Disparate Hints — Taking the name of the Savior in vain edition

Honestly, bros, I experience great hardship in trying to filter the firehose of current events down to a comprehensible feed…


It is difficult to comment on current events without taking the name of savior in vain.

So we see the following:

>>6756147 Bloomberg media surprisingly ‘honest’; Tanker attack a possbile false flag

>>6756091, >>6756168 F-35 Fuckery (Japan Crash)

>>6756085 Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam suspends controversial extradition bill

>>6756070 Yellow Vests – Acte 31

>>6756061 Twin Cities hospital continued ketamine sedation for months after telling officials they had halted research

>6756050, >>6756113 Reminder: Columbine shooter was abused by Sheriff’s deputies; records sealed x25 years

>>6755119 Hezbollah’s London Bomb-Making Plot, the Iran Nuclear Deal, and Bruce Ohr

>6755074 PapaD Twat: Transcript will show AUS was willfully trying to sabotage DJT.

>>6755298, >>6755390, >>6755287, >>6755392 (video), >>6755414, >>6755618 anon(s) dig on Brian Cranston

>>6755252 Strange Trudeau tweet to Nancy Pelosi re “California delicacies” and “dark chocolate”

>>6755222, >>6755473 Nearly 1700 child predators behind bars in massive operation by Trump’s DOJ

>>6755231, >>6755237, >>6755321 NYPD officer has died of self-inflicted gun-shot, from earlier report of shooting

Cummings Favored Executive Privilege Under Obama But Not For Trump

Cummings Favored Executive Privilege Under Obama But Not For Trump

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) was once a big defender of executive privilege, that is until President Donald Trump was elected.

Cummings vote Wednesday to hold Justice Department Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress is a major turn around the lawmaker, who previously supported the use of executive privilege during the Obama Administration…

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