We can never know about the days to come, but we think about them anyway


Mueller Report says grand juries are not accountable to the government or We The People

Mueller cited a 1992 case he pushed along with an eventual FISA presiding judge and an SES DoJ paymaster allowing prosecutors to withhold exculpatory evidence from grand juries

Mueller used this case to justify withholding evidence in the Trump-Russia investigation

DoJ and Judiciary have become lawless. Many are demanding grand juries be abolished




The blogger opined:

Suggested Action Items from this investigation:

The grand jury system should be eliminated forthwith, we do not need them.
The DoJ special counsel procedure must be abolished, also not needed.
The FISA Court must be abolished, it has always just been a rubber stamp for Mueller and Co.
An attorney who becomes a legislator must forfeit his/her license to practice law subsequently (to being enriched by the laws he/she makes).
John Roberts must be impeached for his conspiratorial mismanagement of the FISA Court and compromise of the patent system to the British.
Attorneys must be prohibited from using laws and precedents in their defense that they helped create.
The Senior Executive Services (SES) must be abolished as it is nothing but a shadow government Fifth column menace to the Republic.
The U.S. Patent Office must be rebuilt without the British (SERCO, Crown Agents) and without attorneys on staff (conflicts of interest).

Some Anons are speculating that POTUS will declassify more stuff as soon as the Australian elections are over. However, even if there is no new declassified material released on Monday, it is likely that Monday will see various news releases from IG Horowitz and others.

Hannity: Sources Say Inspector General’s FISA Investigation Complete, “It’s Devastating”



ICE: Man Who Attempted to Cross Border With Unrelated Six Month Old Baby Represents ‘Unprecedented Level of Child Endangerment’

Many onlookers have assumed that Flynn was and is a pro-Trump patriot. They are surprised by the claims in this article, but bear in mind that the article is probably a slanted view on only part of the truth:

Gen Michael Flynn Stabs Trump In Back With Mueller, Trump Fires Back


IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Remove Illegal Aliens From United States

Obama’s Intel Leadership Team Included at Least Two Admitted Former Communists – Not Including Obama

Obama’s Intel Leadership Team Included at Least Two Admitted Former Communists – Not Including Obama

The Bidens are not law-abidin’:



BOOM! AG Bill Barr on Steele Dossier: “Very Unusual Situation to Have Opposition Research” – to Conduct Counter Intelligence (VIDEO)


IT’S HAPPENING: Italian Prime Minister Fires Several Intel Ministers — Linked to Spygate and “Trump Sabotage”

DOJ report: 43% of all offenders last year were non-citizens

While jailbreak, known by its proponents as “criminal justice reform,” is misguided on the state level, it is downright built upon a false premise on the federal level. The latest report from the U.S. Sentencing Commission demonstrates that the 800-pound gorilla in the room clogging up the federal criminal justice system is immigration, not “low-level” domestic offenders.

If we only solved our border problem and deported illegal aliens before they commit more crimes, not only would we be safer, but we’d save a ton of money on the federal criminal justice system – without irresponsibly releasing American criminals back into our communities, as proposed by jailbreak proponents.

According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, in its recently published 2018 report on federal sentencing statistics, 54.3 percent of the 69,425 federal offenders last year were Hispanic, and 42.7 percent of offenders were non-citizens. The two biggest offense categories were immigration (34.4 percent) and drugs (28.1 percent).

This is why methamphetamine was actually the most common drug charge, according to the U.S. Sentencing Commission. The biggest increase in drug activity from the cartels was meth, not marijuana or even heroin. Thus, our federal drug prosecutions are all about the most violent transnational cartels and gangs. Federal prosecutors don’t waste their time with “low-level” Americans in New York or Chicago. Drug possession charges accounted for just 3.9 percent of federal offenders, and almost all of those were in border districts because they involved immigration cases.

The notion that the feds go after drug possession is just a straight-up lie. 63 percent of all non-citizens charged for drug trafficking in 2018 were illegal aliens. Moreover, because illegal alien networks are the antecedent for much of the trafficking from the cartels, if we were to enforce our immigration laws on the front end, many Americans who get roped into drug trafficking would never have the opportunity to do so.

As Robert Murphy, special agent in charge of the DEA’s Atlanta office, told me last year, “Predominantly, what we arrest here is illegal aliens.” He noted that were we to close our border and deport all criminal aliens, the cartels would struggle to survive. “Sure, you might find some Americans who would be willing to go to Mexico and work for the cartels, but it won’t be the level that they need to have the control of the U.S. market like they do now with the illegals and Mexican nationals.”

To begin with, the federal prison population overall has plummeted over the past decade, the exact opposite of the jailbreak narrative. The imprisonment rate for sentenced prisoners under state or federal jurisdiction decreased 2.1 percent from 2016 to 2017 and 13 percent since 2007, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The imprisonment rate for sentenced prisoners older than 18 was the lowest since 1995.

