Eight thousand words of linkage and linkery, including notables 8288 to 8241


Swampy scandals from Washington D.C. include Clapper, Biden, and the usual suspects. I have tried to curate some particularly juicy links, but seriously, I am drinking from the firehose as usual. I hope my readers will pick through the carrion (somewhat like VULTURES, am I right?) and find some juicy morsels.

Failing that, we can give up news analysis and become cowboys.

Clapper: “We Don’t Need Another Investigation of Investigators…Barr Should Wait for IG Report”




Hunter Biden’s China Deal Partners Include Mobster Whitey Bulger’s Nephew, John Kerry’s Stepson



Barr Appoints US Attorney To Investigate FBI/DOJ Spying On Trump; Has Investigated FBI Before





The government is trying to prevent whistleblowing and investigative journalism, a former FBI agent told RT speaking on the case of an ex-intelligence analyst facing 50 years in prison for leaking files about the US drone program.

Daniel Everette Hale, 31, of Nashville, Tennessee, was arrested this Thursday and was charged with illegally obtaining and disclosing classified national defense information and theft of government property under the Espionage Act.


Back in 2013, Hale provided dozens of secret US military papers to the Intercept’s Jeremy Scahill, the US officials confirmed, even though the whistleblower’s indictment does not contain the name of the journalist he contacted, or the name of the media outlet that published his materials.

The documents he leaked revealed the inner workings of the US counterterrorism operations overseas under the administration of then-President Barack Obama, which involved targeted drone strikes. Such operations sometimes led to the deaths of more than a dozen civilians in just one strike.






Tribune-Review | Monday, May 13, 2019 10:00 a.m.

“I am very concerned about the condition and whereabouts of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We’ve heard unsubstantiated stories of her working out with trainers, walking a mile a day, sparring with Chuck Norris, etc. We’ve seen and heard a few vague photos and sound clips, also. All after major lung surgery just a few short months ago. You would think she would do an interview to assure us all that she is OK. Yet, nothing.

She has one of the most important jobs in our country. I, along with other concerned citizens, would like to see solid evidence that she is alive and doing well. That she is still capable, mentally and physically, of carrying out her duties. Every American citizen deserves to know.

Will her true condition be kept secret until after the 2020 presidential election? Just wondering.”

Robert Anderson




Over the coming 13 weeks each of the 13 Rules for the Counterradical will be detailed individually in the context of recommendations for possible nonviolent insurgency and the inevitable COIN which will arise. To be clear what is proposed by this series is an insurgency of everything left of Overthrow, with zero room for violence. In the immortal words of the greatest insurgent in human history:

Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.” – Gandhi


The Deal of the Century

Trump Team and Netanyahu conspire to sell out the Palestinians


Italy “Declares War On NGOs” – Will Fine Boats For Rescuing Immigrants



Trump, the first US President with two Jewish children, beholden to the money power of the US establishment (i.e., Jewish money) that supported his presidential bid (or bought the presidency for him), is making the Israeli dream of stealing Jerusalem and the whole of Palestine a reality




What’s Behind the Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka?

More than 200 people have been killed in simultaneous explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka that also injured several hundred victims.



Police Chief Who Wasn’t Jailed for Robbing Bank, Just Robbed Another Bank and Got Shot

After robbing a bank less than two years ago, this former police chief was sentenced only to probation, which has allowed him to rob yet another bank.

Police Chief Who Wasn’t Jailed for Robbing Bank, Just Robbed Another Bank and Got Shot

Cops Sexually Abuse Women and Children at an Alarming Rate and No One is Talking About It

“Sexual predation by police officers happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit.”—Former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper



UK Government forced to delete millions of illegal citizen biometric voiceprints

Government forced to delete millions of illegal citizen biometric voiceprints


Billions laundered through B.C. real estate, spiking housing prices: report



Possible disinfo pizzagate Isaac Kappy jumped to fame for accusing Hollywood stars of being pedophiles. He threatened to name names and did … but had no proof. He went silent and now he’s turned up — dead — by committing suicide by jumping off the Arizona Bridge.


DPS releases name of man who died after jumping from northern Arizona bridge

*Isaac Kappy, 42, has been identified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety as the man who jumped to his death at the bridge near Bellemont, Arizona on Monday.

Kappy forced himself off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40 where he was struck by a Ford pickup truck, DPS spokesperson Bart Graves confirmed on Tuesday morning.

Graves confirmed Kappy was an actor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico who had small roles in movies such as “Thor,” “Terminator Salvation” and “Beerfest.”

“We don’t know why Mr. Kappy took his own life,” Graves wrote in an email.*




NBC News Caught Faking Photo Of Baby Infected With Measles

By cloverchronicle on April 22, 2019

NBC News Caught Faking Photo Of Baby Infected With Measles


Ohio to change child exploitation law after 9-year-old performs in drag

Miss Mae Hem is the child drag performer at the center of the controversy





Old news:

Need a kidney? Inside the world’s biggest organ market

The illicit kidney trade in South Asia has exploded as brokers use social media to find donors.






Old news:


Planned Parenthood CEO: My Proudest Moment is Forcing Christians to Pay for Abortion Drugs






Recent notables include:


>>6481266 Blood Testing Company, Theranos, their 31 yo beauty billionaire, and her investors

>>6481285 $40K GoFundMe for Man Who Beat Child Molester, Faces Prison

>>6481415, >>6481337 PP CEO: Happiest Forcing Christians To Pay For Abortion Drugs (link in 1st post) (these people are sick)

>>6481416 LePen pressuring Macron in polls and press

>>6481368 Pilot from NJ filmed CP in Philippines and flew vids back to US, feds say

>>6481432 Connecticut man indicted for allegedly threatening to kill Trump

>>6481438 N. Korean cargo ship seized by US arrives in American Samoa

>>6481444, >>6481433, >>6481555, >>6481596 DJT Twats: Got China Where we want; Support Farmers from Tariffs for Humanitarian Assist

>>6481480 Q Clock Update re-read crumbs

>>6481488 Nineteen Eighty-Four Turns 70 Years Old In A World That Looks A Lot Like The Book

>>6481554 Breitbart on sabotage of 4 Merchant Ships of various Flags moored UAE

>>6481557 Breitbart on deployments of Ships and Patriot Battery

>>6481726 JW Interviews JS: Spied on Trump. Example of a Real Journalist

>>6481830 DJT twat: Calling out the latest 4am Narrative, witchhunt, and solid results

>>6481877 Epstein Contributions

>>6481910 How Moonbattery Is Destroying Women’s Sports


>>6480481 DJT re-twat Lisa Mei QAnon Acct re: Kim Strassel

>>6480526 DJT re-twat Fitton: “Everyone knew”

>>6480533 Brock-founded PAC American Bridge Targeting DJT Campaign Staffer

>>6480540, >>6480566 DJT re-twat and WashEx: Schumer Senate Recruitment 0-7 (kek)

>>6480547, >>6480503 DJT re-twat: Dobbs pro-Tariff Inteview

>>6480553, >>6480542, >>6480617, >>6480992 Graham looking to DECLAS FISA Fraud proof

>>6480574 NYPost: Why Biden Is Soft on China

>>6480643, >>6480638, >>6480634 anon dig on Vickor Pinchuk

>>6480657, >>6480701, >>6480719 [Unrelated] Road Rage Shooting (1 Dead) Near Trump Intl FL

>>6480858 SF not a Sanctuary City for Journalists: Police Bust In

>>6480870, >>6480868 planefag BUFF Sauce. B-52s to Qatar, Tracking, Transit

>>6480901 Rand Paul: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ to Know What Biden’s Son Was Up To

>>6481023 Mag 6.1 Earthquake Panama/CostaRica

>>6481033 Facebook Co-Founder Doubles Down: Says Zuckerberg Has “Near-Unilateral Power”

>>6481047 Israel finds location for a Golan Heights settlement to name after Trump – Netanyahu

>>6481059 Free Thought Project: Police Sexual Misconduct

>>6481077, >>6481094 STUDY: Google Search Results Bigly Favor MSM – Breitbart


>>6479922 Former Supreme Court justice: Trump ‘exercising powers that do not really belong to him’…..

>>6479859 Flint mayor asked city employees to divert donations to her nonprofit, witness testifies

>>6479742 eyes on – developing situation in UAE waters – 4 ships target of sabotage (no casualties)

>>6479834 Murphy Brown Trump Curse

>>6479957, >>6479985, >>6479950 Venezuela timeline and a current Maduro event from this bread

>>6480168, >>6480218 Mike Whitney (op-ed) judgment day for John Brennan

>>6480069 James Baker’s last stand. 8 min. vid.

>>6480091 14 [placeholders] and the redactions in the Mueller (open image in new tab)

>>6480258 New DJT – big attacks conservatives by Social Media. Not good!

