Swampier than you had imagined: Another Jewish shooter, and Notables 8128 to 8085


A Jew shot up a synagogue, but unsurprisingly the violence was blamed on “anti-Semitism,” not a rogue Jew.


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DEVELOPING: Pawoy gunman name is John Earnest. Wrote anti Jewish manifesto before the shooting at the Chabad Synagogue – reports


Poway Synagogue Shooter Left a Manifesto – Calls President Trump a “Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*cksucker”

Several people were shot on Saturday at a San Diego synagogue. Police have one man in custody.

The shooting took place exactly six months after the Tree of Life Shooting in Pittsburgh.

One of the victims is said to be the synagogue’s Rabbi, Yisorel Goldstein, who founded the Chabad center in 1986.

There is at least one fatality.

The mayor of Poway is calling this a hate crime.

Police searched a home in San Diego today following the shooting.

Police said the killer left a manifesto. Authorities are also examining his social media accounts.

According to reports the manifesto was posted on Pastebin on Saturday.

The anti-Semite HATES President Donald Trump.

Poway Synagogue Shooter Left a Manifesto – Calls President Trump a “Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*cksucker”

Full manifesto





The Representative Council of Jewish Organizations in France (CRIF) has instructed their puppet, the President of France, to criminalize opposition to Israel’s racist state ideology of Zionism. The puppet complied. Anti-Zionism is now equated with anti-Semitism. As Israel is Zionist, criticizing Israel is now considered hatred of Jews and is a hate crime. Thus has Macron put the final nail in the coffin of the Palestinian people and silenced all citizens of France who have a moral conscience and oppose the Israeli theft of Palestine and slaughter of the Palestinian people.

Macron’s masters have also instructed him to shut down the Yellow Vests protests because they are anti-Semitic. Frances Kalifat, one of the puppet masters who pulls Macron’s strings, has instructed Macron that “Drastic measures must be taken to bring thse demonstrations to an end.”



Deep State Espionage: Obama intelligence chiefs hacked computer of FISA court judge

Deep State Espionage: Obama intelligence chiefs hacked computer of FISA court judge

Anons have noted:


>>6356955 Turkey indicts third US Consulate worker in Istanbul on terrorism charges

>>6356949 North Korean foreign ministry delegation en route to Syria, Iran: KCNA

>>6356913 New DJT twat w/CAP: I spoke at length yesterday to Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, Chabad of Poway…

>>6356901 Security beefed up in Tokyo as emperor prepares to abdicate

>>6356882 Algeria’s finance minister, ex police chief in court amid graft investigations

>>6356866 Turkey says UAE spy suspect committed suicide in prison

>>6356851 Lawyer Michael Avenatti due in California court on fraud charges

Baker Change

>>6356746 98K Illegal Aliens Graduating from U.S. High Schools Every Year

>>6356700, >>6356730 RBG’s eyes: Has the color changed?

>>6356679, >>6356547 Brad Parscale on ‘Face the Nation’: “You don’t understand how swampy it is ’til you get here” (vid; see @29min)

>>6356587, >>6356630, >>6356719 Katie Walsh DIGG

>>6356478 Steve Hilton lay into Biden: he’s “irredeemably swampy” (vid & notes) (FoxNews)

>>6356469, >>6356475 Washington Irving digg

>>6356451, >>6356464 Senators Grassley & Johnson letter to AG Barr demands details re investigation on Obama’s illegal spying on Trump

>>6356421 Radio ads offer to ‘help out’ migrants trying to enter US, Border Patrol official says (FoxNews)

>>6356390 Do Border Walls Work? (great stats from Hungary)

>>6356360 Giuliani: Mueller Team Thought They Could ‘Frame’ Trump (Breitbart)

>>6356350 Prosecutor Kim Foxx Gets Subpoenaed For Jussie Smollett Case (complex.com)

>>6357050 #8128


>>6355599, >>6355797, >>6355813, >>6356187 From crumb #522: Pre D = pre Declas?


>>6355626 Who is Katie?: Pitcock married Katherine A. Seaman on June 30, 2007

>>6355638 Boeing waited until after Lion Air crash to tell Southwest safety alert was turned off on 737 Max

>>6355727 Boeing CEO faces shareholders for first time since 737 MAX crashes

>>6355734 The commander of the prison at Guantánamo Bay has been fired seven weeks before he was to leave the job.

>>6355745 Anon: Did Kamala Harris lie on question 11 of gun form # 4473 ?

>>6355796 Anon’s theory: Sparrow Red = Spa[RR]ow ROD?

>>6355855, >>6355969, >>6355988, >>6355994 Criminal complaint against Manafort (1:17-cr-00201) contains an Exhibit M re Podesta/Ukraine

>>6355936 Heather Podesta was at the White House Correspondent’s brunch

>>6356091 Article on “A Secret Underground Vault In The Vatican”

>>6356193 Masonic Lodge Branch Reportedly BUSTED by Police in Sicily, Italy (March 2019)

>>6356279 #8127


>>6354801 According to Google [M] is MI6 “Master”

>>6354825, >>6355023 Pence calls the dead Senator Lugar a friend and mentor

>>6354826 Robert Francis O’Rourke’s rally drew 35-50 people

>>6354838 CIA black ops inspired Netflix shows

>>6354949, >>6355240 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division Tweets: The Storm Has Come

>>6354965 Abe, Trudeau to seek rule of law in resolving dispute over Huawei

>>6355033 Tory Members Threatened with Party Expulsion if They Back Farage

>>6355106 M = 13 connection to POTUS’ tweets

>>6355109 NASA And FEMA Will Simulate An Impending Asteroid Strike Next Week

>>6355116, >>6355118 Resignations in the news this weekend

>>6355233 New Sara Carter tweet: WHO IS KATIE IN STRZOK’S TEXT?

>>6355242 Barr threatened to skip this week’s House Judiciary hearing over Rep. Nadler’s proposal to have committee staff question him

>>6355442 Yellow Vests mutilated by ‘sublethal’ police weapons form their own association, plan anti-brutality

>>6355504 #8126


>>6354727 GOP ready to step up spy case (MSN)

>>6354675 Past Q Post including [13=M]

>>6354671 2015 article re media organisations donations to the CF

>>6354491 Anon decode: More Sparrow Red = Spa[RR]ow ROD?

