Despite a plethora of shills and a shortage of bakers, the news gets baked

The QResearch board has gone through a rough patch for the past few days. There have been too many shills and not enough bakers.

A few selected notables deserve comment:

>>6826575 Democrats lash out at millionaire food-stamp whistleblower.

First story: An ordinary private citizen engages in whistleblowing to check up on government and see whether it is exercising its powers reasonably.


>>6826399 FBI raids home of DC Council member as part of federal grand jury investigation.

>>6826303 Trump transition vetting documents leaked.

Second story: The FBI is still claiming to be fighting corruption, and this time, they might actually be doing so.

Third story: Someone is leaking documents, probably in an effort to hurt President Trump.


A broader assortment of notables follows. This week will be busy, so don’t be surprised if this is the only batch of notables that gets blogged this week.


>>6826575 Democrats lash out at millionaire food-stamp whistleblower.

>>6826561 DJT Tweet: Jeanine’s opening statement.

>>6826529 Israel signs contribution agreement with the World Bank.

>>6826524 Secret plans for new port outside Darwin to accommodate visiting US Marines.

>>6826485, >>6826344 Yemeni rebels strike Saudi airport ahead of US-Saudi talks

>>6825965, >>6826074, >>6826092, >>6826137, >>6826231, >>6826475 Left hand path / Shiva dig.

>>6826466 Pompeo heads to SA and UAE to talk about thwarting Iran.

>>6826464, >>6826431, >>6826505 US and Japan meetings with Israeli defense organizations.

>>6826461 Police K9 finds $1 million worth of meth stashed in suitcases in national forest.

>>6826449 POTUS schedule for Monday.

>>6826433 Navy Tweet: Operations around the world.

>>6826399 FBI raids home of DC Council member as part of federal grand jury investigation.

>>6826303 Trump transition vetting documents leaked.

>>6826337 Marines Tweet: “Ridin’ Dirty”

>>6826251 Scavino Tweet: Reagan fun facts.

>>6826200 Fiji has become a stop-off for drug traffickers.

>>6826191 Dave Bartholomew died Sunday at the age of 100. (music celebrity)

>>6826139 Judith Krantz dies at 91.

>>6826087 The future of Futenma air base. (Japan)

>>6826084 Trump–Xi Meeting to Take Center Stage at the G-20 Summit.

>>6826076 Iranian espionage.

>>6826052 Treasury sanctions members of Nicaraguan President’s inner circle.

>>6826029 Walter Pearce continued.

>>6826015 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>6826006 Garrison Tweet: Dedicated to the meme makers.

>>6825946 Planefag updates.

>>6826629 #8730

#8729 baker change

>>6825849 Omar’s marriage story falls apart even further.

>>6825761, >>6825767, >>6825837 Dig on pedophile pictured with Bernie.

>>6825817 Andrea back to her original mooring. Livestock aroma.

>>6825670, >>6825730, >>6825758, >>6825838, >>6825848, >>6825836 Walter Pearce modeling / Creepy Instagram imagery dig.

>>6825754 John Lennon’s son denounces Political Correctness.

>>6825714 Presidential EAS could be spoofed.

>>6825641 Scavino45 FB / Video Link.

>>6825618 House Oversight Committee to vote on authorizing subpoena for Kellyanne Conway.

>>6825616 DoD Tweet.

>>6825158, >>6825368, >>6825841 Boatfag analyzes Iran mine damage.

>>6825399 Huawei desperate after being added to US blacklist.

>>6825381 Obama and Clooney Italian boat ride.

>>6825806 Planefag bun.

>>6825340 Unseen 9/11 photos bought at house clearance sale.

>>6825335 Origins of the FED: the accused Soviet spy who reorganized the FED.

>>6825319 Migrants transfer to wooden boat from fishing trawler. (video)

>>6825292 French fiscal administration launches probe over Ghosn’s wealth.

>>6825234 More digs on McGurk.

>>6825870 #8729

Previously Collected Notables

>>6825093 #8728,

>>6822720 #8725, >>6823493 #8726, >>6824288 #8727

>>6820399 #8722, >>6821153 #8723, >>6821914 #8724

>>6818114 #8719, >>6818882 #8720, >>6819644 #8721

>>6816594 #8716, >>6816572 #8717, >>6817353 #8718

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