>>6479948 dig into Hunter’s Ukraine connection and Giuliani’s latest announcements

>>6480366 2-reg plane 2-RORO has crashed on the A40 in the UK

>>6480320, >>6480338, >>6480346 Kudlow We’re on the 7-yard line, the 7 is the toughest to get through :55 mark of vid


>>6478966 POTUS 4D chess

>>6478963 Digging in the dirt: Mark L. Schneider email to [Skippy]-

>>6478970 Christian Picciolini dig

>>6478997 U.S. Army Corps: “Responding to a Perfect Storm”

>>6479033 India Trade Deal Information

>>6479047 Arrested, Drone Strike over classification?

>>6479178 Diplomacy with Russia, Pompeo for one-on-one talks, Tomorrow.


>>6479262 FLOTUS: Happy Mother’s Day

>>6479281 44 States now: sue-drug-makers-for-price-fixing-conspiracy

>>6479331 Turkish Finance Minister Meets with POTUS, POTUS to Turkey (probably)

>>6479362 ZH: George Soros & The ‘Business’ Of Illegal Immigration

>>6479405 Trump captures Biden’s blue-collar, older voter base

>>6479449 Smollet Connections Digg

>>6479510 Plane Fag Reports

>>6479591 Plan to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving subsidies


>>6478268 Nuclear World Order Mini-Bun of anons digs

>>6478313, >>6478560 anon on China and WW happenings and what side will Russia take, if any

>>6478347 more digs on Taek J Low (malaysian man indicted)

>>6478398, >>6478503 Planefag updates

>>6478418 Book titled “Lucky Strike”; nuclear bombs miss their target. Comey?

>>6478627, >>6478639, >>6478643, >>6478674, >>6478692 Rothschild’s Giraffe and Comey’s latest IG

>>6478680 PA Mother claims 12 y.o. girl implanted w/birth control without her knowledge

>>6478728 New PDJT

>>6478731 UAE Port; multiple explosions – tankers on fire

>>6478741 Israeli Mayor will name town square after PDJT on July 4th

>>6478816 Call to Shovels: Rainbow School


>>6477408 Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand gunning for Facebook

>>6477426 Anon: The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America Using Rogue Nuclear States

>>6477454, >>6477351, >>6477663 MSNBC’s Chris Hayes calls 8chan a “horrible dark organism of people…radicalizing each other”

>>6477520 Graphic on the amount of Ramadan killing so far: Ramadan Bombathon Day 6

>>6477533 Obama White House Knew About Clinton Emails Years Earlier Than Previously Admitted

>>6477549 Pakistan: Five dead as Baloch separatist gunmen attack coal mine

>>6477570, >>6477655 Call for a DIGG on Christian Picciolini

>>6477528 LGBTQ People Explain Why They Chose to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party

>>6477734 Senior Official on U.S. 5G Wireless Rollout Resigns

>>6477689 Parkland Principal will resign

>>6477729, >>6477735 AOC: what she means by “taxing the rich”

>>6477796, >>6477850, >>6478000 Journalist who leaked police report on Jeff Adachi’s death circumstances has home raided by FBI in SF

>>6477927, >>6477934 CHP Officer hit by car while escorting Mike Pompeo’s motorcade in LA

>>6478011 MSNBC hit piece on 8chan & Protocols of Zion


>>6476612 Pompeo’s CHP officer was hit by a car and injured while escorting the motorcade

>>6476645 Planefag: eyes on E6 and now the KC-130 Harvest Hawk air to ground weapons system

>>6476656, >>6476703 Pompeo livestream upcoming at 11 EST from Claremont Institute 40th Anniversary Gala

>>6476684, >>6476726, >>6476743, >>6476877, >>6476893 London Centre of International Law Practice graphics

>>6476692 Thirty-five bodies found buried around Mexican city of Guadalajara

>>6476697 Reminder of crumb #2677: “We never left”

>>6476739, >>6476793, >>6476869, >>6476982 Anon: MSNBC tearing into 8 chan live, saying it’s coming from Russia

>>6476806 Air Force gains increased capacity with new anti-jamming satellite

>>6476835, >>6476933, >>6476997 Anon: An example of why the Dems are scared of Barr is his 1991 confirmation hearing

>>6476863 Cuba Rationing Food In Grave Economic Crisis

>>6476962 DOJ inspector general found Carter Page FISA extensions were illegally obtained, Joe diGenova says

>>6477023 Cannes Festival has a deep dark secret, that’s not so secret anymore, sex trafficking

>>6477030, >>6477159 Trump Curse strikes again: ‘Murphy Brown’ Revival Canceled At CBS Due To Lackluster Ratings

>>6477224 8chan: Too Controversial for 4chan [MSNBC Interview Highlights] from 2014


>>6475932 Anon on why Wray visited all 56 FBI Field offices

>>6475994 Hanssen report lists many FBI failures

>>6476056 Anthony Scaramucci on Vice News

>>6476102, >>6476126, >>6476453, >>6476453 FOIA Documents Show Evidence of Weissmann/Mueller Entrapment Scheme

>>6476220 Protesters lock down parliament in Afghanistan

>>6476282 Facebook sues South Korea data analytics firm

>>6476367 Planefag: E-6 airborne command plane air born over central CONTUS

>>6476528 Bun of Anons on Baker Checks


>>6475083 Two POTUS retweets

>>6475165, >>6475260, >>6475478 Reminder: POTUS Admin to force FEDS out of K-12 Education

>>6475232 US Special Forces Command Issues New Guide For Overthrowing Foreign Governments

>>6475312 Dig on Siraj Wahhaj

>>6475348 Trouble for CNN over terror nation ties to TV analysts

>>6475357, >>6475486 NCSC tweet: on 10 May 2002, FBI spy Robert Hanssen was sentenced to life for espionage for the USSR/Russia

>>6475361 Guaido tells supporters he wants ‘direct relationship’ with Pentagon

>>6475392 Elliott Briody connection to Holmby Hills

>>6475403 Farage’s Brexit Party Pulls Ahead of Tories in General Election Poll

>>6475416 Trump says China is slow-walking trade talks to negotiate with a Democrat instead

>>6475400 DARPA tweet on the creation of a Molecular Informatics program

>>6475425 Anon on the repeal of the McCarran Warner Act of 1952

>>6475481 Senior Israeli Officer Says Syrian Crews Completed Training On S-300 System, Vows To Destroy It

>>6475482 Alexander Downer Defends FBI Tipoff That Sparked Trump-Russia Probe

>>6475523 Military to remain at border until secure

>>6475594 Tweets on NXIVM Trial Transcripts

>>6475706 Giuliani Cancels Ukraine Trip, Fearing a ‘Setup’.


>>6474936 Only 2 Dems show up for Impeach Trump Rally”

>>6474911 Abrams says Trump wants to erase “certain communities” from Nat’l Narrative; >>6474921 anon responds

>>6474876 Russia-Japan talks on disputed isles go nowhere, ‘significant differences’ remain

>>6474868 Virginia judges exempt themselves from state public records law

>>6474833 FBI breaks up homegrown islamic terror camp (DIGG follow-up)

>>6474779 Dem Chief Deputy Whip Kildee: ‘I Don’t Think’ We’re in a Constitutional Crisis

>>6474627 UW Army Europe press release: Increase in military convoy movements for summer exercises with allied & partnered nations

>>6474577, >>6474581 DJT Tweet: “I did not fire Bob Mueller”

>>6474567 Anons provides current abortion stats

>>6474565 POTUS retweets 60 posts in less than an hour defending Don Jr, demanding a wall & noting his approval among women

>>6474556 Candace Owens: “Fun” fact that 60% of abortions are on black women

>>6474525 US Army Pacific So Korea: Living insignia of 2ID/RUCD

>>6474367 Theory by QRV anon on FBI bugging the WH & Oval Office

>>6474451, >>6474456, >>6474457 New DJT tweets on China

>>6474317 US DoD: “Stern approach”

>>6474304, >>6474325 @CarpeDonktum locked out of Twitter acct again


>>6473533 Trump admin to crack down on illegals in public housing: only families where all members are citizens will qualify

>>6473697 Japan wary of U.S. shift to hard line in trade talks: “No country benefits from exchanges of trade restrictions” – FM Aso

>>6473671 2 Weird plays scheduled for today (The NSA’s Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing People?) canceled due to STEM school shooting

>>6473779, >>6473840, >>6473891 FBI Breaks Up Homegrown Islamic Terror Camp in Alabama Owned by Terrorist and his Supporters

>>6473838 Massive tanker crashes into tugboat pushing 2 barges, causing 25k barrels of toxic gas products to spill into Houston ship channel

>>6474031 Rudy twat on Dem hearings and congressional oversight

>>6474126 U.K. European Parliament voting poll: Majority intend on voting for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party

>>6474194 Moar Epstein Island drone anon pics (compiled)


>>6472697, >>6472803 New DJT tweets

>>6472727 Update on 3 shootings in Seattle yesterday

>>6471927 Former Parkland, FL Teacher now working as a bartender in CO, has connection to shooting in Highlands Ranch