>>6354433 , >>6354563 Heather Podesta tweeted only ‘M’ on March 25 2018

>>6354218 Giuliani tweets a cryptic ‘M’

>>6354117 Nigel Farage reveals how Brexit Party is funded: ‘Received one BIG donation’

>>6354158 Planefag Update

>>6354035 Yuma Border Fence Upgrade Begins Immediately

>>6354017 , >>6354130 More on Guantanamo commander being fired

>>6354767 #8125


>>6353896 CNN’s Jake Tapper Admits: Trump Did Not Call Neo-Nazis ‘Very Fine People’ in Charlottesville

>>6353777 Another fake hate crime, this time at a Jewish Cafe in Winnipeg

>>6353711 Jet Blue flight quarantined at JFK airport because of suspected measles

>>6353701 Amazon’s digital freight brokerage platform goes live

>>6353569 Nat Sec Advisor Bolton confirms that Trump admin pledged to pay NK 2million, but no money was actually exchanged

>>6353523 Clockfag update for the night shift, re-read crumbs

>>6353491, >>6353553 US Marine twat, No Man Left Behind

>>6353464 Bun on all terrorist attacks since New Zealand

>>6353451 U.S Navy Acknowledges: MMR Vaccine Caused Viral Mumps Outbreak

>>6353432 New Zealander Faces 14 Years After Pleading Guilty To Sharing Mosque Shooting Video

>>6353412 Based young man speaking about reproductive rights

>>6353327 Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports’ international terminals passport control down.

>>6353971 #8124


>>6353060 Runners in “fun run” organized by AOC didn’t know their entrance fees went to her campaign

>>6352881, >>6353020 For Digging, Harvard and CIA connections

>>6352792 Cory Booker campaign speech interrupted by car crash

>>6352762, >>6352781 Iran drone spying US Warships in Persian Gulf

>>6352746 Synagogue shooting suspect believed to have acted alone, San Diego sheriff says

>>6352723, >>6352809 Far Right according to BBC makes big gains in Spanish elections, moar on election results

>>6352551, >>6352590, >>6352757 Japanese Prime Minister twats 4-10-20, Q posts related? Moar for digging

>>6353195 #8123


>>6351722, >>6351760, >>6351761, >>6351849 Baltimore shooting update: 1 dead, 7 wounded; happened during a cookout

>>6351851 Japanese police probe knife on desk of emperor’s grandson – related to his abdication? >>6351810

>>6351913 Anon on vacancies at the Fed

>>6351962 ISIS’s ceremonial/functional leader in hiding, planning to enter Iraq

>>6352070 House Democrat on Judiciary Committee admitted Sunday that his “sole focus” is unseating POTUS

>>6352085, >>6352126 Baltimore Shooting Update: Confirmed suspect is a white man, wearing white, fled in white vehicle…

>>6352377 …However, Heavy.com is reporting it was a black man that did the shooting near the MD church

>>6351765 Anon does the math: Pope donating $6.66 per migrant at U.S. border. Symbolism will be their downfall.

>>6352140 Based Trey Gowdy re: Eric Swallowell: “Prosecutors prove that you did something; politicians make you prove you did not.”

>>6352181 Update to Notable Posts text archives

>>6352229 Task Force Guantanamo conducted change of command ceremony welcoming incoming commander after outgoing was fired yesterday

>>6352294 Over 130,000 Protest China Extradition Amendments

>>6352304 New Mexico county to block Democratic governor from releasing migrants in its backyard

>>6352358 [NBC’s] 60 minutes calls out China on fentanyl trafficking into the U.S. via the postal service.

>>6352406 #8122


>>6350995, >>6351526 Pence praises “friend and mentor” Lugar after longtime senator’s death

>>6351073 Guantánamo Bay Prison Commander Has Been Fired

>>6351098 Portuguese newspaper makes allegation that missing Madeleine McCann’s mother was MI5 spy

>>6351161, >>6351313 Reports of a shooting with multiple victims near or at a church in Baltimore, MD, 7 injured

>>6351262 According to NBC/MSNB legal contributor, Dems have scheduled Mueller to testify next month

>>6351281, >>6351297 Video of [Sally Yates] claiming POTUS should be indicted on obstruction

>>6351312 Winning: Czech gun maker to build plant at Little Rock Port, employing 565 in 6 years

>>6351446 Rush Limbaugh: Trump Knows Who’s Behind the Coup Against Him

>>6351465 Federal Reserve defies White House and Congress (Hill)

>>6351641 #8121


>>6350099 Assange’s father claims Ecuadorian protection was traded in for a US bank loan

>>6350134 Libyan GNA Claims Foreign-Owned Warplanes Behind Strikes on Tripoli

>>6350160 Cummings relents to one of two White House demands for ex-security chief interview

>>6350185 Ilhan Omar thinks POTUS acknowledging infanticide ‘dangerous and sickening!’

>>6350193 Mexican Border State Cops Kill 9 Cartel Gunmen in Clash

>>6350246 Articles on there being No Collusion, No Obstruction

>>6350373 John Bolton, Iran’s foreign minister grapple over regime change in back-to-back interviews

>>6350650 Anon ties recent happenings to Comey tweets, including synagogue shooting

>>6350415, >>6350518 Repost of the SpyGate Graphic

>>6350641 Current MSM on John Hickenlooper

>>6350810 #8120


>>6349647 POTUS mentions Red, White and Black Hats at rally

>>6349833, >>6336214 (pb) Take Back, Snowball rolling, Q drop connections

>>6349622 Graham: Supreme Court Chief Justice Should Have FISA Court Ask DOJ, FBI ‘Did You Mislead Us’ (VIDEO)

>>6349600, >>6349230 (lb) DJT Tweets re vaccines, revises vaccine schedule for Barron

>>6349448 Jay Sekulow: [PP] has profited from abortions by selling the body parts of aborted babies.

>>6349445 Barr warns House Dems he might not appear at hearing (Hill)

>>6349438 At Least 40 Members of White Helmets Admit Staging Syria Chemical Attacks (Sputnik)

>>6349382, >>6349666 Poway, CA mayor dig

>>6350000 #8119


>>6349159 Smollett update: top prosecutor has been subpoenaed to appear in court (ABC)

>>6349108 Washington passes human composting bill, up to Governor now to sign it

>>6349039 Outbreak of over 12,000 cases of measles in Ukraine, caused by recent vaccination campaign?

