat: will turn nearly 18k lbs. of drugs worth $62 million to DEA agents today.

>>6227745 Paul Sperry twat on report: The investigation did not identify evidence connecting the events of June 9 & the GRU’s hack-and-dump operation

>>6227731 US Army twat: Do you know the Warrior Ethos?

>>6227667 Anon finds left’s new 4am talking point: “materially impaired”

>>6227599 1800 Migrants Illegally Enter El Paso Sector in One Day

>>6227552 POTUS_Schedule twat: AG Bill Barr will appear before the Senate Judiciary Cmte on May 1st. He will also appear before the House on May 2nd.

>>6227543 Report: National Enquirer Sold to Hudson News CEO for $100 Million

>>6227537 PapD twat w/ CAP: I have just been told my sources in Rome that Joseph Mifsud’s address has been disclosed to the Italian media

>>6227465 Google Leftists Panic About Leaks, Threaten Employment of Colleagues

>>6227426 Boeing 737 engine catches fire just before takeoff in Moscow

>>6227388 Anon graphic on ‘Trump Card’

>>6227353 Anon points out that ongoing cases that are redacted are on page D-5

>>6227306 Mueller Report: Leftists, Never-Trumpers Claim ‘Pee Tape’ Is Real Based on Misleading Screenshot

>>6227298, >>6227330 Anon’s friendly reminder that the first shot of the American Revolutionary War was fired on April 19, 1775


>>6227218 Graphic demonstrating how little of the Mueller report is Redacted

>>6227170 Rep. Nadler speaks after release of redacted Mueller report



>>6227077 Mueller report directly contradicts bombshell BuzzFeed story.

>>6227071 NZ ex-official guilty of hiding camera in embassy toilet.

>>6227052 Mike Pence’s statement on the Mueller report.

>>6226995 Russian ‘Witness” told Mueller investigation the pee-pee tape was not real. But they hid this from Michael Cohen.

>>6226980 HBO knocks Trump after he uses “Game of Thrones” meme to celebrate Mueller report findings.

>>6226935 France insurance firm AXA divests from Israel arms manufacturer

>>6226923 Corsi and Assange from Mueller report.

>>6226915 Interview on French TV with former (until 2013) head-architect of Notre Dame Benjamin Mouton

>>6226887 Secret IDB proposal would give $48 billion infusion to boost Venezuela’s economy after regime change.

>>6226852 Report: White House wants investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

>>6226819 EU pushes the censorship lever into overdrive.

>>6226793 John Solomon: How the Mueller report’s key conclusion lays bare a lot of bad reporting and punditry by the professional news media.

>>6226779 PapaD Tweet: Mifsud situation.

>>6226772 Several Supercuts of CNN lying.

>>6226708 PapaD Tweet: “Scandals I see emerging…”

>>6226662 Rising Democratic star Pete Buttigieg enlists Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fundraisers to build his 2020 campaign war chest.

>>6226649, >>6226654 New York Times accidentally unravels UK government’s official Skripal narrative.

>>6226638 The National Enquirer is being sold for $100 million to James Cohen, CEO of Hudson News.

>>6226528 Jim Jordan’s statement on Mueller report.

>>6226556 Austria warns of new massive migration wave to Europe this spring.

>>6226527 Facebook bans British anti-immigrant groups including EDL, BNP and Britain First.

>>6226503 Operation Shotgiant: NSA’s operation to infiltrate Huawei.

>>6226452 Trump campaign responds to Mueller report: ‘Time to investigate the liars’.



>>6226287 New POTUS Tweet and Video: “As I have been saying all along, NO COLLUSION – NO OBSTRUCTION!”

>>6226238 Mueller Report: Julian Assange said he would prefer GOP beating ‘sociopath’ Hillary Clinton back in 2015.

>>6226113 Illegal already once deported arrested in Ohio for raping a 15 year old.

>>6225946, >>6226104, >>6226233 Recent actor’s deaths.

>>6226082 PapaD Tweet: “There we have it folks. Next steps should be taken, as I state in the WSJ today, subpoenae the three spies: Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper…”

>>6225977 Black America is waking up and escaping the Democrat plantation. WWG1WGA

>>6225985 Giuliani reacts to details emerging from Mueller report.

>>6225916 White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told investigators she lied to the press after Comey firing.

>>6225813 Cohen lied to others and broke the law, but what he gave the Special Counsel was deemed reliable.

>>6225772 NTSB investigating ‘near crash’ at JFK last week.

>>6225768 Very cool gift given to POTUS from the Wounded Warriors. o7

>>6225759 More Manafort subversion.

>>6225727 Army Reserve Tweet: “Make sure you high five your battle buddy today!”

>>6225743 DJT Jr.: “TOLD ‘YA!!!”

>>6225690 US weekly jobless claims lowest since 1969; unemployment rolls shrink.

>>6225658 Rudy Giuliani: You’re going to find out they were framing him.

>>6225633 Jim Jordan tweets.

>>6225614 DJT Jr. Tweet: “I never thought I’d see the day that Democrats would be distraught and in tears that their President DID NOT COLLUDE WITH THE RUSSIANS…”

>>6225606 DJT Jr. re-Tweet: MSM is speed reading geniuses.

>>6225605 More Maggie thoughts.

>>6225590 LMAO. No wonder they bought in on the Mueller report.



>>6225454 General summary after 150 pages.

>>6225377 1 Year 3 day delta.

>>6225353 Dough Collins statement on Mueller report.

>>6225341 Bannon and Prince conflicting stories re: Dmitriev meeting.

>>6225312 Volume II starts on page 200. Not a separate report document.

>>6225309 Maggie Tweets re: report.

>>6225300 CNN clown convulsing.

>>6225247, >>6225265, >>6225274 GRU definition.

>>6225025 Trump Jr. and Wikileaks.

>>6225018, >>6225151 Seth Rich section.

>>6224893, >>6224988 Pg. 19, 22

>>6224982 U.S. Navy Tweets “High Five”

>>6224973 Mueller report using Maggie articles as evidence?

>>6224967 Mueller: Trump administration showed interest in Wikileaks emails.

>>6224864, >>6224957 Flynn and PapaD sections.

>>6224856 McConnell urges raising tobacco purchase age to 21.

>>6224815, >>6224823, >>6224839 Secret court cases.

>>6224750 Mueller Report out!

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