>>6472731, >>6472789, >>6472864, >>6473015, >>6473440 Planefags monitoring AZAZ0909 Spec Ops plane, landed in STL, back in the air

>>6472770 Kek: ‘Tactical Rabbi’ Teaches Synagogue Self-Defense

>>6472785 Khashoggi colleagues claim CIA has warned them they’re targets of retaliation: Report

>>6472808 Silicon Valley Giants Collaborating With The US Government On Venezuela

>>6472810, >>6472843 Anon digs on CIA vault docs “The Family Jewels” and Rand Corp

>>6472849 21 EU Heads of State Sign ‘Stronger Europe’ Manifesto Demanding More EU Integration

>>6472851 Trump Is On The Verge Of Flipping The New York Appeals Court To Conservative Control

>>6472854 US ambassador to Ukraine is recalled after becoming a political target (WaPo)

>>6472869 Re: dwindling Helium resources: US Gov investing in new gas project in South Africa

>>6472897 Planefag: Interesting flight for UK plane

>>6472906 Changes Coming to Washington DC’s 4th of July Celebration

>>6472965 The latest on the political crisis in Venezuela

>>6473001 Emmanuel Macron, Facebook’s Zuckerberg Will Meet To Clamp Down On “Hate Speech”

>>6473011 LIVE UPDATES: 26th Week of Yellow Vests Protests in Paris

>>6473062 Media: Turkey may cancel purchase of S-400 missile systems from Russia

>>6472713 Colombian Cartel Boss Pleads Guilty to Bribing U.S. Fed with Cash, Prostitutes

>>6472949 TN Judge under fire for comments about holocaust

>>6472773, >>6472818, >>6472833, >>6472846, >>6472865, >>6472884, >>6472895 Moar Epstein Island drone pics

>>6472997, >>6473084, >>6473249 Epstein Island Drone anon on crime in the area

>>6473336 Following opioid suits, family behind deadly OxyContin has split into 2 groups their advisors dub “A side” and “B side”


>>6471990 The Guardian posts NXIVM Trial story – ‘Everything was just lies’

>>6472848 Bun of new Epstein Island drone anon pics – posted in #8277

>>6472017, >>6472038 Connections between the latest indictment involving illegal political campaign contributions to Obama from rappers

>>6472100 Tech workers protesting Palantir over allegations software has been used to aid ICE in deportation efforts

>>6472258 ‘Power Rangers’ actor dead at 38

>>6472388 Father of Colorado school shooter is an illegal alien and repeat felon

>>6472403, >>6472410, >>6472478 Anon digs on Mueller and Comey

>>6472434 Roger Stone asks for evidence Russians hacked DNC server – court won’t provide it because they don’t have the proof

>>6472452, >>6472479 Anon speculates on 4 Trump campaign assoc. in redacted version of HPSCI Report on Russian Active Measures, 3/22/18

>>6472482 Anon finds “bake” reference in NYT article ‘How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools’ (5/6) : bake your noodle?

>>6472521 Giuliani cancels trip to Ukraine to press Biden investigation

>>6472550 Project Safe Childhood Winning: Nebraska Man Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for Producing Child Pornography


>>6471104, >>6471233 anons further connects dots to name Hussein as Political Committee A

>>6471120 Teva, other drug companies accused in sweeping U.S. price-fixing scheme: lawsuit

>>6471097 Elon Musk Is Going To Trial For Calling Thai Cave Diver A “Pedo”

>>6471474 Pentagon to deploy USS Arlington to Middle East amid tensions with Iran

>>6471477, >>6471580 Anon on Helium and Helium reserves gets a nom

>>6471274, >>6471575 Trump’s Fourth Of July Celebration For 2019 Might Break With Tradition In A Major Way

>>6471603, >>6471363 call to dig on Fox Anchor, Shannon DePuy wiki

>>6471734 Pence tweets “Timing is everything.” In Q2161 with Rats are running. Enjoy the show.


>>6470992 Dems fume as Trump moves to amend DC’s July 4 celebration, possibly address the nation

>>6470979 Baltimore City Shuts Down Most of Its Servers After Ransomware Attack

>>6470973 Concerned parent regarding STEM school and Colorado shooting

>>6470953 Bongino twat, Comey and Baker PANIC

>>6470941 U.S. states sue Teva, 19 other drug companies in price-fixing complaint

>>6470921 More censorship on Facebook, this time a Michelle Malkin post

>>6470856 New Trump twat regarding tariffs

>>6470794, >>6470795 Pakistan attack: Gunmen ‘storm five-star hotel’ in Balochistan

>>6470677 Islamic State claims ‘province’ in India for first time after clash in Kashmir

>>6470627 Trump on a twat storm, Q post related?

>>6470534 CNN turning on Biden?

>>6470509, >>6470712 Trump lawyer Giuliani threatens, then abandons, Ukraine trip. Video second post

>>6470442 Virgin Galactic moving operations to NM

>>6470433 Tariffs/China Debt/Missile Launches – dots connecting?

>>6470417 US Debt stats – five foreign countries hold 77%; China @ 28%

>>6470384 Acting Defense Sec. Shanahan making second trip to the U.S.-Mexican border

>>6470371 Marjory Stoneman Douglas principal (Parkland) to step down

>>6470366 EFF and ACLU filed amicus brief w/9th circuit last week re: National Security Letters


>>6469823, >>6469872, >>6469858 3rd Seattle shooting in one night; Clintons in town too

>>6470015 Charlie Kirk gets honorary PhD from Liberty U

>>6469982, >>6470062 Prosecutors want to talk to Jeffrey Epstein’s victims re 2008 plea deal

>>6469975, >>6470034, >>6470008, >>6469983, >>6470043 Lindsey Graham requests Interview with State Dept.’s Kathleen Kavalec re Steele Dossier just prior to 2016 election

>>6469977, >>6469951 Trump takes over Fourth of July celebration (info good but Wapo snide)

>>6469945 Flight from Portland makes emergency landing at LAX

>>6469958 Royal Commission into Christchurch mosque attack to begin

>>6469885 Call for a DIGG on Florida Best Realty/Marat Zitsman (POTUS tax leaker?)

>>6469954 Imam of Portland’s Largest Mosque Has Citizenship Revoked for Ties to Osama Bin Laden

>>6469909 Visualizing The Unicorn Landscape In 2019

>>6469895 Delta passenger becomes suicidal, tries to open door in mid-flight

>>6469850 Reports of Missing Children Made to Law Enforcement in the US in 2018: 424,066

>>6469783 Thousands of mothers of 40,000 disappeared children march across Mexico

>>6469743 Buttigieg doesn’t know who Alfred E. Neuman Is

>>6469723 FBI Director…Interrupted (anon on Comey tweet)

>>6469673 US DoD tweet condolences on Marine Platoon Cmdr First Lt. Hugh C. McDowell

>>6469598, >>6469691 Planefag update; >>6470128 Spoopy flight 2-GJJA

>>6469526 Anon commentary on The Untold Story of RR (EpochTimes)


>>6468925 USA and NK have missiles at the same time

>>6468817 Flint Mayor Diverted Contributions For Clean Water To Campaign Fund

>>6468789 Epoch times says RR white hat hero.

>>6468982 more diggin on the Comey IG from pb

>>6468761, >>6468944 interdasting buzz around Isaac Kappy

>>6469064, >>6469212 China calls halt to Iran oil orders

>>6469007 anon spots food on hematologist table on goog (toast jam and blood jar eerily sim)

>>6469062 indictment unsealed today in DC-conspiring to make/conceal 2012 [hussein] campaign contributions

>>6468783 Ex-Fugees rapper charged in campaign finance conspiracy case

>>6468871 IG Horowitz Has ‘Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,’ diGenova Says

>>6469248 for boatfag assist, dig request, from pb

>>6469230 Father of one of the STEM HS Shooters was ‘criminal illegal alien from MX’ Deported Twice

>>6469320, >>6469323, >>6469273 Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip, ‘walking into a group that are enemies of the US’


>>6468043, >>6468204 Dig request from Boatfag re: pre-cleared cargo lists

>>6468194 New Comey IG

>>6468478, >>6468399, >>6468468 some digs on the Comey IG

>>6468308 Hussein Admin spied on German media/gov, helped DS criminals to get dirt on pol opponents

>>6468211, >>6468258 Blackstone Ltd Partnership buys moar Blackstone Equity

>>6468397, >>6468595 FBF – recount from Fortune.com the Iran money xfers by Hussein Admin (2016) +memes


>>6467856, >>6467765 Obama’s cash pallets to Iran, $100M+ HEIST??

>>6467235, >>6467874 Seattle shooting

>>6467658 PANIC: James Baker published essay “Why I Do Not Hate Donald Trump”

>>6467591 Pentagon to transfer $1.5 billion to border wall from Afghan forces, other areas. (Reuters)

>>6467508 Trump “GPS Fusion” Press conference video

>>6467318 Prosecutors finally want to hear from Jeffrey Epstein’s victims (MiamiHerald)

>>6467286 John Solomon: Non-Politicized Members of Intel Community Thought Trump Spying was Inappropriate

>>6467284 Christian Cantor is engaged to Australian Erika Thompson.