>>6348837 Ben Rhodes former Hussein Dep Nat Sec Adviser re being investigated (Repost)

>>6348835 Trump ‘Outs’ Judge Napolitano, Says He Came Asking For SCOTUS Nod (DailyCaller)

>>6348820 Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, speaks to 60 Minutes Australia (VIDEO)

>>6348803 Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale on DeFace The Nation: 2020 will be Bigger, Better, and Badder

>>6348737 Not In My Backyard: New Mexico Dem Governor moves to block migrant release in his county (DCExaminer)

>>6348725, >>6348744, >>6348565 Sally Yates trending on Twatter. Fitton: she should be investigated

>>6348722 JPMorgan: We Are Fast Approaching The Point Where Banks Run Out Of Liquidity (ZeroHedge)

>>6348688 Netanyahu calls summit on “upsurge” in “anti-Semitic” attacks worldwide (RT)

>>6348637, >>6348653 Based Epoch Times printing full page redpills on Spygate

>>6348588 Muslim “Migrants” in Germany say that victims are to blame for rape attacks due to skimpy attire.

>>6348579 Texas to RESCIND memo questioning citizenship of thousands of voters (Hill)

>>6348556 Anon: Why the “Flaming Socialist” D’s are the Only Ones Running for President

>>6349237 #8118


>>6347791 ‘scientist of year’ w/ patents, NXIVM & Epstein ties, and drives Lyft, DoorDash and PostMates?

>>6347860 vid – sister of rabbi explains how the rabbi tried to rip the gun from the shooters hands

>>6347872, >>6347896, >>6347903, >>6347957, >>6347960, >>6347982 anons dig on DDG ‘god’ search

>>6347964 Goog vs DDG SxS on ‘god’

>>6348001, >>6347949, >>6347995, >>6348239 cont’d digs from pb >>6347144 Farkas and Wright, Aspen Speker List Dig

>>6348155 Barr spars with Nadler, threatens to skip testimony after dispute over hearing format (Fox News)

>>6348005 China’s swine fever outbreak sets off scrap over pork (no bacon ? egad!!)

>>6347901 Warlock electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems?

>>6348181 digits confirm – ‘We have a terror recruiting problem in Minnesota’ (Cnn)

>>6348277 former Sen Dick Lugar dies at age 87

>>6348244, >>6348222 explosions, coal station fire, new London Heathrow Airport

>>6348391 #8117


>>6346946 Bill Binney will be interview 8pm Eastern on Patriots Soapbok (message not messenger)

>>6346911 Father, two brothers of suspected Sri Lanka bombings mastermind killed in gun battle

>>6347125 Abu Dhabi fund deposits $250 million in Sudan central bank

>>6347077 lil brian stelter trashing 8chan on unreliable sources [cnn sucks] right now

>>6347067 anon digs Comey Swallwell twats connects

>>6347176 House Judiciary Dem, Cedric Richmon, calls for Trump to testify under oath [retard]

>>6347153 addl sauce on whistleblower Dennis Montgomery

>>6347265 anon theory on POTUS 21 [dirty players] last night is that [-21] from Q 2903 ?

>>6347554 Trump drawing big air Q at rally

>>6347943 #8116


>>6346778 Pastor threatens to report girl to ICE unless she has sex with him

>>6346668 Anon connecting the dots with images

>>6346665 Synagogue Shooter Also Under Investigation For Attempted Mosque Arson

>>6346639 Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up’

>>6346558 Over 1000 Quarantined As Measles Spreads Across LA Universities

>>6346403 Democratic Strategist Decries Buttigieg’s Popularity: ‘Sexism Is Alive and Well in 2020’

>>6346400 Anon theory on Trump twats, and International Military Tribunals

>>6346401 WHCA President Olivier Knox: My Crying Son Asked, Will Trump ‘Put You in Prison?’

>>6346345 Dark Money Leftist Group Runs Facebook Ads Targeting Kavanaugh

>>6346286 Obama intelligence chiefs hacked computer of FISA court judge

>>6346263 Border Patrol releasing migrant families directly into Tucson

>>6346254, >>6311290 (pb), >>6311345 (pb), >>6346771 New US Navy patent, Unconventional spacecraft propulsion systems, w/moar research

>>6346177, >>6346433, >>6346469 Barr warns House Dems he might not appear at hearing

>>6346834 #8115


>>6346069 Russia is open to discussing a new arms control treaty with the U.S

>>6346057 New Trump twat, will be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, 10am

>>6345890 Fitton twat, Q post, WH visitor logs lining up

>>6345889 Huawei is 99 per cent answerable to Chinese state says ex-Government security adviser

>>6345835 Top Ukip candidate said it was OK to abuse “young boys” in a sick YouTube rant

>>6345816, >>6345819 (Opinion article) Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 – and it won’t end well this time either

>>6345814 California Inmate Accused of Torturing, Beheading Cellmate

>>6345489 Isikoff is now skeptical of the Steele Dossier, the original clown to break the story

>>6345334, >>6345336 Construction Crane collapse kills 4 working on a future Google Bldg.

>>6345374, >>6345393 John Earnest Family Connections/Family Tree

>>6345512 A few points to remember about John Brennan w/historical context

>>6346076 #8114


>>6344684 Ben Rhodes, Former Dep NSAdvisor to [hussein] squirming thorugh vid re C and O

>>6344598 old Dubya TV news appeal video for cash for Clinton Haiti relief.

>>6344649 Jeremy Hubbard dig by anon

>>6344698 Keeping it in the familly – incestuous MSM and GOV

>>6344939 Trump: Napolitano asked me to pardon his friend, put him on Supreme Court

>>6345124 Pence and Ryan were discussing Rule 9. (cnn 2016)

>>6345063, >>6345089, >>6345088, >>6345073 more pence digs, stemming from >>6345063 old vid

>>6345158 #8113


>>6343790 TurboTax, H&R Block hid free filing option from Google so customers couldn’t find it

>>6343936 Boom Bust host Commissioner Bart Chilton dies at age 58

>>6344046 Gunfire from Mexico Crossed Border and Hit Texas Woman in Face

>>6344068 Pirates attack Gulf of Mexico oil rig, lock up crew and loot the contents

>>6343872, >>6344043, >>6344058, >>6344297, >>6344314 Plane fag reports

>>6344084 Charlotte Pence writes children books about a white rabbit

>>6344100 Alarms Go Off As Credit Card Charge-Offs Soar To Seven Year High

>>6344110 Former Obama advisor: Investigating Origins of Russia Probe ‘Waste of Time’ (5min vid)

>>6344359 US citizen released from Venezuelan prison after 5 year detention

>>6344422 #8112


>>6343040, >>6343102, >>6343191 Twitter user who found the /pol/ post of the San Diego shooter before the shooting happened has interesting tweets

>>6343046 New York Times Under Fire for Printing ‘Anti-Semitic’ Cartoon Depicting Trump, Netanyahu

>>6343058, >>6343120, >>6343156 Reminder: Satanic drag queen, Xochi Mochi, read at the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California

