Illegal surveillance – start watching around the 11 minute mark

I am breaking my self-imposed limit of no more than two posts per week because this is important. Incidentally, Q directed our attention to this.

I don’t know how I’m embedding this video. It is supposed to start at the 660 second mark, but if you click on it, you may find it starts at the zero second mark and you have to manually advance it.

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2 Responses to Illegal surveillance – start watching around the 11 minute mark

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I was a lot younger when Watergate was going on. This is much worse.

  2. One plausible scenario is this: Trump will be the figurehead. Meanwhile, hardcore operators in the military will expose the human traffickers and send them to military tribunals (and eventually to lethal injections). But at the end of the Trump administration, even though a lot of human traffickers will have been killed, the social tensions between poor whites, poor blacks, rich plutocrats, and splinter demographics will remain unbalanced.

    In other words, even if Hillary does get locked up, the white population of the USA could still decline sharply. Native-born whites who do not have lots of babies might get replaced by legal immigrants who have lots of babies.

    Some very optimistic people think that whites in the USA will resurge and have a new golden age of high white fertility.

    I know how to extrapolate trends from data. However, even if I had demographic data, the practical situation will mostly be determined by “black swan” events that cannot be extrapolated from historical data. Thus I don’t speculate about the fate of the white gene pool in the USA.

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