>>6467249, >>6467541, >>6467567, >>6467783 Press conference clips/Nunez/FusionGPS clip

>>6467217 Veselnitskaya worked with Fusion GPS at the time of Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting


>>6467088 Kellogg Trust sells Kellogg Equity

>>6467029 Proposal to spend 25 percent of EU budget on Climate Change™

>>6466712, >>6466926 G PapaD names Christian Cantor

>>6466913 DARPA R3D2 satellite demonstrates ‘rapid’ spacecraft development

>>6466711, >>6466764 Judiciary panel’s Rep. Cline: People involved in Steele dossier, FISA warrants ‘running scared’

>>6466604 Planefags: the 2reg jet.

>>6466470, >>6466671, >>6466796 1MDB’s Jho Low, Rapper Pras Michel Indicted Over Obama Donation

>>6466850, >>6466951, >>6467047 $21 MILLION DOLLARS. Illegally to Obama himself


>>6466213 Seattle PD twat, multiple victims in a shooting, suspects fled

>>6466065 Obama White House Tracked a FOIA Request for Clinton Emails

>>6465974 Fraternal Order of Police hold memorial service for fallen officers

>>6465973, >>6465986 IG Horowitz Has ‘Concluded that the Final Three FISA Extensions Were Illegally Obtained,’ diGenova Says

>>6465917 Giuliani going to Ukraine to look at Biden corruption

>>6465913 Trade Representative: Trump Orders Hikes In All Remaining China Import Tariffs

>>6465899 Ed O’Callaghan, Scaramucci model?

>>6465884 McGahn rebuffed White House request to say Trump did not obstruct justice

>>6465878 House Dems Subpoena Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, IRS Chief Over Trump’s Tax Returns

>>6465869 James Cole trying to represent Huawei after previously being part of a DOJ investigation into Huawei

>>6465786, >>6465874, >>6465889 Ed O’Callaghan appointed acting DAG until Jeff Rosen is confirmed. Related Q proof DECLAS_

>>6465732 Twat thread on NXIVM transcripts from trial

>>6465723 Bruce Ohr, Whitey Bulger related to Fast and Furious


>>6464906 anon connects some potus tweets at 500 and 466 days..

>>6464897 address for Getty/Beck gun raid – 111 N. Beverly Glen Blvd.

>>6464968 War of the drones!!

>>6465008, >>6465080, >>6465160 planefags watching 2-reg, ZJ-reg and M-reg planes

>>6465211 Q-Clock update. Re-Read crumbs

>>6465217 New DJT – Military Spouse Day


>>6464143 US Secretary of State Pompeo to meet Russia’s President Putin & Foreign Minister Lavrov on May 14

>>6464168 13,000 People Are Waiting At Mexican Border To Claim Asylum

>>6464188 ‘Why do we fuel the war?’ French peace activists manage to stop arms shipment to Saudis

>>6464225 Iran says it wants to bring nuclear deal back on track, strengthen it

>>6464275 Venezuela coup enthusiast Rubio says China is secretly propping up Maduro

>>6464288 New DJT Tweets

>>6464307 Over 300 French Journalists Denounce Police Violence Toward Yellow Vests

>>6464116 FBI Used Suitcase Stuffed With Cash During Papadopoulos Sting

>>6464376 Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi: Washington Couldn’t Create a More Convenient Villain

>>6464415 House approves $17B disaster aid bill over Trump opposition on Puerto Rico

>>6464449 Anti-Zionist imam delivers opening prayers in US House- AKA Israel trying to play both sides kek

>>6464549 James Woods Done with Twitter ‘Until Free Speech Is Allowed’

>>6464557 Experts Warn: Chinese Tech in Latin America Used to ‘Exert Social Control’

>>6464568 US to Send More Patriot Missiles to Middle East Over Iran Fears – Report

>>6464598 Guaido Deputy Prosecuted For Failed Coup Flees to Colombia (Venezuela)

>>6464617 Second, unexploded IED found near a Denny’s in Fullerton, California.

>>6464647 Classic Jewish Paranoia: Putin Is a White Supremacist, Hates Islam, Etc

>>6464534 Anon Theory: May 10th – Over The Target?

>>6464760 New Comey Tweet

>>6464781 Breaking: High school on lockdown in Woodland, California (False Flag Friday)


>>6463320 Anon on Q’s Countdown

>>6463352, >>6463358 Article on the LA gun: A raid: run-down mansion, the Getty connection and a man the neighbors never saw

>>6463353 Another article on school festival getting shut down because of Comey

>>6463381 Pentagon approved additional $1.5 billion for 80 more miles of The Wall

>>6463446 Investigation into Origins of Russia Probe continues

>>6463546 Mueller won’t testify next week, says House Judiciary chair

>>6463594 @GovMikeHuckabee sais Gitmo will be named “Comey Island” (kekek)

>>6463747 Anons interdasting theory on recent flag posts

>>6463849 US Security Experts Raise Questions About China’s Fentanyl Promise

>>6463858 Nadler introduces “No President Is Above The Law” Act

>>6463952 Symantec CEO Abruptly Resigns Amid Financial Turmoil

>>6463983 US official overseeing country’s frequency strategy has resigned


>>6462588 Top Chinese trade negotiator leaves U.S. trade representative’s office

>>6462721 NXIVM Trial resumes Monday with testimony from Mark Vicente

>>6462761, >>6462791 some Q drops from 1 yr ago today Flashback Friday (FBF)

>>6462536 more FBF: Obama cybersecurity coord confirms SR ordered him to ‘stand down’

>>6462696 Pentagon estimates it runs btwn 2-5,000 websites; doesn’t know for sure….

>>6462940, >>6462951 House Approves $17B Disaster Aid Bill To Puerto Rico Over Trump Opposition

>>6462649 Anon’s research on Americans citizenship: corporation or country?

>>6463118, >>6463149 Police presence at shopping mall in Brussels-evacuated, cause unknown


>>6462454 Friday keks: Ben Shapiro storming off in a huff after being humiliated in an interview by Andrew Neil.

>>6462406 Turkish data protection watchdog fines Facebook $270,000 over privacy breaches

>>6462387 Judicial Watch twat: filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ for communications between two of the pivotal players in the Deep State…

>>6462283 judge set to decide whether to assign a special prosecutor to investigate Kim Foxx. may recuse from the decision because his son works for Foxx

>>6462274 Historical Record: On This Day: May 10th

>>6462267 More former FBI officials going on the record about origins of Russia probe, as we await the IG’s report.

>>6462209 File under Incoming: Many active shooter drills today.

>>6462203, >>6462369, >>6462376 Fugees rapper Pras Michel to be charged in Obama super PAC fraud scheme. anons digs included

>>6462199 Jim Jordan twat w/CAP: …Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 election while Obama was Commander in Chief. But @Comey blames Republicans!?

>>6462162 Pence calls for Omar to be removed from House Foreign Affairs Committee

>>6462118 Chinese Delegation arrives for 11th round of talks at USTR’s Office. The Chinese have a flight out of DC in 7 hours.

>>6462049 More SC: Warrenville man charged in sexual assault case involving juvenile

>>6462038 Dillon, SC Mayor-Elect Indicted On Multiple Child Sex Charges

>>6461945, >>6462231 anons eyes on please for QProof verification

>>6461920 GAA Update: “something is brewing” Edition

>>6461917 anon identifies ‘We are Q’ from De Niro dig

>>6461901 Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will travel to Moscow and Sochi, Russia from May 12-14.

>>6461821 Richard Burr’s Home State Fellow GOP Senator Turns on Him, Backs Donald Trump Jr. in Subpoena Fight Instead


>>6461798, >>6461833, >>6461911, >>6462092 anons decode Q Watch – Comey (IG) Report Drop for Today?

>>6461796 Mark Meadows: FBI ‘Well Aware the Dossier Was a Lie’ Before Moving to Spy on Trump Campaign

>>6461772, >>6461975 Looks to me like it’s going to be SleepyCreepy Joe over Crazy Bernie. Everyone else is fading fast!


>>6461676 New DJT twat w/CAP: Great Consumer Price Index just out. Really good, very low inflation! We have a great chance to “really rock!”…

>>6461651 New DJT twat w/CAP: Your all time favorite President got tired of waiting for China to help out and start buying from our FARMERS…

>>6461538, >>6461594 anon’s theory on DJT twatter issues this morning.

>>6461470 New DJT twat w/CAP: Build your products in the United States and there are NO TARIFFS!

>>6461456 ‘Not above the law’: Trump indictment in play after presidency, James Comey says

>>6461452 James Comey blasts Rod Rosenstein, mocks departing deputy AG for thinking ‘the country needs me’

>>6461442 New DJT twat w/CAP: The average 401(k) balance has SOARED since the bottom of the market – 466%. Wow!