DOJ report: 43% of all offenders last year were non-citizens

Anons have noted:



are not endorsements


>>6524131 ACLJ will get Mills Immunity Omitted Terms

>>6524081 Muslim Community Patrol fake-police fuckery

>>6524078 Graphic/dig on NXIVM connection to AZ Mafia

>>6523962 Playback Facts re: Never Said “No Crisis”

>>6523972 ZeroH: Non-Citizens 42% of Federal Prisons

>>6523951 Mnuchin demurs again Friday on Trump Taxes

>>6523935 Charlie Kirk: Mills, GenZ Support Trump despite MSM

>>6523861 From Dark to Light… @USNavy sailors launch an F/A-18E

>>6523844 Tony Robbins #MeToo’d

>>6523746 Cusack Lobbying Sack Trump; Barr Criminal

>>6523721 Poll-tested Narrative Shift? Global Heating?

>>6523691 Eight highlights from Trump’s Immigration Speech

>>6523679, >>6523688 Weiner’s bone-book numbers leaked

>>6523765 Facebook run at Candance Ownes: Now Restored

>>6523738, >>6523859 Report of 2016 Hunter Biden Rental with Coke Pipe

>>6523642 Friday Afternoon Cocktail of Obama Tears w/Twist of Whine always refreshing

>>6523632 Companies warn Trump on Trade War/Consumer Hit [yawn … kek]

>>6523628 IPO Market getting toppy, overvalued

>>6523594 OANN: California’s voting system allows voters to cast two ballots

>>6523525 NXIVM Trial end of week update from NYPost

>>6523444 Iran Mobile Chem Labs? Iraq? skeptical anons are skeptical

>>6523432,>>6523568 Palm Beach MS-13 Foreshadows Dumping Illegals Chaos

>>6524174 #8342



>>6522781 (HOT!) “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens

>>6522714 , >>6522740 (HOT!) Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent [Mossad] Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

>>6522853 , >>6522859 , >>6522869 , >>6522883 (HOT!) Syria: Air Defenses Shoot Down Luminous Projectiles Coming From Israel

>>6522630 >>6522968 MOAR BARR:Attorney General William Barr: Explanations for Government Spying on Trump Campaign ‘Don’t Hang Together’

>>6522639 HILLARY TWAT COMMS: FF Friday ???

>>6522640 Iran not seeking escalation in region

>>6523143 Former CIA Officer Sentenced To Prison For Espionage

>>6522792 , >>6522827 Trump Comms in tweet? “Catch & Telease loophole” (T instead of R)

>>6522785 Texas CBP Seizes Heroin Worth $1 Million

>>6522864 Conservatives ask White House to abandon Amazon talks over Pentagon contract

>>6522886 Trump Slams MSM: Anonymous news sources are ‘bullshit’

>>6523199 Netanyahu’s Acts of Provocation and Destruction Including Violence against Civilians Constitute Both a War Crime and Terrorism

>>6522795 Abortion Records Evidence Raniere(NXIVM) Had Sex With Camilia When She Was 13

>>6522600 8% of Chicago’s City Council Are Currently Out On Bond

>>6522662 Missouri House Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Bill

>>6522680 , >>6522766 House Approves Equality Act Expansion To Include Sex. Orientation & Gender Identity

>>6522764 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says “regulations” are the biggest barrier to 5G

>>6522879 NEW DJT on today’s Nat. Assoc. of REALTORS address

>>6522816 Prosecution Claims Emiliano Salinas Is a Criminal Co-Conspirator in NXIVM

>>6523022 97.8 percent of public shootings occur in “gun-free zones”

>>6522739 Reminder: Boeing Reportedly Knew Of The Software Error on 737 for a Year Before Telling Airlines & Regulators

>>6522816, >>6523007 Prosecution Claims Emiliano Salinas Is a Criminal Co-Conspirator in NXIVM

>>6523221 Report: Facebook Has Struggled to Hire Talent Following Data Scandals

>>6523540 #8341




>>6521871 New DJT

>>6521895 Exclusive: Barr talks to Fox News in first on-air interview as Trump’s AG

>>6521986 Email: Clapper Refused Trump Request to Say ‘Pee Tape’ Story Is Bogus

>>6522007 Bill Barr reveals Russia probe review to focus on Trump dossier briefing, leaking

>>6522025 Reminder: White House launches tool for reporting social media ‘bias’

>>6522084 Faceberg Claims to Bust Israeli Campaign to Disrupt Elections in African, Asian and Latin American Nations

>>6522107 Chinese firms’ missing $6 billion tests regulators’ resolve

>>6522115 New @HillaryClinton Tweet: Torture is wrong! (kek)