>>6343084 AF1 has landed safely

>>6343160 US synagogue shooting reportedly linked to Christchurch terror attack in pre-cursor post

>>6343213, >>6343278, >>6343484, >>6343607 Sauce for the brochure where Mifsud is mentioned (see page)

>>6343328 Mexico: President Amlo’s criticism sparks death threats to newspaper

>>6343338 New POTUS RT

>>6343374, >>6343430 Professor Charles Crawford’s connection to Professor Joseph Mifsud

>>6343406 Pope donates $500,000 for migrants stranded in Mexico

>>6343418, >>6343550 Stephen Halper, Joseph Mifsud, and Alexander Downer connection

>>6343561 ISIS claims 3 of the bombers who blew up during Sri Lanka raid were militants

>>6343590 Suspected CA Synagogue Gunman Called Trump ‘Jew-Loving, Anti-White, Traitorous Cocksucker’ in Manifesto

>>6343660 Justin Trudeau accused of “corruption on top of corruption,” by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

>>6343717 #8111


>>6342284 Juan Guaido held a rally today in Caracas where he provided new details about the May 1 march

>>6342289, >>6342872 Diagrams of Planned Parenthood kickback scheme

>>6342294 Comey tweets suspicious list for #JobsIveHad

>>6342295 Video of Poway Shooter Playing Classical Piano Scrubbed from Youtube

>>6342313 White House Correspondents Dinner opens with “dark sermon” about Trump

>>6342314 Kansas Supreme Court Rules State Constitution Protects Right To Abortion

>>6342361 Donald Trump Renegotiates: $40 Billion Japanese Car Plants Coming to U.S.

>>6342407 Planefag: unusual flight path for 09-0015 which always accompanies AF1

>>6342598, >>6342609, >>6342460 Dig on Robert Hannigan

>>6342610, >>6342853 Joseph Mifsud in the London Academy brochure

>>6342650, >>6342743, >>6342906, >>6342923 New POTUS Tweets

>>6342656, >>6342660 Swastika painted on Poway home (December 2018)

>>6342757, >>6342870, >>6342914, >>6342951 San Diego shooter John Earnest is jewish

>>6342983 #8110


>>6342055 Pope sends aid to migrants stranded at the US border

>>6341852 Q posts, “Truth, Transparency, and Equal Justice Under the Law.” with deltas

>>6341849 Oklahoma Gov., Kevin Stitt signs controversial abortion ‘reversal’ bill

>>6341828 5 people found dead in Sumner County, TN, suspect on the run

>>6341791 Maggie Habberman retwat 8chan users implored San Diego shooter to “get a high score”

>>6341744 New Trump twat Thank You Green Bay, MAGA

>>6341566 I-90 shutdown in Illinois after possible explosive device found during traffic stop

>>6341554 Woman Killed After Tesla Model S Blows Through South Florida Stop Sign

>>6341500 New York AG investigating National Rifle Association’s finances

>>6342162 #8109


>>6341333 Cartel leader gets 20 years for meth distribution in Washington

>>6341184 Schiff Walks Back Trump Impeachment Plans: “Vote His Ass Out Of Office” (Zero Hedge)

>>6341176 Q post deltas that point to today (graphic)

>>6341157 Rally viewer counts on several Youtube live streams

new baker

>>6340810 FBI, DHS task forces to address election security are now permanent (engadget)

>>6340805 Pence Lashes Out at Strzok, Page for Talk of ‘Infiltrating’ His Transition Team (Natty Review)

>>6340776, >>6340778, >>6340784 Yellow Vests shout-out

>>6340759 Roman Catholics NY released a list of 115 priests and five deacons accused of sexually abusing children

>>6341378 #8108


>>6340398, >>6340393, >>6340385, >>6340384, >>6340381 White Hats & Black Hats

>>6340434, >>6340431, >>6340453 These people are sick!

>>6340302, >>6340306, >>6340301 POTUS: “We have all the cards”

>>6340173, >>6340141 “Big Big Storm”

>>6340096 Police re-open probe into murder of Margaret Thatcher’s confidante Airey Neave (DailyMail)

>>6340049 Heavy gunfire in northeast Mexico; 9 suspects killed and 2 officers injured (@BNONews)

>>6340019 Interesting election happenins in Pearland, a suburb of Houston, TX.

>>6340000 Rally Livestreams (several links)

>>6340638 #8107


>>6339817 New York attorney general has launched an investigation into the National Rifle Association

>>6339469, >>6339487 Brennan Panic on full display

>>6339463 Alaska Governor asks Trump to “intervene” against deep state

>>6339444 NRA Speech by POTUS.”Shot heard round the world” is mentioned.

>>6339440 Belt and Road roadblocks: Beijing forum falls short on transparency

>>6339388 DJT: Just arrived in Green Bay Wisconsin

>>6339330 Kek: Only a couple dozen people at Beta Male O’rourke “rally”

>>6339218 Multiple people killed in Sumner County, Tennessee; suspect still on the loose – WKRN

>>6339214, >>6339300 POTUS Rally Livestream link

>>6339187, >>6339468, >>6339172, >>6339187, >>6339726 Crane crashes into Seattle Goolag building/ killing 4

>>6339869 #8106


>>6338389 NRA president Oliver North just resigned in a dramatic fashion

>>6338413 Marco Rubio said Russian hackers infiltrated Florida county elections

>>6338467 Chinese Cheating Ring at UCLA

>>6338468 did 4chan poster predict shooting?

>>6338541 Anti-defamation league steps in it re: Synagogue shooting

>>6338493 know thy shills

>>6338563 New DJT tweet

>>6338579 Whitey Bulger died within “minutes” of attack

>>6338667 Alltech executive Aoife Lyons, daughter of company’s founder, has died

>>6338786 Poway Synagogue Shooter Calls President Trump a “Zionist, Anti-White, Traitorous, C*cksucker”

>>6338823 AF1 landing in Green Bay

>>6338823 AF1 landing in Green Bay

>>6338856 Trump pressed Japan’s Abe to build more vehicles in the U.S.

>>6338955 Multiple bodies found inside Sumner County, TN home

>>6338962 Matrix glitch Maddow tweets displeasure that youtube recommends RT to understand Mueller report

>>6338987 Q CLOCK UPDATE

>>6339027 #8105


>>6337590, >>6337619, >>6337642, >>6337656 Alleged 8chan post re: Synagogue shooting/caps

>>6337612, >>6337851 DJT responds to Synagogue shooting/transcript

>>6337709 Chuck Grassley – Ron Johnson letter 2 AG Barr from 25th April 2019.