>>6461402 2 Nissan execs avoid prosecution under plea deal

>>6461377 New DJT twat w/CAP: We have lost 500 Billion Dollars a year, for many years, on Crazy Trade with China. NO MORE!

>>6461371, >>6461425, >>6461449 POTUS twat storm from 5 devices. Is twatter fvckery in play? twats deleted, reposted.

>>6461338 Muh sky is falling. Today’s 4:00 am talking points. MSM on US/China trade war

>>6461323 US indicts Chinese national in biggest known healthcare hack in its history

>>6461319 Chelsea Manning released after 2 months’ detention, might be back in jail in 6 days

>>6461281 anon posts 1 year delta Q Drop: Stay the Course and Trust the Plan

>>6461244 Florida: in the first 3 months of 2019, Republicans added 3,850 voters to the rolls, while democrats saw their numbers drop by 9,672.

>>6461128 European shares bounce off six week lows on trade deal hopes

>>6461116 Planefag report USNavy

>>6461077 SF Dem under fire for repeated use of N-word during committee meeting


>>6460284 X-37B Military Space Plane’s Latest Mystery Mission Passes 600 Days

>>6460321 Jim Acosta’s press pass to be suspended again

>>6460330 ‘Unusual’ high-level meeting held at CIA headquarters to discuss Iran

>>6460379 B-52 bombers land in Qatar over unspecified Iran threat

>>6460422 China expresses regret over U.S. tariff hike, vows countermeasures and Asian Markets reaction(s)

>>6460451 FBI files show Clinton aides scrambling after feared email server hack

>>6460457 Anon on “Q’s football game”

>>6460461 US is ‘fully prepared to respond to any attack’ from Iran – Bolton

>>6460669, >>6460670 Resignations in the news today

>>6460685 New York Times on NXIVM Trial

>>6460735 Littoral Combat Ship to deploy to waters of U.S. Southern Command in South America and Caribbean (February 2019)

>>6460902 Trump to nominate acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan as the new Secretary of Defense


>>6459448 Giuliani to travel to Ukraine to push for investigations into origin of Russia probe and Biden’s influence in the country

>>6459489 Syria Update

>>6459513 Bill Barr Laughs at Dems For Holding Him in Contempt of Congress

>>6459534 Nine Eleven – (2019 Documentary)

>>6459598 Pentagon is planning a military border mission for the ‘next couple years’

>>6459609, >>6460068 New POTUS Tweets

>>6459654 Australian Interview with Alexander Downer

>>6459684 ‘BLUE MOON’: Bezos reveals Lunar lander

>>6459686 Former Intelligence Analyst Charged with Disclosing Classified Information was from an Unsealed Indictment

>>6459736 Le Pen ahead of Macron in latest EU election polls

>>6459806 REVEALED: NXIVM members presented HRC with illegal campaign donation to gain ‘political influence to further their agenda’

>>6459809, >>6459844 Ongoing situation between US Coast Guard vessels and Venezuelan Navy off Venezuela coast

>>6459899 US moving ahead with tariffs on $325B in Chinese goods, WH says

>>6459964 EU election WIPEOUT: Brexit Party may take MAJORITY after SHOCKING stat indicates VICTORY

>>6459969 Iran’s ambassador to UN denied Tehran gave a green light to its proxies to attack U.S. forces

>>6460008 Blackouts reported in greater Caracas region of Venezuela


>>6458713, >>6458794, >>6458845 On Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec

>>6458741 FBI states that they haven’t been in contact with 8Chan admins; Tweets from CodeMonkey suggest otherwise

>>6458750, >>6459031 The curious case of Cynthia Beck’s abandoned Malibu and Bel Air mansions

>>6458765, >>6459147 Sessions Praises Rosenstein at Farewell Ceremony

>>6458790 Mueller Spent $732,000 on Outside “Contractors,” But Won’t Say Who.

>>6458825 Video of Chinatown raid linked to seizure of 1000+ weapons in Holmby Hills

>>6458852, >>6458863, >>6458897, >>6458913, >>6458932, >>6458955 New POTUS Retweets

>>6459051 Investors Suing JPMorgan May Redefine the Leveraged Loan Market

>>6459123 July 2018 to April 2019’s 8chan transparency reports

>>6459131 Trump Administration Charges Drone Whistleblower With Allegedly Violating Espionage Act

>>6459190 Obama in San Francisco to Raise Funds At Getty Home (from 2016)

>>6459219 Trailer for Navy SEAL Gallagher documentary released; charged with murder, accused of stabbing and killing critically wounded ISIS fighter

>>6459221 Trump Jr. unlikely to comply with Senate Intel subpoena


>>6457954 Pompeo in Baghdad to Pressure Iraq to Join Press Against Iran; Iraq Declines

>>6457975, >>6458473 USS Rhode Island test launched an unarmed Trident D5 nuclear missile today

>>6457979 School employee’s child porn charges resulted from an ICE investigation

>>6458070, >>6458148 Tweet: The Hatch Act is a real law, not a fake law

>>6458096 Man arrested at big ATF raid at the Getty/Beck house in Holmby Hills yesterday has already bonded out

>>6458113 Personal Income Growth Over the Past Year (49 states)

>>6458187, >>6458190, >>6458216 Fox News: 8chan mentioned in report on terrorist content on social media by Rep Max Rose

>>6458392, >>6458455 Video of Rep Max Rose mentioning 8chan

>>6458209 Secretary Pompeo tweets

>>6458318 US-China trade battle in charts

>>6458339 US Treasury To Accuse Vietnam Of Manipulating Its Dong

>>6458416 Bradley Manning released from jail after 62 days for refusing to testify

>>6458437 Roger Stone Wins Right To Receive Unredacted Parts of Mueller Report

>>6458333, >>6458345, >>6458405 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake off coast of Japan

>>6458547 John Solomon Update: FBI was alerted to State Department contact and concerns with Steele


>>6457733, >>6457761 Initial anon reports coming in: Democrat Rep. attacks 8ch on Fox News.

>>6457728 Colorado students walk out of school shooting vigil when politicians call for gun control.

>>6457717 Nestle to cut 4,000 US jobs.

>>6457716 Chinese bid for Washington Metro contracts is a major security threat.

>>6457709 Eleven-year-old ‘Drag Kid’ now a spokeschild for Converse shoe.

>>6457700 John Solomon uploads handwritten notes of CS meeting.

>>6457421 Transdigm Group Inc- Exec. Chairman of the Board sells shares.

>>6457623 Twitter Approved: Antifa accounts threaten armed conflict with Conservatives, doxxes ICE agents and their families.

>>6457599 Anon: “Richard Burr is a cornball hillbilly lowlife.”

>>6457556 Oracle lays off 900 employees in China in plan to shut R&D centers.

>>6457505 Vice President Mike Pence Tweets: We didn’t need a “magic wand.”

>>6457486 Problems with Mexico’s oil production.

>>6457353, >>6457619 Weak attack on Q.

>>6457290 Dig on the Getty family and some Epstein Island info.

>>6457247 Obama on immigration.

>>6457238 DJT Tweet: “Today, it was my honor to welcome the 2018 World Series Champion Boston @RedSox to the @WhiteHouse!”

>>6457227 POTUS statement on Kerry.

>>6457121 Suspect in Holmby Hills weapons case released on $50,000 bail.


>>6457049 Self deportation spikes.

>>6457040 DJT Tweet: “Great news today: My Administration just secured a historic donation of HIV prevention drugs from Gilead…”

>>6456887 CBP budget outline for 2020.

>>6456846 Florida lawmakers just voted to create a public registry of people caught paying or attempting to pay for sex.

>>6456765 Judge expedites Trump lawsuit to block House subpoena of his accountant.

>>6456613 Pompeo rips into John Kerry.

>>6456740 Hershey Executive and Trust selling moar shares.

>>6456730 U.S. charges Chinese national in hacks of Anthem, other businesses.

>>6456691 Jeff Sessions: Spying’ is a perfectly good word

>>6456658, >>6456665, >>6456944 NK reportedly ordered long range missile strike drill.

>>6456628, >>6456953 Facebook co-founder calls for the breakup of Facebook, pushes for regulation.

>>6456603 Patrick Shanahan has been tapped for Defense Secretary.

>>6456500, >>6456616 Bezos wants to deliver payloads to the moon.

>>6456458 Surprise POTUS news conference.

>>6456447 Shipfag update.

>>6456442 Daesh claims responsibility for Baghdad suicide blast in Sadr City.

>>6456414 DOJ honors Rosenstein with a farewell ceremony.

>>6456412 Trudeau wants to ban guns in June.

>>6456311, >>6456400, >>6456836 CBC Clip: Informative info on NXIVM with Canadian and Mexican links and additional NXIVM information.

>>6456399 Man gets probation for threatening to shoot up school.

>>6456390 The FBI has 850 open domestic terrorism investigations.

>>6456374 Argentina lawmaker fights for life after brazen shooting.