>>6522175 , >>6522218 @HillaryClinton again: Endangered Species Day. (comms alert)

>>6522131 @JudicialWatch: Obama-era WH was more involved with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal than previously thought

>>6522193 The awful truth about the new SAT ‘adversity’ score

>>6522247 Anon Notices Possible Stringer Activated in DJT Tweet

>>6522341 Wells Fargo Banker Pleads Guilty To Helping Launder Millions For Sinaloa Cartel

>>6522330 Trump Admin Notifies 500,000+ Employers They Have Workers With Bogus Social Security Numbers

>>6522362 ’Fraudulent’, ‘poorly sourced’ & ‘DANGEROUS’: Trump strikes out against ‘fake news’ on Iran

>>6522389 Donald Trump Warns Illegal Immigrants Released in the U.S.: ‘You Will Be Leaving Soon!’

>>6522395 Dutch Ministry of Justice covered up ‘serious crimes’ by asylum seekers. Rape, battery, murder, etc. listed unspecified as “Other”

>>6522501 Facebook Suspends Candace Owens For Saying Liberal Policies Incentivize Fatherless Homes

>>6522507 POTUS is LIVE at the National Association of REALTORS

>>6522551 @NewYorkFBI Tweet – Extremist groups are still operating and recruiting



>>6521223 ICE: Man Who Attempted to Cross Border With Unrelated Baby Represents ‘Unprecedented Level of Child Endangerment’

>>6521128 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comic Book

>>6521123 Devin Nunes: Mueller knew there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion on day one

>>6521066 State suspends Newburyport psychiatrist Keith Ablow’s medical license

>>6521063 Barr: ‘Very unusual’ for FBI to rely on Steele dossier, given its ‘number of clear mistakes.’

>>6521267, >>6521384 Barr looking at leaks post-Comey Dossier Briefing at TT

>>6521227 US Poised To Remove Steel, Aluminum Tariffs On Canada, Mexico

>>6521340 35 Human Trafficking Arrests after multi-day sting in Warren, MI

>>6521433 , >>6521616 Second federal appeals court rules against Trump administration over DACA rollback

>>6521506 Facebook forms Swiss Fintech Firm With Blockchain Payments Focus

>>6521619 FBI targets Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, GE, Philips in Brazil Kickbacks Sales Scheme

>>6521721 Joseph Flynn: Mueller Team and FBI Lied About How Long They Had Been Spying on Mike Flynn

>>6521711 Ruling coalition in Ukraine breaks up, may lead to snap election



>>6520988 Barr: Mueller did not look into origins of Trump-Russia investigation

>>6520933 New DJT twat w/CAP: It now seems the General Flynn was under investigation long before was common knowledge.

>>6520929 Gov. Mike Huckabee twat: Since Bill DeBlasio announced, both left and right have come together to mock the very idea of electing him President.

>>6520920, >>6520767, >>6520808 Flynn Motion Hearing set for 5/17/2019 at 09:00

>>6520863 Mark Levin:‘What in the hell’ is Dianne Feinstein ‘doing talking on an iPhone’ to the Iranian foreign minister?

>>6520790 US Air Force deploys missiles that can fry Iran and North Korea’s weapons with microwaves

>>6520777 Bill Barr vows to uncover ‘exactly what happened’ with Russia probe, says explanations have been ‘inadequate’

>>6520775 JW announced it obtained 44 pages of records from the State Dept revealing the Obama WH was tracking a Dec. 2012 FOIA request seeking records…

>>6520752, >>6520911, >>6520940 New DACA ruling.

>>6520683 New DJT twat w/CAP: The Fake News Media is hurting our Country with its fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of Iran…

>>6520669 U.S. Army twat w/CAP: The “Week of the Eagles” is upon us!

>>6520543 Matthew P. Donovan, the under secretary of the Air Force, will become acting secretary of the service on June 1

>>6520513 US Delivers Dozens of Military Helicopters to Greece

>>6520383 Ashley Massaro, former WWE star, dies at 39. Ashley Massaro was Allison Mack’s co-star

>>6520356, >>6520650 Angela Merkel: new world order is dead

>>6520355 BREAKING: Anti-Trump Russia Steele Dossier Appears Tampered With – Pages Were Replaced

>>6520314 “Treason!” – Barr Finds “Government Power Was Used To Spy On American Citizens

>>6520318 Days before elections, EU approves new cyber sanctions regime

>>6520298 FLYNN DOCS RELEASED: Shows Deep State Original 302 Document Is Still Missing

>>6520270 New DJT twat w/CAP: Will Jerry Nadler ever look into the fact that Crooked Hillary deleted and acid washed 33,000 emails AFTER…

>>6520264 Man in country illegally charged with 11 murders in Texas


Bonus Brennan:

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