>>6337719 NEW DJT tweet Re: Shooting

>>6337750 Joe diGenova defends truth teller Bill Barr

>>6337869 Looong lines for DJT rally

>>6337878 WikiLeaks Cites Evidence US Seeking Capital Offense Case Against Assange

>>6337926 The sanctions are working

>>6337942 DJT tweet, on way to Green Bay

>>6337968 plane fag: POTUS is in the air

>>6337979 WATCH Airstrike Hits Libyan Capital Tripoli

>>6338071 Paul Sperry’s extremely accurate tweet

>>6338114 DJT tweet of him & Abe on the golf course


>>6338215 How Rosenstein tried to mollify Trump, protect Mueller and save his job

>>6338267 Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide

>>6338286 Pope aiding migrant train

>>6338325 #8104


>>6336780 , >>6336927 , >>6337079 FF updates: Poway Synagogue (one killed, shooter wore tactical vest)

>>6337333 Poway Synagogue Shooting Gunmans name is John Earnest, wrote anti-jewish Manifesto (predictable)

>>6337357 Brace for shock anons: Synagogue Shooting already being blamed on 8ch!

>>6336812 Tear gas & batons near EU Parliament as Strasbourg police struggle to hold off marching Yellow Vests

>>6336840 Tennessee mayor arrested days before election (Tried to buy a pill press)

>>6336864 KEKS: SS asks rally attendees about Q and in reply, he tells them “Thx for the recipes”

>>6336887 New president takes over utility blamed for gas disaster in September, 2018, Merrimack Valley.

>>6336888 , >>6336951 , >>6336958 GCHQ Chief Robert Hannigan also implicated in a scandal covering for a pedo priest

>>6336920 Death Toll in East Ukraine Coal Mine Blast Climbs to 17

>>6336952 NM Utility Co. wants Facebook to pay $39m of installation costs for a new transmission line to serve a Facebook data center.

>>6336970 Yemen has taken the fight to Saudi Arabia

>>6336843 US Agrees With Russia, China on Framework for Afghanistan Pullout

>>6337045 Boy, who was thrown from third-story balcony is ‘alert and conscious’ two weeks after horror attack

>>6337145 Republican House Majority Leader Chet Pollert elected chairman of the Legislative Management committee.

>>6337251 Border Patrol begins fingerprinting migrant children

>>6337275 New PapaD Tweet

>>6337535 #8103


Baker Change

>>6336077 Link to Trump Rally LIVE

>>6336087 , >>6336088 Breaking: Russian Air Force unleashed massive assault on southwestern Idlib

>>6336131 Planefag update dc-10 draws a Q?

>>6336129 , >>6336139 The Rise of Israel’s Political Right and Its Possible Demise

>>6336166 Pope Francis Funds Caravans Stranded at US Border

>>6336181 , >>6336227 , >>6336232 , >>6336500 , >>6336619 , >>6336666 False Flag Alert: Multiple people gunned down at Poway synagogue

>>6336191 Vladimir Putin expresses ‘outrage’ over Maria Butina’s sentencing

>>6336208 Kremlin: Trump’s nuclear disarmament ideas are commendable, no discussions with Russia yet

>>6336282 KEKS: Dog whisperer Cesar Millan helps break @JoeBiden out of his people sniffing ways.

>>6336343 Trudeau slows down volunteer effort with lame photo op, and gets yelled at

>>6336353 Apple Cracks Down on Apps That Fight iPhone Addiction

>>6336428 , >>6336599 Interdasting: For SIGINT Eyes Only- Application to Renew Surveillance warrant (use discernment)

>>6336677 Strzok-Page texts suggested using post-election briefing to gather information on Trump team

>>6336706 #8102


>>6335888 Does [SDNY] report to AG BARR? (Q#2856)

>>6335825 Pence Chief Of Staff Denies involvement with FBI attempt to infiltrate DJT (Amgreatness)

>>6335809 WRWY RallyAnons

>>6335573 Moscow ‘thinking’ of simplifying nationality process for all Ukraine: Putin (japan times)

>>6335633 Barack Obama had “used GCHQ” (econotimes)

>>6335550 Hannigan and Mike Rodgers panel discussion (VIDEO, 2017)

>>6335513 MAGA Rally Livestream (RSBN)

>>6335423 SOLOMON: Adam Schiff and Glenn Simpson Held UNDISCLOSED MEETING Last Year

>>6335393, >>6335416 Rewind 1 Year Gaetz: Pencil Neck needs to recuse; Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint

>>6335365 Turkey indicts third US Consulate worker in Istanbul on terrorism charges

>>6335250, >>6335295 MUELLER > COMEY > DECLAS > OIG > TRUTH > JUSTICE

>>6335233 CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by [immigrants] (naturalnews)

>>6335221 Joe Biden, Obama Officials Stood to Gain From Ukraine Influence (themarketswork)

>>6335214 Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-BDS Movement Bill (DailyCaller)

>>6335874 #8101


>>6334831 WRWY Q Crowd at Green Bay

>>6334842 Macron’s attempt to placate protests fails, Yellow Vest Movement alive and well (RT)

>>6334822, >>6334820 Anon highly recommends watching Mark Levin Show from Friday; DJT calls in (VIDEO)

>>6334746 Oliver North says he will not serve another term as NRA President (MSN)

>>6334722, >>6334723 ((Youtube)) “accidentally” bans Black Conservative Queen Antonia Okafor

>>6334699 Zelensky should not meet with Putin ‘face to face’, warns adviser (TASS)

>>6334632, >>6334691, >>6334645 Comey #FiveJobsIveHad cabal comms?

>>6334622 “Christian” vs “Easter Worshippers” doublespeak on full display

>>6334572, >>6334578, >>6334825 Nervous, John? Brennan Denies Participating in a Coup (VIDEO)

>>6334568, >>6334439, >>6334864, >>6334808 Andaz Hotel, Pritzker family dig

>>6334557 Anon: theory/dig/autism re Comey “Interrupted”, “geological time”

>>6335104 #8100


>>6333535, >>6333561 Jan2016, Obama WH summoned Ukrainian authorities/agenda suggested purpose was training and coordination

>>6333630, >>6333793 Jackoff Posobiec, Ball Maher just broke Adam Schiff – 3 fags, 1 vid

>>6333601 Sri Lanka gunbattle between troops and Islamist militants

>>6333577 planefag GTMO842 returning

>>6333508 Nat G twat troll? USS Batfish, famous for sinking 3 Imperial Jap Navy subs & POTUS golfing with PM Japan today

>>6333861, >>6333876 new Comey twat

>>6334032 dig on old Comey re the new @Comey – Mueller is ‘more than people realize’

>>6333841 UK Movie Director Omid Nooshin hung himself

>>6333986 new tech on old history that JW Booth was really caught and killed (UK Mirror article, FYI)

>>6334029 NYT internationally prints antisemitic cartoon of Trump, Netanyahu (wheres the ban @Jack ?)