>>6456370 Twitter: 370k accounts suspended for promoting terrorism, 459k for child porn.

>>6456369 Former CIA agent outed as spy is running for Congress.

>>6456366 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.


>>6456118 Craig Murray has written up a very good logical breakdown of Mueller report

>>6456093 Stock Market Report

>>6456044 Steele story falls apart: False intel, media contacts flagged before FISA

>>6455959 , >>6455928 RR Farewell Ceremony: Sent off a hero

>>6455925 Mueller spent $732,000 on private contractors but won’t say who they were

>>6456016 Republican Lawmakers Rip Own Party For Don Jr. Subpoena

>>6456002 RR leaves exactly 2 years after Comey’s firing

>>6455973 , >>6456035 Photo IDs of Anne Getty and Cynthia Beck

>>6455792 , >>6455836 US aircraft carrier passes Suez Canal on Iran deployment

>>6455756 Total degradation of our culture on full display in Toronto

>>6455761 , >>6455866 A revisit of who John Kerry was meeting with from Iran in May

>>6455687 , >>6455772 Clinton Foundation > No Ceilings Initiative (Kate Spade, etc)

>>6455635 Iran in the news. Lots of Iran related Q drops line up on the clock

>>6455612 Former Disney VP convicted of sexually abusing 7-year-old girl in Oregon

>>6455592 On Cynthia Beck, Gordon Getty’s mistress & 1,000 guns and firearms found

>>6455576 , >>6455823, >>6455912 FB co-founder calls for government to break it up

>>6455569 Trump: Barr should make call on Mueller testimony

>>6455556 Superseding indictment adds developer/entrepreneur to racketeering conspiracy

>>6455542 , >>6455640 Unsealed: Daniel Everett Hale to appear in court today

>>6455937 RR recieves a flag. #FlagsOut?

>>6455540 , >>6455812, >>6456170 On the latest fbi vault Clinton dump

>>6455533 DOJ Lawsuit for Owners and Developers of 82 Apartment Complexes in 13 States

>>6455532 More on Hale & Scahill, former intelligence analyst charged (pb) >>6453922

>>6456243 #8255


>>6455456 Honduran Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 33 Years in Prison

>>6455411 Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez propose limit on credit card interest rates

>>6455401 Trump nominates Gen. Mark Milley as chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

>>6455392 Potus welcomes the Red SoCKS (Sox) to the Whitehouse at 3:45

>>6455341 NTIA chief David Redl resigns

>>6455219 JW filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ for records of the planning & preparation of the raid of the home of former Trump campaign aide Roger Stone

>>6455217 McMaster blasts former colleagues as ‘danger to the Constitution’

>>6455210 Habbening – Doug Collins Set to Release Private Testimony of 53 People Next Week

>>6454974, >>6455143 Call to dig on Clinton Foundation, No Ceilings Initiative

>>6455134 Pelosi hints at more contempt charges against Trump administration officials

>>6455063, >>6455120 Pentagon and CIA using ‘halo of blades’ missile designed to kill terrorists but not civilians

>>6455034, >>6455054, >>6455074, >>6455277 BREAKING: Trump calls for John Kerry to be prosecuted under the Logan Act for collusion with the Iranian government

>>6454993, >>6455064 Tyson Exec sells stock in midst of second major recall. Tyson Foods expands recall to almost 12 million pounds of chicken strips

>>6454957 North Korean ship used to illicitly transport coal is seized over sanctions violation, US announces – FNC

>>6454953 NXIVM Trial on-goings

>>6454948 EU urges Iran to respect nuclear deal, regrets US sanctions

>>6454945 Graham: If I were Trump Jr.’s lawyer, ‘I’d be reluctant to put him back in this circus’

>>6454887 Louisiana Poll: Republican Ralph Abraham Surging in Governor’s Race Against Democrat Incumbent John Bel Edwards

>>6454869 Seven banks face EU antitrust fines for forex rigging

>>6454855 Killary twat w/CAP

>>6454803 Trump Administration to require drug companies to list drug prices in advertising.

>>6454873, >>6455321 Intelligence analyst charged with leaking top-secret information to left-wing reporter Jeremy Scahill

>>6454761 Rep. Jerry Nadler on Mueller: “We will subpoena him if we have to.”

>>6454755, >>6454936 POTUS LIVE (embedded video)

>>6454752 Who Were the Mueller Report’s Hired Guns? (Fusion GPS)?

>>6455467 #8254


>>6454645 Judge orders DOJ to give her unredacted Mueller report portions on Stone for private review

>>6454602 Senate panel approves Rosenstein successor

>>6454358, >>6454381 anons dig on HRC asking Huma to print without classification identifiers

>>6454339 Raytheon Shoots Down Multiple Drones With Directed Laser Weapon

>>6454315 Two sex offenders arrested by Border Patrol in Southern New Mexico

>>6454287 Secretary Pompeo Postpones Travel to Greenland


>>6454234 Amazon accused of using Echo Dot Kids to illegally collect data on children

>>6454226 Filmmaker to Testify Against Accused Head of New York Sex Cult

>>6454201 Doug Collins ‘getting ready’ for a transcript release next week

>>6454187 Rep. Matt Gaetz twat: The reason why my radical left colleagues in the HJC are holding Bill Barr in contempt is because they want to intimidate him

>>6454180 Repeat Felon and Women’s March Organizer INDICTED On Felony Theft Charges After Donations Go Missing

>>6454164 Ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame to run for Congress in New Mexico

>>6454160 Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes says Mark Zuckerberg is too powerful and the government should force the ‘dangerous’ social network to break up

>>6454131 The Hill runs hit piece on ‘QAnon’ (video)

>>6454045 BASED: Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized

>>6454033 OPEC in the dark on oil supply as Russia, Iran cut exports

>>6454015 Twitter suspended 166,153 accounts for terrorism content in second half 2018

>>6454007 Swedish prosecutor to give decision on Assange rape investigation on Monday

>>6453990 Universities nationwide remove historical artwork deemed offensive

>>6453957 Epstein continuing illegal construction on Great St. James despite stop-work order, threat of fines

>>6453923 No Senate Intelligence Committee Republicans Publicly Stand Up for Richard Burr’s Rogue Donald Trump Jr. Subpoena

>>6453922 Former Intelligence Analyst Charged with Disclosing Classified Information

>>6454670 #8253


>>6453853 FBI FOIA hrc notes

>>6453628 Microsoft will soon preview a version of Word that will use AI to make your writing not just grammatically but politically correct.

>>6453568 Former daycare teacher pleaded guilty to molesting kids, no prison time

>>6453535 California High School in San Ramon to stay open Thursday despite a third threat of violence

>>6453417 Amazon Hit By “Serious” Hack, Resulting In “Extensive” Fraud, Cash Stolen From Merchants

>>6453249 Anon’s theory on Q: ‘A Social Engineering Perspective on Q’

>>6453136 Kennedys write pro-vaccine op-ed to counter RFK Jr.’s anti-vax

>>6453155 Clockfag checks in on “Media Cleanse”

>>6453169 Maxine Waters seeks to weigh in on BB&T/Sun Trust Merger

>>6453188 Denver Students storm out of vigil for shooting victims B/C antigun BS

>>6453189 Reminder – John Brennan’s history as traitor and Hussein/No Name/HRC passport connection

>>6453197 Fast and Furious Settlement entered into DC Court

>>6453199, >>6453226 Reminder: SSRI’s connection to shootings

>>6453205 EU will not accept ultimatums – remains committed to Iran nuclear deal

>>6453221 Anon charts “Change to Offense” in May

>>6453222 Medical Abstract – Treatment of Trans w/antipsychotics and ties to schizophrenia

>>6453261 DEA opens offices in NZ; investigating Sinaloa and Jalisco cartels

>>6453276 DoD twat – “Climb over your mid-day slump!”

>>6453320 Pope Francis – priests and nuns must report sex abuse/coverup to church authorities

>>6453877 #8252


>>6452352 Juan Guaido’s Deputy Arrested

>>6452361 250K Migrant Families Apprehended by Feds in 2019

>>6452384, >>6452400 Moar on Gun Seize property owner: Cynthia Beck

>>6452389 Video of Gun Raid from today

>>6452393 Active Shooter Drills in St. Charles Missouri

>>6452416, >>6452423 Epoch times on RR

>>6452457 Day 2 of trial against NXIVM leader Keith Raniere (news clip at the link)

>>6452549 Right kind of Muslims kill 9 wrong kind of Muslims – Ramadan Day 3

>>6452605 Reminder: The Gettys bankrolled Gov Newsome’s political career.

>>6453030 Moar on Getty/Cali politics BUN

>>6452574 Rashida Tlaib sets dates for Congressional visit to West Bank

>>6452581 Venezuelan Authorities Initiate Public Dialogue on Economic Development – Maduro

>>6452673 Intel that prompted US to deploy aircrast carrier to Middle East ‘came from Israel’

>>6452703 Matt Gaetz will face Florida Bar grievance committee for tweet about Michael Cohen’s ‘girlfriends’

>>6452720 Baltimore TV anchor fired for questioning the leadership of past mayors (who happen to be black females)

>>6452759 Buffett’s Berkshire “Duped” Out Of $377 Million By “Ponzi-Like Solar Scheme”

>>6452818, >>6452821, >>6452826, >>6452829 Resignations in the news today

>>6452886, >>6452891 Transgender Denver student Alec McKinney id’d as 2nd gunman in STEM school shooting

>>6452875 California OKs new sex-ed guidelines for teachers despite objections from parents, protesters

>>6452924 Anon on FBI lost notes from Clinton probe met significant to concerns over foreign exfiltration leads

>>6452966 Anon on cabal flooding CA with MS13/ISIS cheap weapons hidden in houses

>>6453050 Agents seize more than 1,000 guns from home in upscale Holmby Hills, CA

>>6453070 Sri Lanka: U.S. official injured in Easter Sunday bombings has died

>>6453090 #8251


>>6451617, >>6451676, >>6451688, >>6451724, >>6451960, >>6452215 Planefag: B-52H call sign “MYTEE54”

>>6451630, >>6451736, >>6451937, >>6451641, >>6451925, >>6452027 Massive cache of 1,000 guns seized at Bel-Air mansion from ATF raid

>>6451640 Tens of millions of Americans in 43 states exposed to toxic chemicals (PFAS) – related to Q drop 1010

>>6451646 Mexican officials find 289 migrants in tractor-trailer rigs

>>6451886, >>6451975, >>6452026 ODD National Guard Tweet

>>6451894 Anon on the NSA’s “Niagara Files” and the Apache Software Foundation

>>6451918 Why did Strzok want to interview former CIA Deputy Director Michael J. Morell in Feb 2016?

>>6451956 For keks: ‘love you, no homo’ from POTUS

>>6452041, >>6452084 Moar sauce on the ATF raid of a Bel-Air mansion that seized 1,000 guns

>>6452055, >>6452102 New POTUS tweet

>>6452110 Trump Taming the [China] Trade Dragon

>>6452143 Anon on “Magic Mushroom” pills and cures

>>6452184 Planefag: AF1 OTG @ JB Andrews

>>6452294 Trump About to Flip Another Appeals Court To Conservatives, the Second Circuit

>>6452301 #8250


>>6451366 Another marker confirmed for Friday?

>>6451301 , >>6451498 Planefag Updates

>>6451215 Florida Rally photo

>>6451140 Interview with Trump endorsed Mike Braun, the new Indiana Senator

>>6451106 , >>6451125, >>6451176 Fireworks mark the end of the Florida Rally

>>6451099 Anon reports #WWG1WGA 9,220,000 tweets in the past hour

>>6451050 , >>6451195, >>6451124, >>6451309 Breaking: POTUS is cleaning out the press

>>6450984 POTUS: “we’re getting rid of a lot of the rigging”

>>6450941 , >>6451043 Sunset: US Naval Forces tweet reflects Flynns new bg

>>6450935 POTUS at rally states he wants to renegotiate the Iran Deal

>>6450870 , >>6451041 Solomon: Big news on docs to be released tomorrow

>>6450851 Air France jet en route to Mumbai makes emergency landing in Iran

>>6451539 #8249


>>6450561 Woman who tried to drown newborn in toilet escapes jail time

>>6450557 Live stream viewer numbers

>>6450423 , >>6450455, >>6450483, >>6450456 Canadian SC Justice reported missing

>>6450411 POTUS’ YouTube Channel

>>6450401 Texas uni teaches students about ‘sexual pleasure for infants’

>>6450362 The Karate Kid: John Kreese

>>6450361 Rally-goers come from all over Florida

>>6450263 Florida rally cap

>>6450230 Anon’s analysis of Comey interview

>>6450070 US indicts 2 Israeli operators of Darkweb gateway

>>6450065 Judge who presided over MS-13 gang cases confirmed for federal appeals court

>>6450757 #8248


>>6449947 PA school drops ‘God Bless America’ after complaint

>>6449865 , >>6449908 Estee Lauder Family Trust sells shares worth $465,378,624

>>6449827 , >>6449982 New DJT: Panama City Beach rally at 8pm ET

>>6449791 Huge cache of rifles and firearms found in LA home

>>6449754 Petition for Brian Sims to resign 17,000+ signatures now (4000+ yesterday)

>>6449630 Former Attorney General Holder’s history of lies to Congress (OAN)

>>6449623 diGenova predicted ‘criminal referrals’ in 2 Weeks; May 10

>>6449608 , >>6449627 Secret agent found dead in Paris

>>6449606 Trump and Kushner being sued for keeping Saudi meetings off the record

>>6449595 , >>6449635 Gaetz speaks against holding Barr in contempt

>>6449562 Timeline of potentially related events leading up to Colorado shooting

>>6449535 POTUS arrives in Florida aboard AF1 ahead of rally

>>6449513 Denver decriminalises magic mushrooms as bill passes

>>6449509 FOIA reveals Detroit police track people through their cell phones

>>6449457 Comey/Mueller/Schumer/Bharara playbook being used against Trump

>>6449465 , >>6449489 More digs on Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, Raniere connections

>>6449418 DJTJr. rebuffs Senate GOP subpoena for more Russia hoax testimony

>>6449410 Trump Sanctions Iran’s Metal Exports

>>6449327 FBI lost notes from Clinton probe meeting significant

>>6449311 Tom Fitton: The FBI Director is protecting coup gang

>>6449294 , >>6449310 The Blaze on ‘sites like 8chan’ and freedom of speech

>>6449244 The PP where Brian Sims harassed pro-Lifers is a mess

>>6450017 #8247


>>6449118 Mike Rogers: Obama moved phone data privilege to AG. Barr has access?

>>6449089 BO to release his ‘memoir’ during election season.

>>6449025 Constitutional crisis mentioned by Q.

>>6449044 Not a single Democrat has looked at less redacted Mueller report.

>>6449004 NY diagnostic testing facility owners plead guilty in more than $18.5 million health care fraud scheme.

>>6448993 Iran reportedly moving ballistic missiles by boat.

>>6448974 Senators urge Pompeo to move against Cuba’s doctor trafficking.

>>6448968 AG Barr was greeted with a standing ovation as he walked into the Cabinet Room for today’s cabinet meeting.

>>6448947 Seattle School District urges teachers to follow CAIR guidelines on blessing Muslim students during Ramadan.

>>6448870 Maggie Tweets.

>>6448716 Anon provides some battlefield wisdom.

>>6448734 Baltimore hit by ransomware attack, forcing officials to shut down city’s servers.

>>6448730, >>6448833 Trump admin to challenge district judges’ ability to issue national injunctions

>>6448727 DJT Tweet: “Big announcement today: Drug companies have to come clean about their prices in TV ads. Historic transparency for American patients is here…”

>>6448701 DJT Tweet: “The reality is, with the Tariffs, the economy has grown more rapidly in the United States and much more slowly in China…”

>>6448700 Marketfag update: POTUS winning.

>>6448597 Charlie Kirk Has a donor offering 25K for information re: Trump’s leaked tax documents.

>>6448521 Pompeo warns UK special relationship will cool if US fails to help with Iran situation.

>>6448476 Donald Trump Jr. has been subpoenaed.

>>6448456 Live rally feed.

>>6448454 The House Judiciary Committee just passed a resolution to hold AG Barr in contempt.

>>6448447 Mike Pompeo says Aasia Bibi ‘safely reunited’ with her family.

>>6448428 CSPAN Poll: Winning!

>>6449145 #8246


>>6448309 Dough Collins Tweets about Nadler’s dishonest subpoena.

>>6448184 FBI opened obstruction of justice probe against President Trump before Mueller probe.

>>6448141 Big Tech capitalizes on hyper-sensitized dopamine systems.

>>6448107 Jeff Sessions sides with William Barr about ‘spying’.

>>6448055 US suspends effort to retrieve war dead from North Korea.

>>6448028 Trump lawyers say they struck deal with House Dems on documents requesting Trump financial records.

>>6447977 GOP senator says deep state investigation will find ‘all roads lead to Comey’.

>>6447975 Iran rolls back nuclear pledges but stops short of violating pact.

>>6447972 Times healthcare reporter dies.

>>6447806 KEK: Trump told Hellary in a debate that he didn’t pay any taxes because she would have just squandered the money anyway.

>>6447944 VW introduces EV Hatchback in $34 billion plan to take down Tesla.

>>6447906 China ramps up crude oil imports despite Washington’s clampdown on Iran.

>>6447894 DOJ inspector general ‘homing in on’ FBI’s use of unverified Steele dossier.

>>6447866 2400 migrants apprehended in one day in Rio Grande Valley border sector.

>>6447854 Juncker: EU should have ‘interfered’ in Brexit vote.

>>6447849 Nashville Flipped star Troy Shafer dies in his sleep at age 38.