>>6333668 , >>6334210, WH twat – New DJT retweeted at the :23

>>6334167 New DJT rt – #TakeBackDay

>>6334222 new DJT – We must end the Opioid Crisis. Do your part today #TakeBackDay

>>6334217 Q post 1585 – TBD

>>6334250 DJT’s Tweets (so far) timestamped (trumptwitterarchive cap)

>>6334261 eBay founder Pierre Omidyar re: funding several Ukrainian opposition groups

>>6334327 #8099


>>6332609 anons notices ll in C_A twat is off color – [LL] ? says anon

>>6332533, >>6332539 Hathi Trust Docs

>>6332592 US MARINES devil dog and Q 1832, coming for HRC [soon] (anon graphic not a proof)

>>6332786, >>6332904 Early settlers starting Q Chants outside todays Rally

>>6332880, >>6332890 Bottle of Kate at Strozk trial, yes its Beanz, but message not messenger

>>6333136 US warrant issued for Adrian Hong, accused ringleader of NK embassy raid in Madrid

>>6333227 DJT tweet and Q drop 3038 -true to yourself/your own beliefs

>>6333233, >>6333249 NRA news Ollie North not staying for 2nd, LaPierre stirs the pot

>>6333109 ‘Operation Home Alone’ nets over a dozen child predators: authorities >>6298910 pb

>>6333148 DOJ opens criminal probe into Ford’s emissions process

>>6333352 #8098


>>6331849, >>6332134 MSM – Child sex is big business in America

>>6331875 GAA “Liberty!” Edition contains #8048 to #8096

>>6331986 Devin Nunes Twat – Green Leftists take Over California

>>6332009 Britain’s NSC confidential meeting info leaked re: Huawei

>>6332012 Bill Maher mocks Adam Schiff re:POTUS – “you’re stalking him”

>>6332019, >>6332330, >>6332399, >>6332420 Military/DoD Twats

>>6332077 Wayne LaPierre claims NRA Pres. Ollie North is extorting him

>>6332106 VisualAnon mirrors message in Q proof

>>6332119 Arsonist attempted to burn National Archives Museum on Thursday

>>6332126, >>6332076 Planefags’ Updates

>>6332228 Vol. 3 FLOTUS magazine covers – hot off the press

>>6332242, >>6332251, >>6332319 Call to dig on Talking Sticks Resort

>>6332250 Today’s Yellow Vest Live (link)

>>6332293, >>6332313 NC man killed by police – complying w/order to drop his gun?

>>6332341, >>6332408 New PDJT

>>6332463 #8097


>>6331558 Keynote speaker at Harvard diversity conference says Christians should be ‘locked up’

>>6331508 NASA & FEMA will simulate an impending asteroid strike next week

>>6331525 From Dec: Blythe Masters, The Derivatives Queen Stepping Down From Crypto (had big effect on gold & silver markets)

>>6331469 Hussein defends Goldman Sachs’ big to include Derivatives in free trade w/Europe

>>6331403 Facial recognition software to be used at Heathrow by summer

>>6331400, >>6331437 Federal Prosecutors asking for 11-year sentence for Illinois YT star for kiddle porn

>>6331386 Pilots forced to turn back to NZ & make an emergency landing because of a ‘disruptive passenger’

>>6331377 DA: Poway man stole $8M from San Diegans in Ponzi scheme

>>6331355 Lori Loughlin case: settlement calls for sealing of all evidence

>>6331341 Trump calls for removal of Japanese tariffs on US farm products

>>6331486, >>6331338 Marianne Williamson (Oprah’s spir. advisor) opines on Reparations & plans to hold Town Hall in San Diego

>>6331336, >>6331390, >>6331509, >>6331529 Boat fag tracking DANNY G from Seal Beach

>>6331332 U.S. sanctions Venezuela’s foreign minister, Venezuelan judge

>>6331322 Anon on DJT Tweet: $1.8b (18 angry Dems?), terroist [missing r]

>>6331312 Liberty Beacon: Who rules France? Not the French

>>6331288 Elon Musk will face in court the British diver he called a pedo

>>6331282, >>6331351 U.S. warrant issued for accused ringleader of North Korean embassy raid in Madrid

>>6331205 Planefag reports: KNIFE31 headed into Seal Beach; >>6331460 USAF C-40 Clipper; >>6331577 Saudi G5 > Houston

>>6331202 Zerohedge: The essence of evil: Sex with children has become big business in America

>>6331091 Report: Politicians hampered fight against California fire

>>6331008 The Dossier: Rogue FBI recruited Trump-Russia sources inside the WH?

>>6331004 For context on Bill Browder/Putin/Banks: Watch The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes (2hr vid)

>>6330983 Giuliani: Highlights article showing possible collusion between DNC/Clintonites & Ukrainian officials

>>6331841 #8096


>>6330394 Senator Graham: Supreme Court Chief Justice Should Have FISA Court Ask DOJ, FBI ‘Did You Mislead Us’

>>6330424 Q995: MOAB with an additional [A] Rearranged = OBAMA – Could POTUS declas Hussein’s records?

>>6330508, >>6330511 Resignations in the news today

>>6330533 White House consents to congressional interview of ex-staffer on security

>>6330832 WaPo claims that RR tried to “mollify” POTUS

>>6330679, >>6330828 Top clients in “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal were Chinese, paid $6.5M to admissions scam mastermind

>>6330885 Planefag report: Saudi G5 mediplane cruising the Southern border

>>6330918 #8095


>>6329486 The inaugural edition of FLOTUS – the new MAGAzine launched to celebrate FLOTUS’ birthday

>>6329515 No [R] in DJT tweet this morning re: Otto Warmbier

>>6329573 Planefag spots callsign NUKE headed toward OKC

>>6329554 Anon digs up old DJT tweets re: vaccinations in light of his measles shot comments today

>>6329659, >>6329848 Former Hussein advisor Ben Rhodes shitting bricks at the prospect of Russia probe origins being investigated

>>6329613, >>6329662, >>6329693 Anons discuss why POTUS is still on twatter despite censorship

>>6329849 POTUS schedule 4/27/19

>>6329918 Sri Lankan police find 15 dead bodies in side house where suicide bombers detonated last night

>>6329850 Youtube cuts Q linked videos of DiGenova

>>6330062 Justice: Former USC athletic director who ‘took $1.3M in bribes’ has put $2M home on the market and is now driving for Lyft

>>6329981, >>6330047 “NO C OR O” side by side Q post 643 + [BEG] begging

>>6330067 Nigel Farage reveals for the first time his Brexit Party WILL stand in next General Election (thesun)

>>6330145 #8094


>>6329195 AT&T CEO: Employees Need to Stop Blocking Conservatives from Ad Platforms

>>6329084 Avenatti ‘has been humbled’

>>6329066 , >>6329153, >>6329130, >>6329333 “NO C OR O” – “NO C” & “O” in past Q post

>>6329033 Developing: Obama CIA under scrutiny for possible illegal domestic spying

>>6328995 MOAB coming next week re 1 Year Delta?