>>6447837 DJT Tweet: “Getting ready to leave for one of my favorite places, the Florida Panhandle…”

>>6447833 Moment of deadly suicide blast in Pakistan’s Lahore caught on CCTV.

>>6447817 Rotherham: 40 arrested in latest child sex abuse probe.

>>6447790 Passenger plane skids off runway in Myanmar, breaks into three.

>>6447764 Salvini, Orban alliance: “If the Left wins, Europe will become an Islamic Caliphate.”

>>6447756 Kentucky policy allowed social workers to take kids using judges’ pre-signed signatures on blank documents.

>>6447729 Canadian Fighter jets scrambled over Prairies for NATO exercise.

>>6447723 These latest sanctions are about Pinchuk?

>>6447712 Elizabeth Warren took 2018 donations from opioid moguls she denounced.

>>6447699 Trump asserts executive privilege over Robert Mueller’s report.

>>6447655 Brennan attacks POTUS over released tax documents.

>>6447647 DOJ tells House Judiciary either cancel contempt vote or AG will recommend asserting exec privilege over the Mueller report and underlying docs.

>>6448331 #8245


>>6447513 Sara Carter: Pompeo tells May the US will not share intelligence if they adopt Huawei 5G.

>>6447336, >>6447462 Pres. Trump signs an executive order imposing new sanctions on Iran.

>>6447008 New York Times story on Trump’s billion-dollar tax write off was told by Trump 15 years ago on ‘The Apprentice’.

>>6447261 Rep. Jordan @ House Judiciary impeacment vote.

>>6447106, >>6447342 2011 Flashback: 13 Illegal immigrants arrested in California wearing U.S. Marine uniforms.

>>6447258 Carpe Donktum suspended off Twitter.

>>6447190 JPMorgan shareholders advised to vote against executive compensation.

>>6447122 Joe Hockey to leave post as Australia’s ambassador to the United States.

>>6447050 Planned Parenthood protester harassed by Brian Sims (PA Dem lawmaker) speaks out.

>>6446978 Mark Meadows shares article on Dem’s weak attempt at a perjury trap.

>>6446990 CSPAN: “Should Attorney General William Barr be held in contempt of Congress?” (POLL)

>>6446944 DJT Tweet: “Thank you @NewtGingrich & @FoxandFriends!”

>>6446900 Dig on the FBI’s surveillance methods and procedures under Bush and Obama’s admins.

>>6446892, >>6446941 Texas man pleads guilty to conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

>>6446886 Iran threatens to begin enriching stores of uranium.

>>6446883 Russian (spy?) caught producing child porn.

>>6446870 DJT Tweet: “Our Nation grieves at the unspeakable violence that took a precious young life and badly injured others in Colorado…”

>>6447555 #8244


>>6446024 Flynn banner change

>>6446180 anon thoughts on the DJT repeat tweet

>>6446132 planefag notes a distress call squak is cropped off, Trainer in distress at 20k over TX

>>6446106 Who owns the PORN Industry?

>>6446170 Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

>>6446769 #8243


>>6445872 Motion for mistrial denied in Nxivm founder’s sex-trafficking case


>>6445822 Christopher Steele Made Damning Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively Classified

>>6445720 Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on May 10

>>6445699 New DJT twat w/CAP 4: Democrats are not interested in the truth, they just want to keep the Hoax going forever. The games need to stop.

>>6445680 Comey unleashes on AG Barr: “The FBI doesn’t spy”

>>6445676 New DJT twat w/CAP 3: GREAT NEWS FOR OHIO! Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who informed me that, subject to a UAW agreement etc…

>>6445659, >>6445821 anons query: did Q post icognito Baker callout?

>>6445594 GM, union reach deal to rescue part of Ontario plant

>>6445593 Pelosi threatens to throw Mnuchin in ‘little jail in basement of Capitol’ over Trump tax returns

>>6445592 Judge rejects Obama’s executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records

>>6445445 Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit

>>6445376 anon links relationships between Weinstein, Eptstein, Raniere, and Clinton

>>6445402 Spain arrests 5 in Guatemala corruption investigation

>>6445362 New DJT twat w/CAP 2: “This British Spy, Christopher Steele, tried so hard to get this (the Fake Dossier) out before the Election. Why?”

>>6445300 New DJT twat w/CAP 1:“Everyone wants to know who needs to be accountable, because it took up two years of our lives talking about this Russian involvement…

>>6445247 President Trump has asserted executive privilege over special counsel Robert Mueller’s unredacted report and the underlying evidence

>>6445944 #8242


>>6445872 Motion for mistrial denied in Nxivm founder’s sex-trafficking case


>>6445822 Christopher Steele Made Damning Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively Classified

>>6445720 Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on May 10

>>6445699 New DJT twat w/CAP 4: Democrats are not interested in the truth, they just want to keep the Hoax going forever. The games need to stop.

>>6445680 Comey unleashes on AG Barr: “The FBI doesn’t spy”

>>6445676 New DJT twat w/CAP 3: GREAT NEWS FOR OHIO! Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who informed me that, subject to a UAW agreement etc…

>>6445659, >>6445821 anons query: did Q post icognito Baker callout?

>>6445594 GM, union reach deal to rescue part of Ontario plant

>>6445593 Pelosi threatens to throw Mnuchin in ‘little jail in basement of Capitol’ over Trump tax returns

>>6445592 Judge rejects Obama’s executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records

>>6445445 Rep. Ilhan Omar Supports Group That Produced Child Beheading Skit

>>6445376 anon links relationships between Weinstein, Eptstein, Raniere, and Clinton

>>6445402 Spain arrests 5 in Guatemala corruption investigation

>>6445362 New DJT twat w/CAP 2: “This British Spy, Christopher Steele, tried so hard to get this (the Fake Dossier) out before the Election. Why?”

>>6445300 New DJT twat w/CAP 1:“Everyone wants to know who needs to be accountable, because it took up two years of our lives talking about this Russian involvement…

>>6445247 President Trump has asserted executive privilege over special counsel Robert Mueller’s unredacted report and the underlying evidence

>>6445944 #8242


>>6445109, >>6445128 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrives in Downing street for a meeting with Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May

>>6445037, >>6445132 LIVE 10AM EST: @RepJerryNadler Holds Markup on Resolution Recommending the House of Representative Find William P. Barr in Contempt of Congress

>>6445055 CSPAN Poll: Should Attorney General William Barr be held in contempt of Congress? anons call to arms

>>6445036 New DJT twat w/CAP 3: Big Court win at our Southern Border! We are getting there – and Wall is being built!

>>6445000 Mark Meadows twat w/CAP: Bill Barr published the Mueller report online and followed the law on redactions…Dems STILL want to hold him in contempt.

>>6444978 Arizona Senate Procalims Porn a Public Health Crisis

>>6444918 USACOE twat w/CAP: ‘Annual Wear your Life Jacket to Work Day is May 17th’

>>6444866 California audit finds $427,000 in improper state payments

>>6444865 Dead man elected mayor of Texas city

>>6444853 anons discussion bun RE: [RR] and FISA/ Witness status

>>6444830 Trump taps ex-State spokeswoman Heather Nauert to help oversee White House fellowships

>>6444813 HJC @RepJerryNadler says “we have no choice” but to move forward with a vote today to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress.

>>6444765 Warren Buffett: Berkshire Hathaway has been buying shares of Amazon

>>6444763 salacious details are emerging at the sex trafficking and racketeering trial of Keith Raniere, the leader of the cult-like NXIVM group

>>6444625 Police arrest 40 men and women in latest probe into sex offences in Rotherham

>>6444613, >>6444621 New DJT twat w/CAP 2: Response to NYT slanted tax reporting

>>6444560 Under investigation by the Army IG, Florida National Guard’s No. 2 commander steps down

>>6444554 Iraq, China’s CPECC in $1.07 bln deal to process gas from Halfaya oilfield

>>6444499 PSA: fellow anon on the ballot and running uncontested for city council seat in Nov. Congratulations Q fam! Patriots all.

>>6444518 Feds file suit against Justice coal companies, seeking $4.8M in fines

>>6444507 The Chinese FIREWORKS display has officially begun, Anons. Enjoy the show.

>>6444503 “Mr Flint was found at his home address by a friend, hanging from a beam.”

>>6444489 Stars and Stripes twat w/CAP: Gunfire and multiple blasts shook the Afghan capital Wednesday morning as Taliban insurgents attacked a U.S. aid organization

>>6444478, >>6444508 New DJT twat w/CAP 1: McConnell Backs Trump: Mueller Report Is ‘Case Closed’ (video as well)

>>6445170 #8241

Well, if you actually read every single link, congratulations – I would like to clarify my blogging schedule. I would LIKE to, but I can’t because I don’t know what I’m blogging or when I can be expected to blog it. I have noticed that I get spikes in traffic that are often caused by old posts that I leave up. However, I am nearly out of space on this free blog, so I need to delete old posts that don’t seem likely to get traffic, just to make room for new current-events posts.


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