>>6328979 Rubio: Hackers penetrated Florida elections systems

>>6328975 , >>6329032 Voat under fire due to violent content/threats

>>6328965 U.S. SEC extends compliance date for revised order-handling rule

>>6328901 Twitter bans Tommy Robinson’s and Carl Benjamin’s accounts

>>6328847 , >>6328917 POTUS today: “Shot Heard Around The World”

>>6328829 , >>6329006 What is the UN Arms Trade Treaty POTUS just pulled US from?

>>6328764 Iran FM: Bolton, Bibi, SA and UAE want to drag POTUS into Iran conflict

>>6328745 , >>6328815 Transcript and Video of POTUS’ NRA Speech Today

>>6329364 #8093


>>6328547 Kim Foxx subpoenaed to attend hearing re the Smollett case

>>6328204 POTUS Schedule RT: Tune in to Hannity tonight & the rally tomorrow!

>>6328203 , >>6328525 Mueller report: Dan Coats declined to help end probe

>>6328146 More on Pitcock

>>6328094 , >>6328145 Is Monsanto’s GMO cotton failing to sprout in South Ga/North Fla?

>>6328081 Planefag Updates

>>6328048 , >>6328542 1 Year Delta on [R]enegade

>>6328021 , >>6328026 Newfags: Must watch re Satanic Child Sacrifice

>>6327998 , >>6328165, >>6328553 More on Boente, HRC and Assange

>>6327974 Epoch Times report on Biden’s influence in Ukraine for own benefit

>>6327963 , >>6328018 Judge wants to know why Smollett gets a break?

>>6327958 More on Johnson and Grassley’s letter

>>6327937 Bayer Shareholders Dump CEO Over Disastrous Monsanto Purchase

>>6328602 #8092


>>6327327, >>6327290 RR spoke at the Armenian Bar 4/25, speech here, added some old Q

>>6327242, >>6327153 pitcock seamen strozk pence conects

>>6327465 New HRC twat -her will and star jones tonight in wallingford, ct

>>6327672, >>6327717 planefags spot Elvis, and also a ghostrider named HIVE88

>>6327747 Maryland Anon here. Internet is still out. Reporting suspicious activity

>>6327580 France: Le Pen’s National Rally Beating Macron’s Party in EU Election Polls

>>6327818 #8091


>>6326954 Planefag report

>>6326874 , >>6326895 The Daily Caller and Bongino talk about Pences’ aide Josh Pitcock

>>6326946 Which Dems took campaign cash from indicted Dallas developer Ruel Hamilton?

>>6326845 Nunes and timelines

>>6326785 , >>6326846 PG&E price hike approved

>>6326759 Wray speaks at the Council for Foreign Relations

>>6326664 Pentagon prepping $22M expansion to southern border mission

>>6326551 Boston crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger’s death cert released

>>6326456 Trump says sees possibility of U.S.-Japan trade deal by May

>>6326378 NASA declares carbon dioxide is GREENING the Earth

>>6326362 Elon Musk and SEC reach agreement over his use of Twitter


>>6326228 POTUS NRA speech transcript.

>>6326221 Tesla CEO Musk, SEC reach agreement over his Twitter use.

>>6326186 Sri Lanka cancels Catholic masses indefinitely after Easter bombings.

>>6326081 U.S. man released from Venezuelan prison after five years.

>>6326073 Support for impeachment of President Trump dropped to a new low of 37%.

>>6326067, >>6326119 Oil tumbles most in 4 months as Trump urges OPEC to pump more.

>>6326047 POTUS trolling MSM.

>>6326023 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6326007 Turkey indicts third U.S. Consulate worker in Istanbul on terrorism charges.

>>6326000 POTUS Schedule: “”We have a chance to make a very good and long-term trade deal” with Japan.”

>>6325999 Top Dem Lawmaker threatens Trump officials: Honor our subpoenas or go to jail.

>>6325969 Brazil must not become a “gay tourism paradise,” Bolsonaro says.

>>6325901 Information on warrantless wire tapping programs.

>>6325900 US Government spending on colleges is already higher than in the countries with “free” college”

>>6325876 J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley see U.S. Fed may cut interest on reserves next week.

>>6325729 How Salem is quietly becoming a Conservative media giant.

>>6325583, >>6325693 Denver Truck incident update.

>>6325683 Marketfag update.

>>6325666 Joe Biden can’t defend his treatment of Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas hearing.

>>6325616, >>6325650 WaPo on RR and the Mueller investigation.

>>6325609 Planefag: A-10 over Arizona border.

>>6325569 Nissan chief released on 45 million bail.

>>6325496 Florida bill banning sanctuary cities passes State Senate.

>>6325495 PyramidEye dig cont.

>>6325489 Roger Stone trial set for Nov. 5 start.

>>6326274 #8089


>>6325346 Libya’s government says that it cannot extradite Manchester Arena bomber due to Hafta’s militia attack (POTUS/Pompeo support).

>>6325314 Virginia man sentenced to 15 years in prison for producing child pornography.

>>6325295 DOJ could build Assange case on Espionage Act, carries possible death sentence.

>>6325286 Facebook faces new investigation from New York attorney general as it braces for FTC fine.

>>6325270 Russia claims Reuters is spreading disinfo for the Pentagon.

>>6325217 John Brennan claims he didn’t participate in a coup.

>>6325216 Smirnoff Vodka switches to non-GMO corn.

>>6325121 POTUS Schedule: Welcome back to the White House Prime Minister Shinzo Abe @AbeShinzo

>>6325090 Biden’s ties to Hollywood.

>>6325082 Russian warplanes rain hell on Idlib & Hama following rocket attack on Hmeimim airbase (videos)

>>6325012 PapaD on Shannon Bream’s show tonight.

>>6324996 Spreadsheetanon update.

>>6324938 Possible Mifsud, PapaD, Italian spy connection.

>>6324833, >>6324877, >>6324907, >>6324953, >>6324972 Globalist/Bilderberg dig.

>>6324786 Maxine irate over Hasson’s release.

>>6324771 John Brennan welcomes ‘further investigation’ into Obama Admin spying on Trump Campaign.

>>6324703 California politicians hiked gas tax, now demand investigation into State’s $4 per gallon gas prices.

>>6324661 House Republicans try to de-escalate standoff over White House security clearances.

>>6325362 #8088


>>6324346 Judge Ellis (Mueller’s SC judge)

>>6324335 Satanic Temple claims IRS designated it a tax-exempt Church.

>>6324292 DJT Tweet: “Spoke to Saudi Arabia and others about increasing oil flow…”

>>6324280 ‘Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sierra City, CA in June 2019.

>>6324276 Big Tech’s push for regulation and censorship.

>>6324257, >>6324265 China hacks Amnesty International.

>>6324239 POTUS Schedule: “Congratulations on your first year as United States Secretary of State, @SecPompeo.”

>>6324220 DHS tells Army Corps to skirt land regs, begin $1B project to replace 53 miles of border fence.

>>6324197 Putin arrives in Beijing.

>>6324103 FBI spy Stefan Halper’s $240,000 Pentagon study disavowed by high-profile experts.

>>6324095 WH Trump Tweet.

>>6324084 Santa Fe, NM Mayor, Alan Webber, says Santa Fe will not harbor asylum seekers.

>>6324065 Mike Pence to the NRA: ‘No One Is Taking Your Guns’.

>>6324026, >>6324159 POTUS and VPOTUS reaffirm our 2nd amendment rights.

>>6324025, >>6324062, >>6324104 Call to shovels on EyePyramid. (malware employed by Italian spies)

>>6324018 WikiLeaks lawyer says he helped pass info to ‘innocent victim’ Don Jr.

>>6324012 Rosenstein slams Obama for failing to call out Russian election interference.

>>6323983 POTUS hints at Ukraine happenings.

>>6323974 Twitter bans UKIP campaign account for Carl Benjamin, better known as Sargon of Akkad.

>>6323967 Trump on measles vaccination: ‘They have to get the shot’.

>>6323951 City schools see 2,000 percent rise in ‘forcible-sex offenses’.

>>6323940 Planefag: United States Navy FLOTA55.

>>6323915 Brother and sister arrested for spying on Italian politicians for years.

>>6324615 #8087


>>6323787 Disturbing interview to Mifsud’s lawyer Stephan Roh by @ilfoglio_it says professor took captive by intelligence in Rome and ordered to stay silent until Mueller’s plot completed.

>>6323776 New York Fed’s educational comic book series.

>>6323754, >>6323801 Shot heard around the world.

>>6323727 Biden doesn’t get a warm welcome in Charlottesville.

>>6323688, >>6323691 Obama/Biden “scandal free” gaslighting.

>>6323689 Become a Census taker.

>>6323681 Remorseful Russian agent Butina sentenced to 18 months in U.S. prison.

>>6323514 One in five US prison inmates is a ‘criminal alien’.

>>6323490 Guatemalan man convicted of 18 sex crimes involving a minor.

>>6323483 Attorney General appoints Regina Lombardo Acting Deputy Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

>>6323457 Ending tough week, Tesla sinks to lowest level in two years.

>>6323452 Catastrophic traffic accident involving a speeding semi reported in Denver.

>>6323416 Germany’s Weber urges Britain not to take part in EU vote.

>>6323390 Celadon agrees to pay $42.2 million to settle accounting fraud claims.

>>6323318 On March 1, DOD sent #SpaceForce legislation to Congress.

>>6323313 US citizens own 40% of all guns in world.

>>6323310 Planefag: SAM747 ~ AF VIP G5 inbound to Andrews(?) from Eurozone.

>>6323260 Russia to restore oil supplies within two weeks: Deputy PM.

>>6323116 POTUS, Mueller meeting and subsequent Mueller appointment to head the SC.

>>6323212 Two Pharma companies agree to pay $125 million for allegations they paid kickbacks to copay foundations.

>>6323180 POTUS Jokes: I didn’t need a gun to stop the coup.

>>6323172, >>6323161 POTUS expected to withdraw from UN Arms Treaty.

>>6323832 #8086


>>6322905 Phone thrown at POTUS during NRA convention

>>6322918 Lawfag opines on what’s next after declas for the legal dominoes to fall.

>>6322876 POTUS_Schedule twat: “With all the resignations of bad apples..they tried for a coup. …And we caught ’em.”

>>6322864 Kansas Supreme Court rules state constitution protects right to abortion

>>6322844 Judge in Oregon to grant preliminary injunction against Trump’s Title X rules restricting abortion access

>>6322813 Planefag activity report

>>6322689, >>6322691, >>6322692 Additiional POTUS LIVE streams

>>6322652 Political Consultant Sentenced to Five Years for Bribery of Allentown and Reading, PA Officials

>>6322634 Vindicated Navy SEAL Keith Barry speaks for first time on corrupt Navy leadership who falsely imprisoned him for rape

>>6322584 US DoD twat w/CAP: Going loud! Sailors aboard USS Carney conduct live-fire training during exercise JointWarrior 19-1.

>>6322542 Biden declines to apologize to women accusers. on Anita Hill: “I don’t think I treated her badly”

>>6322464, >>6322470 Couple convicted of forcing girl to work as slave for 16 years

>>6322406 POTUS_Schedule twat: LIVE NOW: President @realDonaldTrump and @VP deliver remarks at @NRA’s Annual Meeting.

>>6322384 Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh Not ‘Lucid’ Enough To Make Decision About Resignation, Attorney Says

>>6322328 POTUS_Schedule twat: The President has arrived in Indianapolis.

>>6322315 Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is receiving death threats on a daily basis.

>>6322309 US ‘Aggressively’ Building Trump’s Border Wall, DHS Chief Says

>>6322305 Massive Fire Rages Out Of Control At Russian Ballistic Missile Plant

>>6322286 BREAKING: LIVE: Reports of 5 to 11 terrorists opening fire at security forces in Kalmunai, Sri Lanka. Also reports of explosions.

>>6323071 #8085

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  1. Some genetics experts have argued that certain gene pools are predisposed to criminal insanity. I am not a genetics expert. I have not been documenting this type of research lately, but it eventually will have to be discussed – possibly on this blog, and certainly in many other forums.

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